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Best Jazz Drum Heads Review

Are you an aspiring Jazz drummer looking for something that’ll boost your beats? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Jazz is a unique kind of music. Your music needs to be smooth and sophisticated. So, you’ll need to get your hands-on special jazz instruments.

Whether it’s just to jam out by yourself or to go on stage, a good jazz drummer must always have the best jazz drum heads there is. It might be hard for many to understand which ones to get. You might have a lot of questions. Does this have the right volume? Is Remo better than Evans? And so on.

We have all the answers right here. Go through this list and find out exactly what to get to solve your jazz needs.

Top 7 Best Jazz Drum Heads Review

There are a ton of fantastic jazz drums out there. However, we committed ourselves to find the best drum heads for you. So, here’s what we found.

1. Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Drumhead

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”372″ identifier=”B0002E54FK” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” width=”500″]You won’t see many brands at the same level as Remo. They have a strong reputation for pushing out some of the most fantastic drum heads there is. So, what better heads could we start with than one of their best models.

If you’re up for Jazz, then rest assured that the Ambassador Hazy drum heads are simply out of this world. What do we mean? Let’s go over what it can do.

First, take a look at its spectacular tunability. Jazz requires unique kinds of sounds. It won’t do any good if the heads don’t have the tunability to offer that. Remo doesn’t just deliver, but their tunability is top of the line. Every tone is spectacularly defined to resonate with the clearest and strongest sounds.

The audio quality is simply outstanding. It’s viable for both stage and studio performances. As such, it’s a very flexible buy. Whether you’re out on stage performing for a huge crowd, or recording the greatest music video ever, these heads will have your back.

Simply put, this is a great head for snare drums. Its resonance is perfect for emulating jazz vibes and enhances your performances drastically. So, if you want your snares to have the perfect highs and lows, then you know where to get them.


  • A gorgeous resonance that’s perfect for Jazz
  • Superb tunability
  • Perfect for live and studio performances
  • Generates wonderfully open sounds


  • Some might prefer a clear head


[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0002D0E88″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” width=”500″]Much like Remo, Evans is another top contender in the drum head sphere. Many of their fantastic heads are great for Jazz. However, this offers nothing short of absolute perfection. You’re getting everything from balance to precision. It’s an all-round amazing head that we need to discuss further.

Starting off, let’s go over its harmonics. Sometimes, instruments can let out stray harmonics you don’t want. These could ruin your performances because of its jarring nature.

Those things aren’t a concern here, though. The fantastic drum head has extremely precise vent holes that cut down any instances of these harmonics.

This also gives the drums some much-needed sustain control. The sounds are also tightened to make it smoother and more authentic. These tonal capabilities alone push Evans’ drums to the top of the market.

They add these fantastic features, such as overtone control, to ensure each beat is just right to keep your audience in the groove.

Tuning can be a massive pain. But the Evans model utilizes its level 360 feature to make it a walk in the park. You also get a wide tonal range to expand your creative options and make incredibly unique and impactful music.


  • Incredible sustain control
  • Easy to tune and maintain
  • Eliminates overtones and stray harmonics
  • Very tight and smooth sounds


  • It might feel a bit spongey to some when attached

3.  Evans G1 Clear Drumhead

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”499″ identifier=”B0029ZAOJQ” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” width=”500″]Get used to Evans, because they’re here to stay. You’re already acquainted with the level of perfection they offer with their magnificent heads.

However, the G1 takes all the things that make Evans great and adds its own unique twist to help you kill it on stage. Let’s take a quick look at the features that make this drumhead so clear and pristine.

This is a single-ply model. Some might not prefer that, but if you’re looking for free and expressive tunes, then this is where you’ll get it. Because of this, there’s a wide range of tones. So, it’s not just Jazz. You can perform any kind of genre with these out-of-this-world heads.

Like the previous model, it incorporates a 360 collar. The easy tuning and the fantastic range let you switch styles very easily. It’s the go-to choose for any drummer who wants to try out a ton of different genres.

You better get used to Evans’ penchant for producing top of the line heads. Every one of their products is a masterpiece in their own right, and this is no exception. It boasts a ton of the classic features the G1 needs to stand on top. Great resonance, open sound, easy tunability; all of these make this unbeatable head.


  • Smooth open and expressive tones
  • 360 collar makes it easy to tune
  • Enhances and amplifies the natural sounds of drums
  • Adds warmth and depth to each beat


  • Some might not like the 1 ply design

4.  Evans EC Reverse Dot Snare Drum Head

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000Y7PYPA” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” width=”500″]If you’re not into single-plies, our current entry offers 2—one on the inside, the other on the outside. So, if you were turned off by our previous entry’s single-ply design, this will itch your scratch. You can hear just how smooth and pristine the sounds are with each strike. It’s also a joy to hit.

That’s due to the EC Reverse’s superb build. Just look at how pristine the surface is. Many who look for clear surfaces will be disappointed, but to everyone else, it’s a masterpiece.

You get a magnificently durable drum head. It can take on a beating and show no signs of damage. No amount of focus or attack is compromised to deliver its strength.

Snare drums are often haunted by my mid-ranged overtones. Stuff like this can ruin an otherwise awesome performance. So, how do we tackle that? Simple. The EC reverse uses state of the art Edge control technology to take down these overtones and make sure you have a gorgeous sound on every stage and studio.

There’s a lot more we could’ve talked about. The EC Reverse’s amazing ability to transfer vibrations and ease of installation are just the tips of the iceberg. There’s a ton to adore about this fantastic head that it earned a spot on our list.


  • Magnificent design guarantees quality sounds
  • Easy to install, fit, and use
  • Cancels overtones for clearer sounds
  • Simple tuning procedure


  • Its surface is far from transparent or clear

5.  Evans REMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000B6H2R2″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” width=”500″]We’re approaching the end, and we’re still not done with the fantastic Evans heads. Can you blame us? They deliver value and quality with every new product. The REMAD is a beast. When it comes to bass, you won’t find anything better.

This is a must-have for any Jazz player. The texture of each sound is undeniably euphoric. It can enhance your bass performance to unimaginable heights. How can they do this?

Well, a lot of its core designs play a huge part. Starting with its 7.5 mil film single-ply design. This offers the classic openness we want from our music.

Like the other units, this also has a 360-collar tuning system. However, it’s complemented by an outright massive tuning range. You’re not just limited to Jazz. Name a genre, and it can play it. Also, it has a roll-over-loop technology to enhance its performance and durability at the same time.

When it comes to resonance, the REMAD is king. It’s an outstanding head with a wide range of tones and uses. They sound absolutely gorgeous, and it’ll go wonderfully with any smooth jazz line. That is why we had to mention it.


  • Beautiful sound due to spectacular build and design
  • Easy to tune to many tones
  • The mic port is easy to attach and work with
  • Excellent port protection


  • Longevity is a bit limited

6.  Evans Onyx Drum Head

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001UANV50″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” width=”500″]Sometimes gigs can last for hours. We’re talking about 4-5 hour long gigs. If your equipment fails in the middle, you’ll lack flow. So, you’ll need to get instruments that can keep up. That’s where the Evans Onyx comes in. They’re designed with the sole purpose of withstanding long performances.

It’s so strong that it’s more likely that your arms will fall off before the drum head does. The two plies design only adds to this feature, making it considerably stronger and more powerful. You can perform all day and night with no worries as the Onyx continues to deliver smooth and strong beats.

Many of you are probably handling the low-end response. The Onyx takes care of that and a lot more. The gorgeous matte black surface stems from its frost coating. This adds a ton of aesthetics to the mix that’s bound to suit any jazz bar.

There’s a lot more to talk about. It comes with a guaranteed head to shell communication and tuning range. Each vibration is expertly transferred to make sure not a single tone is lost in your performance.


  • Easy to tune, handle, play, and maintain
  • Pristine frost coating
  • Can handle force for long periods
  • Emulates jazz tones spectacularly


  • Some find the sustain lacking

7.  Evans Calftone Bass Drum Head

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01D1XM10E” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” width=”500″]Yes, this list has been dominated by Evans’ drum heads. In our defense, we had to consider the level of quality they offer. Units, such as our final entry, the Calftone, stand as some of the best drum heads in jazz history. Everything from its vintage aesthetics to its beautiful sounds is the apex of perfection.

Every beat has a warm and rich tone. It’s something that’ll melt your ears with just how incredible it sounds. We can’t think of any other tones that would suit jazz music better. They’re just that good.

Let’s not forget its classic style. It looks like it was made for Jazz with its rustic vintage design. Of course, the design isn’t everything. That’s why the Calftone offers incredible sound to make up for it.

Nothing sounds quite like calfskin. With this head’s build, it’s what you can expect. You get a sort of tone that’s otherwise lost in time. It’s unique in its music and will escalate your band to fantastic proportions.


  • Connects head and shell with maximum efficiency
  • The classic look never gets old
  • Produces a vast array of rich and warm tunes
  • Incredible resonance


  • Some might not like the logo showing on a bass drum head

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Remo vs Evans

These two brands are industry leaders. So, let’s compare the two directly to see which is on top.

  • Remo

This brand always places a strong emphasis on delivering high quality. It’s why they’re so beloved. When you want to calmly rely on a fantastic drum set, Remo is the way to go. Their sounds are always top-quality and classic. They’ve earned their spot as one of the most famous brands in the industry.

  • Evans

These drum heads have some trademarked designs that put Evans in such high regard. Innovative technology, such as the stellar 360 collars, makes it extremely easy to use and manage. They also have a fantastic low-end punch to make them even more viable among enthusiasts.

What sets Evans apart, though, is their constant strive to innovate. They always deliver something new with every entry they put out. It’s the reason why they’ve become so beloved.

Remo vs Aquarian

Now, let’s take a step to examine the little details that set Remo and Aquarian heads apart. Both are among the most successful drum head companies.

  • Remo

We’ve already identified what Remo is already, but let’s go over it again. They’re a company that places great emphasis on delivering the latest and greatest heads out there. While they don’t innovate the same way, Evans does. Their sounds are generally more open than Aquarian’s as well.

  • Aquarian

If you want something thicker, then that’s where Aquarian comes in. They always have a clear emphasis on performance. Their drums generally have a strong focus on thickness than Remo. They also feel somewhat stiffer, which might be good for some, while not for others.


We’ve finally reached the end. However, it’s a new beginning for you, as your wonderful new jazz drum kit is ready for action. Pick out your ideal heads and soothe your audience with some sweet jazz with the best jazz drum heads. Now, let’s begin our new Jazz legacy!

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