Best Escrima Sticks

Best Escrima Sticks in 2021

Only the avid practitioners of stick fighting know the many physical and mental benefits it can bring along. Originally from the Philippines, escrima fighting is a lesser-known but cherished form of stick fighting.

Often compared to the skill and style of sword fighting, escrima fighting requires the perfect escrima stick to make sure that you can make the perfect use of your skillset and succeed in your endeavor.

Continue reading our article to find about the best escrima sticks that are perfect for both beginner and expert escrima fighters. The right escrima stick can surely amp up your performance and improve your performance.

#List Of The Top 5 Best Escrima Sticks – Our Editor’s Pick:

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Things to Consider Before Buying Escrima Sticks

Along with reading escrima stick reviews, it is also important to learn about what to know when purchasing them. Let us take a look at some such factors.

  • The Material

The material of the stick is surely something that needs some serious consideration. Some common types of material are – wood, metal, foam, rattan, etc. For practicing purposes, foam sticks are better, while for matches and games, wood and steel ones are said to be better.

No matter stick of which material you choose to purchase, make sure that it is durable and long-lasting.

  • The User

Depending on the type of user, the escrima stick that is used varies greatly. For beginners, kids, and teenagers, foam sticks are better options as they are very safe and will hurt no one.

On the other hand, experienced players know how to properly handle sticks and thus can easily manage the heavier wooden and metal escrima sticks better.

  • Grip and Handle

Knowing how to fight is not enough when you are an escrima fighter. You also need to learn how to manage your escrima stick better and keep a grip on it at all times. Look for textured or shaped handles that will help you better maintain a grip and gain the advantage in your fights.

  • Outer Part of Stick

Many sticks have a leather outer that not only looks better but also help protect the initial stick for a longer time. If you are buying such a stick, make sure that the outer material is of good quality and will not develop chips or tears.

  • Easy Storage

Storing inches long sticks is not easy and often takes up a lot of space. That is why always try to purchase a stick that has a string or lanyard with it for easy storage by hanging.

  • Lightweight

This feature is especially important for those who are not experienced. A lightweight stick is always easier to handle, faster to aim, and easier to play with. This is such a factor that a good escrima player cannot ignore.

Top 10 Best Escrima Sticks Review

Below, we have reviewed some of the most preferred and most chosen escrima sticks by escrima fighters home and abroad. After going through all of them, hopefully, you can find something for yourself too.

1. RoadPro RPTT2 18″ Weighted Wood Tire Thumper

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From the brand RoadPro comes this wood tire thumper that can perfectly serve as an escrima stick. Backed by hundreds of positive customer reviews, this stick is one of the best ones that will help you improve your performance.

This Escrima stick has been made in China, the land that is known for and specializes in various forms of martial arts.  Made of solid and tough wood, this 18-inch stick is well capable of delivering as well as taking some serious hits from your opponent’s stick.

For the convenience of storage and display, this stick comes with a nylon cord, which you can use to hang it.

As it is stained, this fighting stick is also very stylish looking. Its weighted end with metal bolt gives it an edge, while its lightweight nature surely gives you the advantage while you are in a match or in a practice session.

The material and manufacturing of these sticks make sure that these are the best traditional escrima fighting sticks ever.


  • Made of tough wood and will last a long time
  • Strong enough to make your performance better
  • Has been stained, which makes it look stylish
  • Lightweight nature gives you advantage
  • Has a cord for easy storage
  • Weighted metal end gives it an edge


  • Slightly heavier nature would be more suitable
  • Gets chipped pretty easily

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2. Hickory Stick 2 – by Hardcore Hammers

[amazon fields=”B01MCYSH6L” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Meet the American escrima stick that is aptly named the hickory stick. Its unique color, tough material, and surprisingly low cost surely make it a must-try for escrima users.

You can surely rely on these escrima sticks that are made in America using American materials.

Premium quality American Hickory wood material makes sure this stick fights better and lasts longer. 17.75 inches in length, a part of this Hardcore Hammer stick is textured to make sure you can maintain your grip better, and it does not slip while you are practicing or fighting.

Its unique and interesting color surely makes it stand out and look even more stylish. As it is extremely lightweight, maintaining balance and making sure you can conquer your escrima matches becomes easy. For easy and convenient storage, this stick comes with a nylon string so that you can hang it.

Such a tough stick that is made with top quality Hickory wood costs surprisingly less and lasts long also. That is why we want to call this one of the best escrima sticks for combat.


  • Made in America and has better quality assurance
  • Top-quality American Hickory wood material
  • Lightweight and helps maintain balance
  • Structured part helps to handle and to keep a grip easy
  • Nylon string helps hang it at a safe place


  • Handle area is too thick for a lot of users

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3. Big Rig Defense – Hickory Stick with Extra Grip

[amazon fields=”B07Y43LPNL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Take a look at another one of our favorites from the brand Big Rig Defense. Often compared to a baseball bat for its shape, this escrima stick is weighted and thus is more recommended for experienced players.

Meet another escrima stick that is made from Hickory wood and holds up in the face of adversity. It has been stained, so it has a shiny and stylish finish. This steel escrima’s stick is surely unique and stands out in terms of performance and durability.

Heavier escrima sticks are more suited for more experienced players, and that is why we recommend this for them.

The presence of three inches of iron rivet inside the stick makes it heavier but also makes it more powerful than most other sticks. Such a heavier stick made using the combination of two materials is sure to last much longer.

Thanks to the grip tapes near the handle, this stick is much easier to handle and maintain during any match or practice. The nylon string attached to it helps you store it easily.


  • Made with Hickory wood
  • This heavier stick is better for more experienced players
  • Stick lasts much longer
  • Has grip tapes for better use and maintenance
  • Nylon string helps store the stick easily


  • Might be difficult for beginners to handle

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4. IMSHI Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Stick

[amazon fields=”B07JL8N7DC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

After reading reviews of wooden escrima sticks, you may be wondering if there are sticks that are made of other materials. Wonder no more and meet a tough fighter stick made of steel that will surely change your game.

Meet the stick that is made of stainless steel and will make your escrima sessions more worthwhile. Its steel material never fades, never gets discolored, and always looks shiny enough to be new. A product of surely very thoughtful design, it features a vertebral tail design.

Keeping a grip on your escrima stick is not always easy, especially for beginner fighters. As this escrima stick is equipped with a comfortable grip made of PP cotton, handling it during any situation is not difficult at all. This Imshi stick never slips and never protects your hands from shock while you are using it.

Though it is a steel stick, it is by no means heavy. This escrima stick is lightweight enough to make sure that you never get slowed down or weight down during your practices and matches. Thanks to its innovative material and up-to-date design, it truly is the


  • Made of tough stainless steel
  • Comfortable cotton grip for easy use
  • Protects your hands from shock
  • Lightweight enough to give you advantage


  • Has no cord or string for storage

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5. Set of 2 Black Padded Sparring Bokken Foam Stick – by Practice Sword

[amazon fields=”B00UJRY78K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Save money and time with these padded foam sticks that come in a set of two. Aptly names Practice Swords, these padded sticks are surely great to be used as practice materials.

Intense practicing might often lead to your stick getting damaged or broken eventually. That is why getting two good quality foam sticks at such a low price is surely a blessing. Practice to your heart’s content without worrying about hitting your partner, your surroundings, or damaging the stick itself.

Heavy-duty padded foam material makes it such a practice-friendly material, while the ABS plastic core gives it enough weight to help you maintain balance.

If somehow, intense practice leads to one stick being damaged, there is always another you can use to train yourself with. All in all, it is an extremely budget-friendly option for beginner escrima fighters who want to start practicing intensely.


  • Made of padded foam material
  • You can get two sticks at a fairly low price
  • No chance of causing harm to anyone or anything when you are using this stick
  • ABS plastic core inside to help you maintain balance
  • Great for beginner fighters and practicing purposes


  • Foam handle is not easy to keep a grip on for everyone
  • Not suitable for actual fighting

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6. GoSports SpeedStix 2 Pack

[amazon fields=”B082N7ZVCR” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Meet another value set of 2 sticks that costs surprisingly less but sacrifices neither quality nor the necessary features. This escrima stick set from GoSports will work very well for all types of professional players.

GoSports promises that the SpeedStix will be accurate, and we cannot disagree at all. Foam material at the core and leather outer make sure that these sticks are the tough fighters that you need them to be.

Both beginner and advanced escrima players can make great use of these sticks. These are great at minimizing impact and making sure that no harmful injuries occur.

All the practicing you will do will surely make you sweaty. Worry not, as the leather outer is sweat and waterproof for maximum durability. It is also tear-free and can take all the tough practice sessions you are going to have.

Managing this stick is extremely easy as it is comfortable and can help you maintain a sturdy grip. It has strong handles so that you can use it better and store it easily after you are done. Overall, its material, durability, and design make it such a favorite among beginner escrima players.


  • Foam material at the core makes it a great practice material
  • Durable leather outer resists tear and sweat
  • Helps maintain a sturdy grip
  • String handles ensure better practice and easier storage


  • Handle strings may be small for some users

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7. Cold Steel Training Sword

[amazon fields=”B07MZWVNY2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Meet the toughest, finest, and most long-lasting escrima stick you will ever see. Designed to serve escrima players, these sticks can deliver quite a punch to your opponent.

If you do like winning, you will love this stick from Cold Steel. It was specifically designed for drills and practices. Its force and ferocity make us recommend it for those who are a little or a lot more experienced in escrima.

Wooden sticks often tend to break or even rot, depending on weather conditions. As the material of this stick is polypropylene, it will never get damaged or develop rots.

Its quality and durability make sure that you can use this escrima stick Cold Steel for years to come. Although it is mainly designed to be used in drills and practices, it also perfectly suitable for light matches and fights.

Inspired by and designed keeping in mind Japanese swords, this stick surely stands out in terms of appearance and performance. The performance, stamina, and quality it displays surely make it a great choice for escrima sticks fighting.


  • Specifically designed for drills and practices
  • Can be used in light matches
  • Polypropylene material makes sure that the stick never cracks or gets damaged
  • Unique appearance and mind-blowing performance


  • Difficult to keep a grip
  • It has no string, so storing is a bit of trouble

[amazon fields=”B07MZWVNY2″ value=”button”]

8. Black Widow Avengers 2 Light-Up Batons – by Rubie’s Store

[amazon fields=”B00SODDSBS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Meet the escrima sticks that are perfect for teenagers and children to engage in a little safe fight. Whether the little ones are practicing or having a mock match, these Avengers themes light-up batons will be perfect as escrima sticks.

These batons from Rubie’s Store have officially licensed Avengers accessories. If you are trying to inspire a teenager or a kid to try out escrima fighting, these sticks are surely a great place to start. As these come in a set of 2, they also cost less and have a backup option in case all the playing damages one of the sticks.

For most kids and teenagers, this stick is of the perfect size. Although it is a light-up stick, you can stay assured that it has no chance of hurting the little ones. Its design and outer material are also child-friendly and safe to play with.

The use of a pair of AAA batteries and the switch can make these sticks glow. These are lightweight enough to be easily and comfortably handled by a child or a teenager.


  • Great to be used by children or teenagers
  • Come in a set of 2 and thus cost less
  • Perfect size for most kids and teenagers
  • Lightweight enough to cause no harm to kids


  • Not suitable for adults
  • Has no string, so storing it is troublesome

[amazon fields=”B00SODDSBS” value=”button”]

9. Liebe Seele 26.5″ Pliable Rattan Stick – Set of 3 Pieces

[amazon fields=”B07VJFVRJX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Meet the most unbreakable escrima stick from the brand Liebe Seele. Available in a set of 3, these escrima sticks are surely the best rattan escrima sticks ever, thanks to their material and design.

Thanks to its flexibility and ability to take hits, it is said to be a perfect option for escrima drills and training sessions. Although it comes in a set of three, the three sticks are not the same, which gives you varying experiences and options.

Rattan material cleverly combined with faux leather makes sure that these sticks are the perfect training equipment. Thanks to their power to bend and take so much hit, they will never break. Crack, or develop chips.

The material also makes sure that your opponent does not get seriously hurt or injured. All three of the sticks have faux leather handles that are great at maintaining grips and never slip away from your handle.

These sticks can be wiped with disinfectant after each use to clean them. Their great flexibility, unwavering strength, and such quality surely make them the best rattan escrima sticks with skin.


  • Great for training and mock fighting
  • Very flexible and thus will never break, crack, or chip
  • Faux leather handles help manage them well
  • Can be cleaned with disinfectant
  • Set of 3 makes good value for the price


  • Has no string with which they can be stored

[amazon fields=”B07VJFVRJX” value=”button”]

10. Hardcore Hammer’s Hickory Stick

[amazon fields=”B0853F735G” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Some things never get old, just like the Hardcore Hammer’s hickory stick. Hardcore Hammer makes some truly good quality escrima sticks, and we cannot but review another top-rated item from them.

Be ready to fight better and win faster with this escrima stick that leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of your victory. Made in America, the material of this escrima stick is top-grade Hickory wood that is known and loved for its great durability.

The thoughtful design of this escrima stick will surely make you always choose it as your fighter. Oval shape and hollowed out spaces near the end help you maintain a grip better and manage is smoother.

This very tough and heavy-duty stick is more recommended for expert players and game matches rather than practice sessions. Although tough, it is by no means too heavy. Its weight makes it a perfect stick for experienced players.


  • Made in American for better quality and more assurance
  • Hickory wood material is durable and tough
  • Design helps manage the stick better and keep a grip
  • Better suited for expert players and tough matches


  • Beginner players may find using and managing this stick tough

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Final Words

After reading our article that reviews the best escrima sticks for combat, we hope you have decided on choosing the perfect stick for you. We hope you emerge victorious in all your matches and enjoy them as well.

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