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10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs

The first dance is the most awaited moment by the guests of the bride and the groom. This is because the dance shows the significance of love and unity between the two. It is important to ensure you have prepared yourself properly so that you may be able to express your love through coordinated dance moves. You need to choose a wedding song for the dance. From there you can consider getting a trainer who will help you through if need arises.

Many songs have been written by different artists that can be used for a first dance wedding song. It will depend on your taste and preferences when it comes to selecting one.

Highlighted below are the best first dance wedding songs that you can consider.

Top 10 First Dance Wedding Songs

1.”All of me,” by John Legend

This is one of the most popular love songs and was one of the biggest hits of all time. The song has been used by many people for their first dance and it has never disappointed. The message behind this song is about giving and loving the other person no matter the circumstances.

When you love someone, you will give out everything for them to be comfortable and to live a happy life. The song helps a couple to connect in a better way since they understand as they are giving to each other they are gaining instead of losing. When you use this song as a first dance iit will act as a reminder that no matter how many sacrifices you give to each other it is for the benefits of your relationship to thrive.


2.”Unchained Melody,” by The Righteous Brothers

Although the song was written in the 1950s it is still an amazing song that many couples use for their first dance. The song expresses the hunger and the thirst of love to the other partner and the desire of touch. It is a very slow song that can help a couple meditate on the words contained in the song as they look forward to loving each other forever.

The main message of the song is about waiting for the other person’s love patiently because sometimes time may be a limitation to the two of you coming together. For a couple to tie the knot despite the challenges faced, this song can speak a lot to them because they know how the journey has been.


3.”I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” by Aerosmith

When this song was recorded it was the number one hit song in the United States and it’s still one of the best songs by Aerosmith. The song has been used in movies and performed by many artists.

Using this song as a first dance can be touching because the message behind the song is very sweet and musing. Being lovers, you want to ensure that you understand every part and parcel of your partner so that you can grow and love each other. The ability to feel the other person’s heartbeat and stay close to each other brings a reflection of your life together as a party. As you dance to the song you will have a lot of imagination which will help you know how to love the other person despite the shortcomings and be grateful that you are a team.


4.“The Way You Look Tonight,” by Frank Sinatra

“The Way You Look Tonight,” by Frank Sinatra

Most first dances are done in the evening. The fact that the title of the song talks about the way the bride looks during that evening it tries to show that the groom appreciates the beauty in front of him who has finally become his wife. The song praises the bride about her appearance and her character. There’s nothing as beautiful as the groom telling the bride she is the only one he can love. There is a kind of security that one gains when you know you are secure in someone else’s life.

Stepping into your first dance with this song is charming and sweet to both you and your partner. This is because you can express your love to the other person in a greater way as you take your steps and sway each other.


5.“My Best Friend,” by Tim McGrew

“My Best Friend,” by Tim McGrew

A best friend is someone you can confide in anytime. This song creates an environment where you are assured you can count on your partner no matter the situation you are at. You are assured that your partner will never let you down because you know he or she is for you always.

This first dance song will be a reminder that you are best friends and there’s nothing that can separate you from each other. This is because you have chosen to believe in each other and that you treasure every moment you spend together. Also, friends help each other to grow, and therefore as you reflect on your journey as you dance you will help each other to grow in every aspect of life on earth. You will find a home in your partner and live a fruitful life. This song will make you take each other as a blessing and not for granted.


6.“A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri

“A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri

This is a reflective song because it shows how someone has loved you for a thousand years and they still do. The song also talks about dying to self to embrace the love of the other partner. What more does a person want than their partners dying to self to feel the love and the joy in their communion?

This is a slow song that reminds you of where you met and how you have waited for each other patiently so that you may become one in union. The song also talks about having faith in the other person and not to be afraid because the love is pure and kind. When you get the right moves to this song it will be so beautiful and your guests will be entertained and feel the connection that you have.


7.“Your Song.” by Elton John

“Your Song.” by Elton John

One of the most inspiring things concerning this song is that you may not have everything all together but the fact that you have the love of your life you can do wonders together. Lovers help us to forget our weaknesses because they always bring out the best in us. Being able to stand with the other person in times of need is one of the strongest gifts you can give to your partner. Many people can choose to run away when you have problems but a partner that will stick to you no matter what will help you to do better in life.

Dancing to this song is enlightening because life has ups and downs and being able to recognize this can help you two support each other. Knowing that your partner is your number one fan will help you grow and be on each other’s side despite the ups and downs that life brings.


8.”Marry Me,” by Train

The song talks about marrying each other today and every other day. No matter the situations and the circumstances you face in life as a couple you will be assured that you made the right choice in marrying the person that you are with. You will fall in love with each other every day all over again because you are assured of happiness with your partner.

What else would you want from your partner than love and happiness by your side? Being able to promise each other love and peace is important because that is what is required for marriage to work. A promise is something you will want to keep no matter what happens and therefore your partner will be secure in your love.


9.“At Last,” by Etta James

“At Last,” by Etta James

One of the desires for lovers is to come together in union so that they live and share their love. When you are dating or courting sometimes it can be difficult to see each other because you are not living together. When at last you have finally tied the knot you are assured that you will long for each other closely and there is nothing that is going to separate you.

This song is a dream come true for a couple that has been waiting to get married and finally they tie the knot. Planning the wedding and making everything come together can be quite hectic but at the end of it all, you are assured of getting your partner that you have been waiting for. This assures you that despite the efforts that you have made for the process you will finally get to be together. This dance song can help you forget the stress and anxiety you had when planning faced to reach this far.


10.“Amazed,” by Lonestar

“Amazed,” by Lonestar

This is one of the songs that have been used by many couples to do their first dance at their wedding. The song is about how the other partner is amazed by how much they are loved and cared for. Being able to love the other person more deeply than anyone you have ever come across is adorable and your guests will be able to see how much you have a love for each other as you dance to this song. The words in this song are so strong and they will keep you going for the rest of your life. Being able to trust each other and loving each other forever is essential for your love to thrive. The song also shows the fact that you need to keep on affirming each other concerning your love so that everyone can feel appreciated.


In conclusion, it is important to prepare yourself accordingly for your first dance. Practice will make all things beautiful and you will be happy at the end of the day that you did  your best . It is also important that you take your time in selecting a wedding song that you will dance to.Get one  that speaks volumes to your relationship and the journey you have walked. This will help you connect better as you dance.It will also remind you of how much you mean to each other. It is also important to ensure that the wedding song is also entertaining to your guests because they are watching.

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