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Best High Frequency Machine [Reviewed 2021]

Our skin is a delicate body part that needs constant care. While we can say it’s easy to do so by using common beauty products in the market, there are skin issues that require more intensive regimen. Fortunately, technology has evolved and developed machines to help us achieve that healthier, more radiant-looking skin.

High-frequency skin care machines are available to help us combat more serious skin issues, like stubborn acne spots and increasing wrinkles or fine lines. But which one works best for you? To help you decide your skin care device, here are ten of the best high frequency machines for your skin care needs.

#List Of The Top 5 High Frequency Machine – Our Editor’s Pick:
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Top 10 Best High Frequency Machine On The Market

#1. NuDerma Portable Handheld High Frequency Skin Therapy Wand Machine (Neon)

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As a leading brand in skin esthetics, NuDerma has developed one of the best high-frequency skin care machines in the market today. Their portable handheld skin therapy wand attests to the quality this brand offers, including the latest technology in using Neon electrode tubes to treat even the most stubborn skin problem.

What I like about this device is its complete skin care system. While it helps treat acne, skin spots, and other issues, this portable wand also improves skin quality almost instantaneously on first use. Neon applicator tubes are known to improve blood circulation in the face to bring out a more radiant look.

This wand comes with four Neon tubes that attracts electrodes emitted from wand’s base to stimulate skin healing, blood circulation, and even hair growth. Each tube is designed to function for a specific treatment method.

This is the most effective yet painless way to remove dark spots, constant acne problems, and wrinkle treatment for your face and neck. Plus, this device also improves skin elasticity and stimulates cell growth to make your skin look younger and more blooming. They’re also used and recommended by professional estheticians for skin treatment.


  • Complete skincare system
  • Improves skin quality
  • Effective, painless skin treatment
  • Portable high-frequency wand


  • No detailed instructions
  • Burnt odor on device
  • Unsecure tube attachment

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#2. Risiya High Frequency Facial Machine (ABS + Glass)

This high-frequency facial machine from Risiya is a skin regimen device worth considering. Meticulously composed from glass, these electrode tubes provide an excellent skin treatment to most common problems while improving overall skin quality.

What’s best about this facial wand is the variety of tubes for each skin care needs. Each tube head is designed for specific areas of the face, the neck, and the hairline to optimize regeneration of cells in every area to bring out desired effects.

This machine is designed for skin toning, but it’s also best for skin treatment and regeneration as it boosts circulation in the face and renews skin cells. This high frequency machine also induces vitality in facial muscles to make it look and feel younger.

It’s the ultimate skin care device for deep skin maintenance and regeneration to bring out the best in you. This machine also comes with an excellent instruction manual that is understandable even to those who have never used it before. It’s also energy-efficient yet powerful enough to provide the ultimate high-frequency skin treatment for its price.


  • Easy installation, activation
  • Comes in five glass tubes
  • Low power consumption
  • Very detailed instruction manual


  • Takes time to activate electrode tubes
  • Parts break easily
  • Some tubes don’t work

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#3. NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand High Frequency Machine (Neon & Argon)

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This Neon and Argon electrode tube combo from NuDerma is their latest innovation in high-frequency skin care treatment that should boost your skin’s inner glow and beauty. Coming in with six tubes, three Neon and three Argon electrode applicator tubes, they have integrated the latest technology in deep skin care and management that targets almost all areas of the face and body.

What I like about this machine is the Tungsten supercharge on their Argon applicators. Plus, its professional amplification system makes skin treatment not so painful for first-time users. They’re safe and natural skin treatment that anyone can engage on at any time.

Also, this NuDerma wand is one of the best deals in the market for those who wanted to explore high-frequency skin care. The packaging is also beautiful that you can simply wrap a ribbon around it and give it to someone as a gift.

This product is mostly for facial skin, but they’re also best to stimulate hair growth for the balding foreheads and tightening those saggy necklines. You can see results almost instantly after use, which makes it highly recommended for starters.


  • Tungsten supercharges on applicators
  • Applicator tubes for hair and face
  • Easy-to-use high frequency wand
  • Professional amplification system


  • Parts sometimes break easily
  • Hard-to-attach applicators
  • Some electrodes don’t ground

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#4. CUTEBEY High Frequency Machine Skin Treatment (Neon & Argon)

This high-frequency machine from CUTEBEY is, by far, an excellent deal for those who wanted to experience professional skin treatment by seasoned estheticians. While this product is specially-made for professionals, they are easy to use and activate for those wanting to bring out the best in their skin.

What’s best about this machine is its multiple, high-frequency electrodes. All of them are specifically designed for every area of the skin that requires attention, like decreasing hair growth, saggy neckline, and other skin issues.

Also, this skin care device helps in improving facial scars and inflammations through effective acceleration of blood circulation and cell regeneration in both the upper and lower layers. They’re also a go-to treatment device for anti-aging and anti-wrinkling regimen that will provide results with a few weeks of use.

This wand also increases collagen in the skin, exfoliates skin and removes dead cells with its low-current yet high-frequency treatment. It’s an excellent solution for those who wanted to achieve the best skin at any time of their lives.


  • Multiple high-frequency electrodes
  • Safe, effective skin treatment
  • Improves inflamed or injured skin
  • Designed by professional estheticians


  • Machine don’t ground easily
  • Unsafe electric shocks
  • They don’t last long

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#5. FAZJEUNE Portable High Frequency Machine Skin Therapy Wand (ABS + Glass)

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This easy-to-use high-frequency skin therapy wand from FAZ JEUNE is an excellent skin regimen machine worth a try. This easy-to-use and easy-to-activate skin therapy wand has all the functional features that provide skin care and treatment with its high-frequency current through electrode glass tubes.

What’s best about this machine is its multiple treatment efficacy. Using this wand helps improve skin quality while treating even the most stubborn acne spots and inflamed surfaces. This machine also looks sleek with its white-colored handle and transparent glass applicators that emit an orange-ish light when charged.

It’s one of the most comfortable therapy wands you can use too. Its handle has an excellent grip that provides a good grip without the shaking or fretting feel from the machine. They’re also safe and portable so that you can carry them on your trips to keep that healthy skin even when you’re away.

Skin therapy wand comes in neat-looking packaging. This is also excellent for starters, although you will be experiencing some initial tingling on your first-time use. The high-frequency currents are in safe range, regardless of treatment methods, so you’ll have better skin after every use.


  • Multiple treatment efficacy
  • Visible results with regular use
  • Easy to use, activate
  • Neat-looking device package


  • Parts break easily
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Charges don’t start immediately

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#6. APREUTY Portable Handheld High Frequency Facial Wand Device Violet Ray (Argon)

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This professional hand-held facial wand from APREUTY features four Argon applicator tubes designed for every skin treatment need. Having said that, this machine features four using methods that target areas of the facial skin and improves quality by improving blood circulation.

What’s best about this machine is its multiple functionality. Not only it treats the most stubborn skin problems but also improves quality, elasticity, and accelerated growth in the hair areas. Results are also visible at first application that makes this machine an excellent choice in professional skin treatment.

Argon applicator tubes provide efficacious using methods. Nonetheless, they are easy to attach and use. It’s also safe, lightweight, and portable so that you can stash them on your vacation luggage to keep your skin maintained even when you’re away.

This high-frequency facial wand is made for professionals but is also easy to use by starters. Instruction manuals are included but, with only four electrode tubes, you can easily figure out operating it. APREUTY proves that money can buy you the perfect skin you’ll surely enjoy and brag anywhere.


  • Multiple functions, using methods
  • Low power consumption
  • Cheaper APREUTY product choice
  • Almost instant visible results


  • Machine stops working at higher frequency
  • Some noticeable broken parts
  • Frequency isn’t strong enough

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#7. APREUTY Portable Handheld High Frequency Skin Therapy Machine (ABS + Glass)

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APREUTY High Frequency Skin Therapy Machine’s glass applicator tube variant has tons of features worth a try. With four unique treating methods using levels of high frequency current, this machine cures even the most severe acne and other facial skin problems.

What’s best about this is that it has almost instantaneous results. At only a few treatment sessions, you can start noticing improvements in the skin’s quality and reducing visible fine lines, wrinkles, and facial spots. All that with only low power consumption so you can use it regularly to achieve that everyday facial glow you’ve always wanted.

Like any high-frequency skin therapy machine, this activates the skin cells, produces collagen, and improves blood circulation. Comb applicator tube activates hair growth in balding areas and improves hair volume and quality with frequent use. This also improves skin pH value making it fresher and younger looking.

They’re portable to carry around even on your travels. It’s also easy to use and activate so first-time users can start working on their skin with this high-frequency machine. With regular use, you can see visible results.


  • Safe and portable
  • Four high-frequency treatment methods
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use, activate


  • Product stops after few uses
  • Defective machine and parts
  • Frequency isn’t strong enough

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#8. Project E Beauty D’arsonval High Frequency Wand (Neon)

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This Neon-only applicator tube variant from Project E high frequency machines may lack the best than the rest, but there are tons of features this product can offer both for professional estheticians and first-time skin enthusiasts.

What I like about this wand is its ASMR effects on the skin. While the frequencies from Neon tubes have analgesic properties to cure skin inflammations, they’re also known to help calm the nerves in the face. They’re also deep-skin targeting that keeps a healthy regeneration of skin cells for that youthful and radiant glow.

With visible results, this high-frequency machine is great for everyday use. You don’t even have to worry about power consumption because it doesn’t consume a lot. Both professionals and starter skin enthusiasts can enjoy the effects of this wand.

Start healing those stubborn skin breakouts with this high-frequency skin therapy machine. They’re also safe to use and provide effective treatments to acne problems, visible facial pores, and heal scars and wounds. Plus, they’re also anti-aging and anti-wrinkling that makes it your ticket to a more youthful skin.


  • Analgesic properties
  • Safe, effective skin treatment
  • Easy to use, activate
  • Low power consumption


  • Frequency isn’t high enough
  • Only few applicator tubes
  • Results aren’t permanent

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#9. APREUTY Portable Handheld High Frequency Facial Wand (Glass + ABS)

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B07P3ZWHT5″ locale=”US” localize=”n” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”lovecarlo-20″ width=”500″]

This glass tube applicator variant from APREUTY facial wands is totally exciting in the high-frequency skin treatment regimen. While most prefer the Neon, Argon or Neon-Argon combo variants, glass tubes also have excellent electrode conductivity that brings out the skin’s best qualities every session.

What’s best about this is the unique four high-frequency treating methods that are excellent in dealing with facial skin problems. This also helps improve blood circulation, help nourish the skin and strengthen cell metabolism. High-frequency currents produced by this wand also helps diminish inflammation and reduce visible skin pores.

This is also easy to use that makes it a starter skin therapy machine for those wanting to try high-frequency skin regimens. Results are also visible almost immediately and with regular use. It’s also an excellent treatment for all skin types. Hair care treatment also stimulates hair growth for a lush volume or preventing receding hairlines.

This high-frequency machine is one of the versatile devices in the market that can help you achieve the best look and feel of your skin everywhere you can be.


  • Safe and portable
  • Four high-frequency treatment methods
  • Easy to use, activate
  • Low power consumption


  • Product stops after few uses
  • Defective parts found
  • Frequency isn’t strong enough

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#10. Project E Beauty Professional High Frequency Facial Machine (Neon & Argon)

Project E’s desire for the ultimate beauty regimen is best presented in their professionally-designed, high frequency facial treatment machine. The Neon and Argon electrodes are all designed for skin care and treatment as determined by their unique applicator tubes designed for each part of the face, neck, and hair.

What’s best about this machine is its non-invasive, ozone therapy. Although this feature is common in all high-frequency skin care machines, Project E takes the treatment to the next level by applying four treating methods to bring out a more effective skin regimen.

Four Neon and two Argon electrode tubes are also specifically-designed to various skin treatments in all parts of the face. Nonetheless, they are all effective in treating even the most stubborn scars brought by acne, dark and white spots, and even reduce signs of aging.

This product comes with a full one-year warranty, which makes it something of a starter machine for those who aren’t sure whether or not they want to try high-frequency skin treatment. Nonetheless, it’s safe to use, easy to operate, and even portable that you can still have the freshest face wherever you can be.


  • Safe, portable, easy-to-use
  • Four treating methods
  • Non-invasive, ozone therapy
  • Treats major skin problems


  • Very fragile electrode tubes
  • Applicators don’t attach easily
  • Device malfunctions early

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How To Use High Frequency Machine

An integral component of skin care treatment, high frequency machines have a customary presence in every esthetician’s chamber. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a professional license to handle one. Howbeit, a clear picture of how to use it is obligatory. Just follow these easy steps.

  • Prepare your skin duly by applying a thorough wash and take time to let it dry accordingly.
  • In order to have a smooth run on your skin a cream, serum or musk will be handy.How to use high frequency machine
  • If you have sensitive skin, try out a layer of thin fabric, preferably chiffon in between your skin and the wand.
  • Place the electrode (select one in accordance with the area you likely to treat) into the wand and prior to plugging the wand in, ensure that the electrode is properly seated.
  • Turn the dial up, which placed on the bottom of the wand bit by bit. A slight tingling, but not painful sensation is due.
  • Glide it around your face in a circular manner. Hold the tip of the wand for 10 to 15 seconds over acne to get a better result, than continue the circular movement.
  • Keep in mind that this treatment should not be continued for more than 5 to 10 minutes for any given day.
  • Apply quality moisturizer on your skin, when you’ve covered all the spots you need to.

Unplug it from the electrical supply, dismantle the electrode and clean with alcohol. Even wiping with soapy water would be ok, but never dare to soak. Store properly, when the machine is dry.

When To Use High Frequency Machine

High frequency machine – a blessing for those who are in desperate strive to get away from various skin issues. While, incomprehension of when to use and how to use could lead to an undesirable outcome. In general, when you are in a dry and less humid environment, caution must be exercised prior to using those.

Standard weather condition endorses carefree application. Length of usage and frequency might vary with respect to skin type. In winter, extra dryness in the skin can be caused by using the system. If this treatment turns your skin too dry, it’s highly advised to reduce the use and the frequency ought to be once in 4 or 5 days. Use of a top quality moisturizer immediate afterwards will be fruitful.

First introduced back in the 18th century to treat sore throat and various streptococcal infections. But improved technology turned it into an inseparable part of many skin care treatment. Customarily, spa and salon professionals are supposed to use those in addition to users those who have prior experience. Praised for harmless mechanism, but women in their pregnancy need to be extra cautious.

How Does High Frequency Works

How does high frequency machine workTempered glass made high frequency electrodes in conjunction with high frequency wand facilitate therapy for various skin issues. A mild electrical current being generated from the latter, which transmitting through the electrode filled with gas (neon or argon) and ended up on our skin. Subtle glow as well as buzzing that we experience are the outcome of that transmission process.

Produce enriched oxygen molecules, which is responsible for tissue warming. The science behind this is, when the current comes in contact with neon or argon it cause an ignition. Result, an electrical light energy and instantaneously transformable unsteady oxygen, which at the end transforms into purifying ozone. Tingling sensation that we feel also caused by this ignition.

This process wards off toxins from one’s blood vessels, when skin cells are enriched with much needed nutrients. In response, blood circulation improves, while collagen and elastin level also witness a spike owing to cell renewal. As an outcome, skin being energized by no times and turn remarkably softer, which helps reduce pore size and overall skin texture get improved. Moreover, this safe and effective skin care treatment helps offset new as well as old acne.

How Often Can You Use A High Frequency Machine?

The question that qualms us when we use a high frequency machine without the aid of a professional is, how often should it be used?How often can you use high frequency machine

If you are in sound health, using it once each day should not be a concern for your body. Known for their harmlessness and the procedure is non-invasive while being used by following all the precautionary steps.    

The days of seeing an esthetician every now and then are numbered. To everyone’s surprise, re-texturizing or rejuvenating their look by shirking the irksome assistance of any professional is the reality these days. Too without compromising home comfort. But, you need to be well aware of the length of use, which varies with respect to body part as well as your skin type.

Standard practice would be no more than 5 minutes per day for face. Other areas, for instance, scalp can handle this therapy for an extended duration of 10 minutes. One’s need to be borne in mind that, going beyond recommended use will not deliver any magic. Notwithstanding, can expose you to a number of skin issues such as redness.

Frequently Asked Questions On High Frequency Machine

Q: Is high frequency treatment even safe for my skin?

Answer: Despite the fear many have for electrocution and radio wave exposure, high-frequency machines are safe to use. While tingling sensations are evident for first-time users, they’ll become bearable with regular use. Also, a lot of methods can be done with high-frequency treatment to effectively improve skin quality and treat common skin problems like acne, wrinkles, dry and oily skin.

Q: Do I need all electrode applicator tubes for better skin care?

Answer: It’s both a YES and a NO. While it’s better to have all of them at your disposal, you don’t need to use every electrode tube to enhance your skin or treat hair conditions. Each tube is designed to treat specific skin problems. Whatever you want to achieve in using high-frequency skin care wands, they all provide the intended results especially with regular use.

Q: How fast will I notice results?

Answer: It depends on how frequent you use them. While many experience almost instant results on their first use, others have to use it more to gain the skin quality they desired to achieve in using the machine.

Q: Which is better? Neon, Argon or Glass?

Answer: While they have different conductivity with electrodes, these tubes still work the same way in treating skin problems and improving its quality. However, the Neon + Argon tube set is found to have better effects on the skin, as they have relative effects to skin development than glass tubes. Nonetheless, they all are efficient in providing the best high frequency skin regimen to achieve that glowing appeal on your skin.

Q: Can everyone use high frequency machines? If not, who’s not allowed?

Answer: Not everyone can use high-frequency wands. Pregnant women, those with blood circulation issues and nerve problems aren’t recommended to use high-frequency skin care machines. The electrodes have adverse effects on the nerves and blood circulation, which makes it dangerous to use for those mentioned.


Final Verdict

All of these high frequency machines are the best in their functionality and quality and have been trusted by skin care professionals throughout the years. With modernization of technologies to achieve better skin quality, these machines become more integrated to our household and allow everyone to have that radiant skin without visiting skin salons or spas.

As for the products reviewed, I highly recommend those from NuDerma, Project E, and APREUTY for your next high frequency skin care machine. They have an excellent electrode variety, different treatment methods, and an all-portable yet safe-to-use high-frequency machine that’ll bring your skin regimen to the next level. They’re also preferred by professional estheticians in skin care and treatment.

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