LianCarlo Author
Carlos founder of LianCarlo

Hi, my name is Carlos and I am the founder and designer of the bridal and womenswear label Liancarlo. As a designer, artist, thinker and someone who inherently loves to tinker and experiment I decided upon this blog after receiving hundreds of photos from brides.  It got me thinking that it would much more exciting if I took these photos and made “oil” sketches and paintings from them, instead of just posting them as photos.

All my life I have been an avid painter, it has served as a creative outlet from the stylistic restrictions that fashion design requires.  However, a few years ago I decided to transfer my knowledge of traditional painting techniques to the digital world.  Today, I work more on my computer than on a canvas, even though at times I will combine the two. My paintings evolve from ideas and cues from different photos, my objective is to translate these images into something that goes beyond the literal and expresses an emotion.  Sometimes the course is clear and direct, other times it is serendipitous, as the painting evolves on its own, creating the emotion and moment in time.

I live and work mostly in Miami, sometimes in NY and often times in a plane.  For joy?– besides this, there’s power yoga on the beach, chocolate chip cookies and “urban” hiking wherever I happen to be, hopefully with a camera in my pocket.