Best Diptyque Perfume

The Best Diptyque Perfume Reviews

The manufacturer Diptyque is one of the luxurious brands. They are basically a French brand. The brand was first founded in the year 1961. From that time, they have been pushing out an extensive lineup of fragrances in the market. They even have many unique collections that people seem to go crazy about. In fact, they are the go-to options for many.

However, with all of those options, choosing one can become a difficult task. Well, you would not have to be worried about that anymore because we will introduce you to some of the best diptyque perfume out there. Hopefully, by the end, choosing one for yourself will feel like taking a walk in the park for you.

#List Of The Best Diptyque Perfume – Our Editor’s Pick:

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Top 10 Best Diptyque Perfume Reviews

As we mentioned above, the overabundance of perfumes that the manufacturer Diptyque has brought out in the market will surely get you bewildered. But we would not let that happen to you. For that reason, we have gone through their most popular offerings and picked only the ones that we think are worthy of recommendation. They are:

1. Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

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Most of the fragrances that the manufacturer has brought out in the market are well-known for offering a long-lasting fragrance. And this one that we are going to have a look at is no exception.

As we mentioned, the fragrance will last for an extended amount of time. For that reason, you can expect it to linger around even after you are done with spending your tiring day.

The notes that this particular unit utilizes is a blend of iris, flower of African orange, Rose, pink pepper, musk, tuberose, and finally, benzoin. That means the profile that you are going to get from this will basically be floral. To be exact, it will probably offer a strong white floral profile that hardly any of the other perfumes can offer.

Among all the notes, the tuberose and the orange flower tends to stick out the most. Those will offer you a fresh feeling for an extended amount of time.

Because of the blend that it implements, this one is ideal for most of the seasons where you feel like nature is at its full bloom. Also, the fresh side makes it suitable for the warmer summer days.

Key Features of Do Son

  • Lasts for an extended amount of time
  • Utilizes a blend of strong notes
  • Ideal for most of the seasons
  • Offers a fresh feeling for a long time
  • Strong floral profile

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2. Diptyque Eau de Toilette Travel Spray Kit Variety I

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Getting a sniff of every fragrance that the manufacturer is offering can be a bit costly. Well, if you were looking forward to wearing the most popular offerings that they have but did not want to break your wallet, then this travel kit is the one that you should opt for.

The package comes in a set of five. It is the variety number one of the many kits that the manufacturer is offering. In the box, you are going to receive 7.5 ml of sprays. These are compact enough that you can easily put them in your handbag. You are not going to have to carry the entire bottle anymore.

Apart from that, the five fragrances you will receive are Do son, Philosyks, Eau Des Sens, L’Ombre Dans, and Eau Rose. All of these are among the best selling perfumes from the manufacturer. So, you are basically getting all of the popular ones in a small and affordable package.

As you are getting five fragrances that are ideal for specific seasons, you are basically all set for all the seasons. You can wear them throughout the year. All of them have different blends that will allow you to smell the best in the crowd. Also, they do linger around for a long amount of time.

Key Features of Travel Spray Kit

  • Comes in a set of five
  • Each of the sprays is compact and highly portable
  • The entire set is ideal for all the seasons
  • Each of the sprays implements a different type of blends
  • The fragrances last for a long amount of time

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3. Diptyque Oyedo 3.4 Oz Edt Spray

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Apart from just looking good, the one thing that most prioritizes is smelling good. Well, Diptyque did factor that in when they were offering their extensive lineup of perfumes in the market. And the same thing can be said for the Oyedo too.

Unlike some of the blends that the manufacturer utilizes, this one implements a fresh and woody profile. The upper note of the perfume is lime, lemon, and mandarin orange. Those bring out the fresh note that we are talking about. For that reason, it can make you smell fresh for an extended amount of time.

The middle layer of the blend is of yuzu and thyme. These two notes help in bringing out most of the upper layer. The lime and the mandarin orange gets enhanced because of this middle layer.

Apart from that, the base of the fragrance is of woodsy notes. That base ensures that all the other blends work together to deliver you a fresh and woody smell. You are surely going to smell great for an extended amount of time.

All of the blends that it utilizes makes this one an all seasonal fragrance. However, the time of the day this would shine the most would be in the morning.

Key Features of Oyedo

  • Has three different layers
  • The top note is of citrusy and aromatic
  • Offers a fresh smell throughout the day
  • Ideal for all the seasons
  • Shines the most in the morning

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4. Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum Spray

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Are you looking for a perfume that is strong on the floral side rather than the other notes? Well, then we think that the Do Son Eau should get into your consideration list.

This specific version of the Do Son basically prioritizes the white flowers that bloom in the darkness when the sun goes down. The smell that can bring out that particular scent is the tuberose. It is the ingredient that is the strongest in the overall blend that it utilizes.

Other than that, there are orange blossom flower and jasmine. These two raw materials will help bring out the natural strength of the tuberose. Also, the inclusion of jasmine makes this one ideal for the ones that are looking for something that has a hint of Jasmine flower in it.

The upper layer for the blend is the amber wood. That ingredient compliments the other ingredients that are in the perfume. Also, it adds a little bit of woody note in the end, which many are fond of.

As the scent’s overall profile is mostly floral and woody, the season that we think it is ideal for is the summer. You can also wear it on the morning of other seasons, but the summer days are where this one will shine the most.

Key Features of Do Son Eau de

  • Has a hint of Jasmine flower
  • Strong on the tuberose
  • Offers a strong floral scent
  • Has a woody note on the end
  • Ideal for summer days

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5. Diptyque L’ombre Dans L’eau Eau De Toilette

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There are not that many earthy and sensual perfumes in the market that we think are worth recommending. However, we definitely think that you should check out the L’ombre Dans if you were looking for one.

Let us talk about the upper notes first. It contains a mixture of black currant leaf, amber, and Bulgarian rose. All of them combined will offer a floral profile required to achieve an earthy overall theme. The Bulgarian rose lets it achieve a floral scent that compliments the other ingredients used in the upper note.

Besides that, the middle note is of musk. That ingredient ensures that all the upper layer ingredients are working together. It also creates a layer of sensual scent that most people look for.

The base of the overall mixture is myrrh. Because of that, you are going to get a feel of what spring season has to offer in a perfume bottle. It brings out all the colors that the season has to show. Also, it ensures that the total mixture of fragrance stays on you for an extended amount of time. You can also wear it in the summer for the floral nature that it has.

Key Features of L’ombre Dans L’eau

  • Offers a sensual and earthy scent
  • Has three different layers of mixture
  • Contains a hint of floral scent
  • Lingers around for an extended amount of time
  • Ideal for both the summer and spring season

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6. Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette

Even though the floral fragrances are quite popular in the market, most prefer to have a little hint of fruity note in the perfumes that they like to wear. Well, that is where the Eau Rose steps in.

Compared to the rest of the lineup that the manufacturer is providing in the market, this perfume probably has the most complex blend. The top notes include black currant, litchi, and bergamot. These offer you the fruity hint that we were talking about earlier.

For the middle note, it utilizes the rose, jasmine, and geranium. These let the unit achieve a floral note that most of the people tend to love. Alongside that, these compliment the fruity profile that the fragrance has, which will make sure that the smell lasts for a longer amount of time.

And for the base, it blends the musk, white honey, and Virginia cedar. These three will ensure that the upper and middle notes are adequately boosted. For that reason, you are going to get a fade-resistant fresh feeling throughout the entire day.

All the three layers of blend that this one boasts make it ideal for almost all the season. However, the season where it will shine the most is in the summer and spring days.

Key Features of Eau Rose

  • Implements three layers of blends
  • Offers a hint of fruits
  • Has a strong base layer
  • Provides a fade-resistant fragrance
  • Shines the most in spring and summer days

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7. Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Eau de Toilette 1.7 oz

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There seem to be two different versions of the L’Ombre Dans L’Eau. This one that we are going to talk about focuses more on bringing out the floral scent instead of the earthy and sensual ones.

As we mentioned above, the overall scheme of the perfume is mostly floral. This one has a unique mixture of different types of roses and blackcurrant leaves. The leaves enhance the smell of roses, which eventually makes the mixture’s floral nature stand out the most.

Apart from that, the mixture also contains the aura of different green leaves. Those create a middle layer to make sure that all the upper ingredients are properly coordinating. You are going to have a blast of natural floral scent after you wear this perfume.

Unlike the other version, this one does not have any myrrh in it. For that reason, you will not get the earthy smell that the other one does offer. However, the blend’s overall floral forward nature makes it achieve a hint of earthy note in the end.

Also, for the floral forward theme, you can wear it in any season. In fact, the manufacturer recommends you to wear it casually.

Key Features of L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Eau 1.7 oz

  • Floral forward scent
  • Has a strong rose smell
  • Offers a bit of earthy note in the end
  • Ideal for all the seasons
  • Perfect for casual wears

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8. Diptyque Tam Dao Eau de Toilette 1.7 oz

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The notes that tend to complement most of the floral fragrances are the woody and the earthy ones. Well, as a perfume manufacturer, Diptyque did factor that in, and that is why they brought out this one into the market.

First of all, as we mentioned, the overall theme of the fragrance is floral and woody. It achieves that by putting an upper blend of rose and Brazilian rosewood. Those two are responsible for bringing out the floral nature of the mixture.

Apart from that, the middle mixture contains Italian cypress and myrtle. These two are the ingredients that make sure that all the top ingredients are working together. For that reason, you can expect it to offer you a strong earthy and floral scent when you put this on.

And the base of all those ingredients is the sandalwood, cedar, amber, spices, white musk, and lastly, white musk. All of those blend perfectly well with the floral and earthy nature of the perfume. Also, those bring out a woody note at the end of the profile.

Because of utilizing all the floral, earthy, and woody notes, the manufacturer states this as romantic wear. That means it will shine the most on a date night or for similar functions that you might have.

Key Feature of Tam Dao Eau de Toilette

  • Has an upper floral blend
  • Features an earthy middle layer
  • Ends the overall profile with a woody mixture
  • Ideal for date nights and romantic functions
  • Has a strong rose scent

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9. Diptyque Tam Dao Eau De Parfum 2.5 oz

Just like some of the offerings of Diptyque, there seem to be two different versions of Tam Dao Eau too. This specif one focuses on bringing out more of the woody scent rather than the other ones.

First, the primary raw material utilized in this uni is the Sandalwood and Cedar. Those two are responsible for bringing out the strong woody scent that hardly any of the manufacture’s other fragrances can bring out. The sandalwood used in this is sourced from Sandle trees that are more than 60 years old.

Apart from that, it utilizes cypress in the middle. That ingredient will bring out the earthy smell that most people like to have in the fragrances they wear. That earthy scent also compliments that woody scent that the upper layer brings out. Also, this ingredient can enhance the overall smell of the perfume. You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time.

Lastly, the base of the overall mixture is myrtle. This material will ensure that the upper two layers blend well. Because of that, you are going to get a blast of woody and earthy scent when you apply this perfume on your clothes.

Key Features of Tam Dao Eau De Parfum 2.5 oz

  • Implements a woody forward scent theme
  • Has a hint of earthy notes
  • The smell lasts for a long amount of time
  • Has a strong sandalwood smell
  • Ideal for most of the seasons

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10. Diptyque Eau des Sens Eau De Toilette

Even though most of the units that are from Diptyque are catered towards women, there are few that are for both males and females. And this one is a perfect example of perfume such as that.

The first fragrance note that you are going to get after applying this would be the white floral one. It has a blend of orange blossom flowers and Patchouli. Those two ingredients work together to make it bring out a floral blast. You will be basically wearing the best fragrances that the spring has to offer.

Because of the orange blossom flower, there is a citrus punch to the perfume. That ingredient makes it achieve a fresh note in the middle. For that reason, you can expect to smell fresh throughout the harsh summer days after applying it.

The last layer of ingredients that it utilizes are Juniper berry and angelica root. Those two blends perfectly to let it offer a woody and aromatic smell. Also, these two raw materials also enhance the white floral profile of the mixture.

Lastly, because of the versatile mixture of ingredients that it has, you can wear this in almost all the seasons. But the seasons where this one shines the most is in the spring and the summer.

Key Features of Eau des Sens

  • Has a strong floral profile
  • Blends aromatic and woody ingredients in the end
  • The smell lingers around for an extended amount of time
  • Offers a hint of fresh scent in the middle
  • Ideal for all the seasons and for both male and female

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Final Words

To conclude, we hope that we were able to narrow down the overall list to a good extent that it is easier for you now to choose the best diptyque perfume. We wish you good luck and hope you can smell the absolute best in any of the important functions that you might have in life.

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