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The 10 Best Perfume Atomizer Reviews

Perfume atomizers are unique devices that allow users to convert liquid perfumes into sprays. These are very handy for those who like to carry different perfumes around and those who hate dabbing liquid perfume on their skin.

There are various types of perfume atomizers, and the market is filled with hundreds of options. So, finding the right perfume atomizer for yourself can be a challenge.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best perfume atomizers that you can buy now. Hopefully, this will help you choose the right one for yourself and others!

#List Of The Top 5 Best Perfume Atomizer – Our Editor’s Pick:

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Top 10 Best Perfume Atomizer Reviews

Different types of perfume atomizers can serve you differently, so it’s important to look at each of them to determine which one will suit you best. So, let’s get started!

1. Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle

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Key Features:

  • The transparent portion on the vials help you check the remaining amount
  • A premium glossy finish makes it stand out from the rest of the products
  • The small form factor helps you carry multiple wherever you go

At first, we have the elegant mini atomizers from Skogfe. These are one of the most premium refillable perfume atomizers that you can find out there. You’ll get them in shiny capsules, and every pack will offer four pieces. The design of these products makes them look like travel perfume atomizers.

Each capsule can hold up to 5ml of perfume or aftershave, and they come in four different colors. This not only makes them look amazing, but it also helps you distinguish the capsules from one another.

Portable atomizers are highly recommended for those looking for the best travel perfume atomizer and are fond of premium products.


  • Offers a simple design, making it easy to fill and refill
  • You won’t experience any leakage due to the tight cap
  • The Aluminum build keeps it unscratched from fall damage
  • You’ll get even and fine spray due to the well-designed nozzle


  • You must get rid of the air pressure manually to prevent leakage

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2. Censung Portable Mini Refillable Atomizer

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Key Features:

  • Keeps the perfume in sturdy glass vials for retaining its smell
  • A long transparent area helps determine the level of perfume more accurately
  • The nozzle creates a fine mist that spreads evenly

The Censung portable mini refillable atomizer is just like the one from Skogfe, but this one is a bit different in certain aspects. Each package contains three scent atomizers, and they offer an aluminum build and a shiny shell.

These things also come with transparent level detectors that’ll let you check how much perfume is left, and these detectors are a bit longer than the ones before, which provides higher visibility.

To ensure that the scent of the perfume remains intact, they are separated from the aluminum casing with a glass vial.

Only the lack of tactile feeling in the nozzle gets in the way of this being the perfect atomizer. Other than that, this is very well designed and easy to use.


  • These can be filled without spillage by pumping from another container
  • The premium glass vial is sturdy enough to withstand fall
  • It’ll last a long time as the aluminum shell won’t get rusty
  • Easy to carry everywhere due to the convenient shape


  • There’s no tactile feeling as the nozzle is a bit mushy

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3. GOLF 6ml Refillable Atomizer

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Key Features:

  • The completely rectangular shape makes it easier to grip while using
  • Zero pressure differential, so you can carry them aboard an airplane
  • Comes with Teflon tapes for superior isolation

The GOLF atomizer resembles the quintessential design of lipsticks, and they look pretty amazing. Each of these atomizer packs offers six spray bottles, and these bottles come in a different color that will help you identify the right one you need.

One thing this product does better is the capacity. These atomizers allow you to store 6ml of perfumes at a time.

There’s a significant drawback to this, which is the lack of transparency. The entire outer case is a solid shell that lacks a window. So, you won’t be able to check exactly how much perfume is left.

Although they don’t come with windows for checking the amount of perfume you have left, they’ll allow you to carry a lot of perfume at a time.


  • You can carry more perfume due to the 6ml capacity
  • Small enough to fit into your pockets, making it highly portable
  • Doesn’t leak irrespective of where you are
  • The pressure nozzle creates a fine mist for better distribution of the perfume


  • No window for checking the level of perfume

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4. Lil Ray 8ml Portable Mini Perfume Atomizer

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Key Features:

  • The nozzle comes out with a twist, and this makes it more convenient to use
  • You’ll be able to carry multiple of these due to the light build
  • Included dispenser pump makes refilling easy

The Lil Ray 8ml portable perfume atomizers offer a similar outlook as the previous ones, but this one sets itself apart with its user-friendly design. They come in a pack of four, and each bottle measures 3.8” in height and 0.9” in diameter. Due to the compact size, they can be carried effortlessly.

One feature that it lacks is a transparent window for checking the amount of perfume left. So, you won’t be able to check how much perfume is left with a glance.

You won’t have to worry about losing another perfume atomizer cap with these, as they don’t come with a cap in the first place.


  • The aluminum shell is enough to absorb damage and safeguard the vial
  • As there’s no need to open the lid, it can prevent leakage easily
  • Doesn’t fail to preserve the original scent of your perfume
  • The nozzle is very effective and satisfying to use


  • Measuring how much perfume is left requires an extra step

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5. DE 5ml Portable Atomizer

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Key Features:

  • Offers seven pieces with each pack, making it a value-pick
  • The outer surface is designed to maximize grip
  • 5ml storage lets you carry an ample amount of different types of perfume

The DE 5ml portable atomizers offer colorful and vibrant atomizers that look amazing and function the way they’re supposed to. These atomizers come with a glass vial for storing the perfume, which in turn are encased in a metal shell for superior protection.

What’s best about this pack is that you’ll get seven pieces of atomizers from it, which means it offers more than any other pack out there. The price is reasonable as well, and this makes it a good value pick.

We highly recommend getting these atomizers for those who want high capacity but aren’t interested in the advanced features.


  • The seven shells come in different colors so they can be distinguished easily
  • Nozzle pipes reach the bottom of the vial, allowing you to use every drop
  • Can be disassembled easily, so you can clean, maintain, and refill it easily
  • The provided funnels allow filling and refilling without any hassle


  • Sometimes the caps can get hard-stuck, making them harder to use

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6. Empty Frosted Glass Spray Bottle 3.4oz

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Key Features:

  • Aluminum top caps will keep the nozzle from collecting dust
  • The aluminum nozzle will last a long time and won’t show rust build-up
  • UV protection keeps the perfume safe from UV rays of sunlight

To those looking for antique perfume atomizers, this is one of the best ones out there. Every pack offers two transparent spray bottles, and the bottles will let you carry 3.4oz of perfume, scent, and aftershave.

The nozzle used in these bottles is made of aluminum, so they will last a very long time without getting rusty. There’s also an aluminum dust cap on top of the bottles that’ll help you preserve the perfumes.

These things are refillable, so you can use them till they break.

We believe this is the perfect choice for people looking for transparent and refillable perfume bottles and atomizers.


  • The nozzle is very reactive, so it doesn’t require much pressure to operate
  • Atomizers are capable of creating fine mists that spread far and wide
  • Large enough to be used for storing air fresheners and essential oils too
  • The materials are BPA and lead-free, so the perfume will remain preserved


  • Might break from falling

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7. L’AUTRE PEAU Refillable Perfume & Cologne Fine Mist Atomizers

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Key Features:

  • The included pipette makes refilling easy
  • Leak-proof design helps you store the capsules any way you want
  • The sprayer can create a fine mist so the perfume will spread evenly

These refillable perfume and cologne atomizers from L’AUTRE PEAU Store are some of the most convenient ones that you will find now. The leak-proof atomizer bottles of this pack are designed to keep your perfume preserved for a long time.

Each pack contains four atomizers, and you can get them either in full-white color or get a pack where each of them comes in a different color.

Are you looking forward to buying a perfume atomizer with all the features without breaking the bank? This is the right choice for you!


  • Using the funnel, you can make sure that not a single drop is spilled
  • The cap seals the sprayer with a gentle click and prevents dust build-up
  • Due to the small form-factor, they can be carried even in tight pockets
  • The casing prevents UV rays from changing the composition of the perfume


  • The shell is made of plastic, so it might break from fall damage

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8. HOSL Empty Spray Bottles

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Key Features:

  • Offers 12 pieces of atomizers for a reasonable price
  • Each bottle comes with tight threading for preserving the perfume
  • The black tinted finish can keep the perfume safe from UV rays

The HOSL empty spray bottles are perfect for those who are looking for vintage perfume atomizers. Each of these packages comes with 12 bottles of perfume atomizers, and they come in three different colors. You can get them in clear, blue caps and black tinted finishes.

If you’re looking for something to store your perfume, we highly recommend going for the black tinted ones.

Each bottle is 3.74” long and can hold 1 ounce of liquid. Despite being small, they come with very tight threading for maximum isolation.

HOSL offers many medium-quality atomizers at a low price from this pack, and we recommend this as it provides fantastic value for money.


  • Ensures that you get sufficient perfume with every press
  • This pack offers one of the highest value for money
  • The small form factor will let you carry them anywhere
  • You can attach labels on them due to the smooth surface


  • The clear and blue finishes aren’t suitable for storing perfume

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9. Yeejok Refillable Perfume Bottle Atomizer

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Key Features:

  • The fine mist sprayer ensures you get to enjoy every drop of the perfume
  • 23gm weight makes it one of the lightest perfume atomizers out there
  • A leak-proof valve will prevent leakage irrespective of where you are

The Yeejok refillable perfume bottle atomizer is considered the best leak proof perfume atomizer. These things are easy to use, refill, and maintain. They are available in twelve different colors, and each pack offers only one atomizer.

This pack comes with fine mist sprayers, and they are equipped with the latest leak-proof valves. The valves will ensure zero leakage irrespective of the condition they are kept in. Refilling them is extremely easy too.

There’s no other perfume atomizer that’s as premium as this one. However, it’ll surely cost you much higher than the rest.


  • The high-density atomizer minimizes wastage of perfume
  • Can be filled up rapidly using the built-in pump
  • Won’t get damaged from fall or impact damage easily
  • The aluminum shell offers a sleek and premium outlook


  • Expensive than most other products out there

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10. Atomizer Refillable 8ml Atomizer

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Key Features:

  • The 8ml capacity of these atomizers is the highest capacity on the market
  • Easy to refill when you use the included pipette and funnel
  • The high-quality build prevents any leakage

These crystal perfume atomizers from Nutaki are one of the largest atomizers out there, and these are one of the most premium products as well. Each pack offers only one piece of atomizer, and they can be refilled over and over again.

The bottles allow you to hold 8ml of perfume or aftershave, making them the largest atomizer bottles that you can get.

You’ll get one piece of atomizer, a funnel, and a pipette. The 8ml storage will let you get more than 100 sprays, and the high-pressured sprayer will ensure minimum wastage of the perfume liquid.

We highly recommend this one because of the premium look and build.


  • These are easy to carry due to the compact design
  • The twist-to-open design makes it more convenient to use
  • You’ll get 100 sprays because of the efficient sprayer
  • The aluminum shell is very durable and long-lasting


  • The design at the middle of the shell is fragile

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Things to Consider Before Buying Perfume Atomizer

Getting the best portable perfume atomizer for yourself can be a bit of a challenge, so it’s essential to conduct enough research before you buy one. These are usually very cheap, but getting the wrong one will end up wasting your money and effort.

  • Solid Casing

Although the perfume is always stored in glass vials, most perfumes come with a solid case that protects the inner layer of glass. Perfume atomizers are usually very fragile, and they can break from fall damage. The purpose of the shell case is to protect the glass vial from breaking, so you get long-term usage.

  • Tight Threading

There’s usually threading where the nozzle meets the glass vial. The tighter the threading, the more isolated the perfume will be from the environment.

  • Pressure Sprayer

Some atomizers can’t provide fine mist and sufficient perfume with every press due to using cheap sprayers. This is why we recommend looking for spring-loaded pressure sprayers. They offer a satisfying tactile bump, and every press can provide adequate perfume.

  • Refill Method

There are two types of refill methods that you’ll find out there. Some atomizers come with a pipette and funnel, and you have to fill them through the top opening.

Some others come with a pump at the bottom, and you’ll have to pump the perfume up by connecting to the nozzle of the larger vial directly.

The second type is more recommended. These vials don’t allow the perfume to come in contact with the environment; thus, their molecular structure remains the same.

  • Capacity

Finally, there’s the capacity of the perfume. This is entirely subjective, so we leave this on you. Just remember to consider this carefully, or you’ll end up with an atomizer that’s either too large or too small for you.

What Does a Perfume Atomizer Do?

Perfume atomizers are an integral part of most of our lifestyle. While these may seem to be pretty straightforward accessories, their function is a bit complicated. In this section, we’ll try to simplify the way perfume atomizers work as much as possible.

There are mainly two types of perfume atomizers, the classic ones and the modern ones. In this article, we’ll cover the function of both.

The classic perfume atomizers are the one that comes with a squeeze bulb instead of a nozzle. Their function is fascinating. There are two separate one-way valves placed inside these squeeze bulbs.

When you depress the bulb, the valve leading to the bottle opens up, and the air inside the bulb enters the bottle. So, when you let go of the bulb, the valve going outside opens up, and the one leading to the tube gets closed. This helps you pump the perfume out at high pressure.

Then there are the modern atomizers. These atomizers are far more precise and effective than the standard ones, and we’ll find out why.

Unlike the classic atomizers, they come with a built-in nozzle. The purpose of the nozzle is to mix oxygen with the liquid so that the perfume particles remain suspended in the air, which is why you get a fine mist.

How to Use Perfume Atomizer

If you’re new to this, you might face some difficulties getting started with a perfume atomizer. Using a perfume atomizer that’s filled up is no problem, but filling one up by yourself can be daunting.

There are mainly three ways of filling a perfume atomizer. Let’s check them out!

i. Refilling Directly into a Metal Atomizer

Most of the metal atomizers you’ll get are easy to refill, but the method is very different from filling a regular one. In the case of metal capsule-like atomizers, you need to take off the cap of the main bottle. Then, remove the nozzle so that the tube is exposed.

Once the tube is exposed, slide the casing of the metal atomizer. Afterward, look for the opening on the bottom. You’re most likely to find a plastic tube-like opening. Connect this opening to the tube of the main perfume bottle.

Now, you have to lift the atomizer up and down in a repetitive motion. This motion will pump the perfume into the travel bottle.

ii. How to Fill a Plastic Bottle

When it comes to plastic bottles that don’t offer any mechanism like the one before, you need to refill atomizer manually. To do so, remove the cap as well as the nozzle so that the opening is revealed. Once it is, aim the nozzle of the main perfume bottle towards the opening and keep on spraying.

This will take time, but it is quite effective.

iii. Refill Using a Splash Bottle

If you don’t want to take the pain of using the slow process described above, this one is for you. Like the previous one, open the nozzle and the cap of the bottle. Put a funnel on top of the opening and pour the perfume straight into the bottle.

Final Words

These were the best perfume atomizers that you can get right now, and we highly recommend taking the time to go through the entire article. There are tons of different types of products to choose from, and it’s important to choose the most suitable one for you.

If you face any difficulty in choosing the right one for yourself, then you should check our buying guide section. Plus, make sure you go through the “How to Use” section, as it’ll provide essential insights on how to get started with these. This section will prove to be helpful, especially if this is your first atomizer.

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