Best Hair Ties for Babies

Best Hair Ties for Babies | Reviews and Buying Guide

For most married couples, a baby is the most precious human being to them. They are very charming, sweet, and adorable. When you see them, you want to give your all to bond with a baby.

Luckily for you, babies like shiny and colorful things. They like looking fashionable even more so. That is why you can get them a cute hair tie that’ll go well with the dress they are wearing.

So, to aid you in that process, we reviewed some of the best hair ties for babies and came up with a list of the top hair ties on the market. You can easily pick any one of them without worrying about ruining your baby’s look.

#List Of The Top 5 Best Hair Ties for Babies – Our Editor’s Pick:

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Top 10 Best Hair Ties for Babies

For your convenience, we compiled all ten of the reviews in a single list so that you can easily make an educated purchase.

1. WillingTee Elastic Hair Ties

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Babies are very impressionable people due to their minds not being developed yet. Even the simplest of things will make them excited because everything is a new experience for them.

So, if you want to get hair ties that are both fashionable and attractive to babies, you can get the elastic hair ties by WillingTee. They make some of the best hair elastics for babies out there.

Their design choices are purposefully made to be as attractive and fun-looking to babies as possible. In terms of dimensions, these ties have a rope size of 30 millimeters and a diameter of 3 millimeters.

As for accessories, these ties have little ornamental pieces attached to them. Think of keyring ornaments but on a much smaller scale. They range from flowers to even colorful bow ties.

This reason is why your baby will find them very charming and fashionable to wear. The charms act as an elegant ornamental piece that you can use to tie your children’s hair.


  • Attractive and elegant design
  • Wide range of color choices
  • Perfect proportions for any type of hair
  • Small charms that include flowers and fruits
  • Super elastic design that is built for any hair


  • Decorations may fall apart due to stress
  • Might smell due to its rubbery nature

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2. Isbasa Baby Hair Ties

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As we’ve established before, babies are very impressionable people. They like a lot of colorful and shiny things. This nature aptly explains why they would like something on the more colorful spectrum rather than something drab and discolored.

Since babies like colorful things, you can get them the hair ties by Isbasa. The reason why we recommend them is because of their wide range of colors. They offer some of the best hair ties for toddlers that are very vivid and vibrant as well.

Firstly, we should talk about the proportions of the ties. These have a circumference of about 1 inch, which is more than enough for most hair types, be it long or short.

As for colors, they feature a wide range of hues, from bright and vibrant orange to dark and mysterious blue. These colors can spice up your baby’s look effortlessly. Since babies like colorful objects, you don’t need to worry about your baby not liking them.


  • 1 inch in diameter
  • Scrunchie-like design
  • Stays in place without slipping off your hair
  • Wide assortment of color options
  • Seamless design with easy to store options


  • Not suited for multiple uses
  • Little to no longevity

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3. Qarwayoc Cotton Hair Ties

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The hair of a baby is very delicate, so it can get damaged with the slightest of stress. If you tie their hair with a hairband, you need to make sure the elastic is subtle and does not apply much pressure to the baby’s hair.

Hair ties for toddlers can be damaging to their hair, so an alternative for you is the cotton hair tie by Qarwayoc. Weird brand name aside, they manufacture their hairbands with absolute softness and comfort in mind.

These hair ties are about 1 inch in diameter, adequate for all types of hair. They are made with two elements mainly. Elastic bands are inserted into cotton clothing as a soft layer between the band and the hair.

For colors, they provide a wide assortment of vibrant colors in many shades and hues. A pack will contain about 12 colors in different shades. This type of packaging makes it easier to choose which one your baby might like wearing on their hair.


  • 1 inch in circumference
  • Soft, malleable, and comfortable design
  • Cotton clothing for added softness
  • 12 different shades of colors
  • Durable elastic bands that don’t slip


  • Can lose elasticity from a lot of pressure
  • Might cause wrinkles in a travel bag

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4. Ohnanana Rabbit Hair Ties

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Hair ties are mainly just elastic bands in a clothed housing. The clothes are the central part of the decoration as you can use any fabric to house a hair tie. So, the creative freedom you have is unlimited with decorative hair ties.

If you want hair ties that are both pleasing to look at and attractive to other people, then you can check out the rabbit hair ties by Ohnanana. They make their cute hair ties with many different patterns ranging from polka dots to minimalistic animal shapes.

For materials, they use Chiffon fabric to house the durable elastic bands. But this is not just any Chiffon fabric. With the help of fabric printing, they print out adorable and charming patterns and shapes onto the fabric.

The hair ties are about 3 centimeters in diameter, so it is adequate for most hair types. You don’t have to trouble yourself with losing elasticity as it is produced with very high-quality rubber. It is free of any crease and acts as a soft layer on your baby’s hair.


  • Chiffon fabric design
  • 3 centimeters in diameter
  • Wide range of different shapes and pattern prints
  • High-quality elastic bands
  • Soft and malleable on the hair


  • Some patterns are repeated
  • Clothing may tear due to stress

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5. Demolling Elastic Ponytail Ties

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Apart from the clothing of the hair ties, the extra accessories can also serve a neat purpose to brighten up your baby’s look. These decorations can be anything from flowers to eccentric bow ties.

If your baby likes bow ties, in particular, you can get them the elastic ponytail ties by Demolling. The most significant aspect of these hair ties is their bow tie decoration.

If you’re wondering about the material, they manufacture these bands with grosgrain ribbon. What this does is essentially house the elastic bands in a silky-smooth fabric that is easy on your baby’s hair. It minimizes stress at all costs.

They have a length of 4.3 centimeters while having 2.5 centimeters in diameter. Each one of them has a small bow tie that comes in a wide assortment of colors. to

If you want a specific color, you can simply order it so. The default package comes in 15 different colors with all kinds of shades and hues.


  • Grosgrain ribbon clothing for comfort
  • 3/2.5 centimeters in length and diameter
  • Bow tie accessory for added decoration
  • Smooth and soft on the hair
  • 15 different colors


  • Decoration may fall off after multiple uses
  • Clothing may get undone

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6. HOYOLS Baby Hair Ties

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Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of extravagant ornaments to look stylish. In the case of baby hair ties, simplicity often works better than the most loaded options. Matching up the right color usually works great as well, as they require no immediate effort at all.

So, if you don’t want to put in an effort to make your children look fashionable, you can check out the baby hair elastics by HOYOLS. They are a very well-known brand in terms of hair ties and other hair-related products.

Since they have no distinct qualities, let’s talk about what is apparent from the get-go. These hair ties are made from high-quality TPU. Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU is a type of plastic that is made from polymers.

Because of their polymeric nature, they are very durable and can stay on your baby’s hair no matter how hard he/she tries to remove it. These ties will hold his/her hair while being as soft to them as possible.


  • High-quality TPU material
  • Keeps your baby’s hair in place without sliding
  • Comes in hundreds of colors
  • Will not crease hair
  • Soft and comfortable on baby hair


  • Color can deteriorate after extended use

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7. Youxuan Kids Hair Bands

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As a consumer, one of your concerns might be how safe hairbands are for the environment. It is 2021, and the climate is rapidly changing without any regard for humanity and other animals.

So, it is sensible that you would want to avoid as much damage to the environment as possible. Luckily, if you desire hair ties that are environment-friendly, you can get the Kids Hair Bands by Youxuan.

These hair ties are made from economically and environmentally sustainable materials that are easy on nature. The material in question is silicone, which is polymerically produced siloxane. Because of their organic nature, they don’t cause any harm to the environment.

Besides being environment-friendly, these hair ties have a simplistic design to them, lending versatility to fashion choices. Of course, they come in loads of different colors, and you can choose which color you want for your baby effortlessly.

The durability of these bands is unspoken too. Your baby can pull on these bands for as long as he/she wants, and they still won’t be able to tear them apart.


  • Made from eco-friendly silicone material
  • Causes no damage to the environment
  • Incredibly durable due to their polymeric nature
  • Simplistic design
  • Tear-resistant


  • Relatively small size

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8. Miuance Candy Color Hair Ties

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By now, we have established how fashionable and attractive simplistic hair ties can be. The ones we have here are very versatile because of their bland design. This reason is why you can pair them up with any outfit your baby wants and not ruin their look.

So, if you want that kind of versatility to your baby’s hair ties, we highly recommend the Miuance hair ties. These bands are virtually the only thing you need to spice up your baby’s hair as they come in a comprehensive set of colors.

In terms of materials, you can rest assured because they are made from highly durable rubber. This type of rubber is perfect for these hair ties as they don’t damage your baby’s delicate hair. If you’re worried about any hair crease, these ties are safe from any crease-related problems.

Since these are simple hair ties, you can reuse them multiple times without needing to replace them. The company offers these hairbands in large quantities in a package, and you can choose as many as you want.


  • Made from high-quality rubber
  • Soft on baby hair
  • No crease or damage
  • Reusable nature
  • Can be washed with water


  • Can tear from excess stress
  • Gets damaged from heat

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9. ZCOINS Ponytail Hair Ties

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The simple hair ties we discussed earlier have a certain tendency to not last long due to their disposable nature. That is an entirely valid concern to bring up when you’re shopping for baby hair ties.

If you really want simple-looking hair bands but want to use them for a long time, you can get the ponytail hair ties by ZCOINS. The reason why we are suggesting them is because of the material they are made with.

When you think of strong string-like wires, you think of braided bands. These hair ties are precisely that, and they are more durable than the average hair tie because of being braided.

If you think they will slide off of your baby’s hair, think again because they resist any kind of friction. Braiding is done by taking multiple strands of fabric and intertwining them together in a distinct pattern.

Because of these twisted strands, the final band is much stronger and resistant to heat, water, and any other force that could be detrimental to it.


  • Perfectly sized
  • Braided design for maximum durability
  • Friction-resistant
  • No damage from heat
  • Does not slide from baby hair


  • Hair might get ripped when removing
  • Loses elasticity from too much stretching

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Things to Consider When Buying Hair Ties for Babies

Most people don’t pay any attention to hair ties they are buying for their children. Hairbands can cause damage to their baby’s hair or be detrimental to the environment.

To help you make an educated choice, we put together this neat little buying guide so that you do not need to feel concerned about damaging anything.

  • Materials

When shopping for baby hair ties, you must check what kind of material they are manufactured with. Most hairbands are made from rubber, as the band needs to have elastic properties.

But there are other materials too that act as elastic bands. The materials dictate what sort of elasticity a hairband will have, so you must make sure they have what you need.

The question of the environment also comes to mind. Since the hair ties are made with many different chemical compounds or organic materials, you must check what you are buying is safe for the environment and the baby around you.

  • Colors and Decorations

Of course, the second concern that may come to your mind is the question of color choice and decorations. Your children will naturally like beautiful and shiny objects, as we have established before.

So, when it comes to colors, you shouldn’t make a compromise and get just any colors. There are megapacks where there is a wide assortment of colors with different shades.

As for decorations, the sky is the limit. All companies design their hair ties with some sort of decoration attached to it. You need to properly check the decorations and see if they are firmly in place.

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We can all admit that babies deserve every bit of love and affection in the world. They are the future, so we should treat them with equal amounts of love, respect, and adoration like any other people.

A hair tie makes a really bold statement in fashion and can amplify your baby’s look. It can be hard to buy some hair ties due to many valid concerns.

Hopefully, our comprehensive reviews on ten of the best hair ties for babies can help you make a sound choice. The buying guide should be your best friend when it comes to buying hair ties for your children.

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