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Best Slant Razor Reviews

Whether it is the middle ages or the modern industrial era, one thing has stayed constant throughout history, and that is grooming yourself to look better. In this context, grooming is keeping yourself clean, practicing healthy hygiene, and being a socially acceptable person.

This concept includes the act of shaving. Shaving your hair can make you look clean, which is why slant razors exist. It is a type of double-edged razor that can cut facial hair easily without any stress.

So, we reviewed some slant razors for your convenience and came up with a list of the best slant razor that you can find right now on any market or online shop.

#List Of The Top 5 Best Slant Razor – Our Editor’s Pick:

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Top 10 Best Slant Razor Reviews

Choosing a slant razor can be confusing, so we’ve made a list with 10 of the greatest slant razor reviews that we compiled together for your utmost convenience.

1. Merkur Safety Razor

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Slant razors are an invention that is very old in its origin. People mostly used razors made out of Chrome back then as it was a profitable material to make razors with.

If you’re a vintage guy, you should check out the merkur slant razor. It is a razor that is made of Chrome, which is why it has a clean looking silver finish to itself.

The handle is about 4 inches long, which fits most average-sized hands. It also has a spiral barber pole finish that makes it easy to hold while shaving. You can hold the razor at a 30-degree angle to shave effortlessly.

For the blade, it is transfixed in the slant bar, making it easier for the razor to hold the blade firmly in place. With closed combs on each side, you can easily glide through your facial hair as they won’t get stuck in the slant bar.

There’s also a rotating knob at the end of the handle. You can rotate this knob to increase the handle’s overall length if needed.

Main Features

  • Chrome material
  • Silver finish
  • 4 Inches long
  • Spiral barber pole handle
  • Fixed blade
  • Closed Combs
  • Rotating knob for increasing length

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2. Fine Accoutrements Aluminum Razor

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There are some differences between regular razors and slant razors, which can you can identify easily. The former is harder to use on your skin since they can’t bend around on an incline, while the latter makes it very easy for shaving facial hair.

So, if you want an easy use razor, another option is the slant safety razor by Fine Accoutrements. It is made with Aluminum. This material is a rather good choice since Aluminum tends to be lightweight and rust-resistant to some degree.

Razors have to be well polished since people will use them on the skin, which is why this razor has a finely polished silver finish to it. This design makes it easy to protect against metallic rust and decay.

Since there are about three pieces, you can use them interchangeably with other razors. These separate make it easier to reuse your previous razors and not throw them away when it stops working.

Don’t be worried about the weight being an issue since the razor barely weighs 32 grams. It is an extremely lightweight razor that you can use all the time.

Main Features

  • Aluminum build
  • Polished silver finish
  • Interchangeability
  • 32 grams in weight
  • Easy on the skin

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3. Parker’s Semi Slant Razor

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Durability is a crucial factor when it comes to skincare appliances. You want your razor to be durable so that it doesn’t break over time. This demand has led to people incorporating all kinds of materials to build razors with.

A sturdy option would be Parker’s best slant bar razor. They make their razors with a material called graphite, which is a component that is created by restructuring carbon atoms.

Since restructured carbon yields close-knit atom bonds, it results in a highly durable razor that can withstand a lot of stress without folding. This razor sets a standard for other razors to follow with its utmost durability.

Besides the build material, the razor has a semi slant design, providing an edge that smoothly cuts through hair. The handle has a solid brass frame, which is textured with electroplated graphite. If you have sensitive skin, this razor is perfect for you.

Men with coarse beards will find it very convenient for them that this razor has a sharp cutting edge. The package neatly comes with five premium blades for starters.

Main Features

  • Solid Brass frame
  • Graphite construction
  • Half slant design
  • Suited for sensitive skin
  • Five blades included

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4. Merkur Double Edge Razor

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Shaving facial hair isn’t just for adults, as young people can do it too. But since they are young, a more refined and lightweight option is required for them. This kind of razor ensures that they can easily shave without any trouble.

If you have a son who is young, you can get them one of the best double edge safety razor slant by Merkur. It is a short form razor, which makes it lightweight in its construction. The dimensions are also perfect for young people who have small hands.

Let’s look at the build quality now. This razor has a chrome finish with a weighted handle attached to it. The chrome dome finish is a classic since it has a vintage vibe to it. Aside from being aesthetic, the finish protects against rust and metallic decay.

Since most of the razor’s weight is situated in the handle, it makes for a well-balanced razor that glides through your skin effortlessly while also being easy to handle.

As it is the little brother to the 39C razor by Merkur, this one also has a rotating knob that enables it to increase the length at will.

Main Features

  • Chromium material build
  • Silver Chrome finish
  • Weighted handle
  • Balanced construction
  • Rust-resistant

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5. Merkur Adjustable Future Razor

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We can see the modern advance of technology and its effects everywhere around us. From cars to planes and even shaving razors, technology has advanced at a rapid rate.

We are accomplishing and improving at an astonishing rate since the dawn of the industrial revolution. The same is true for shaving razors. Merkur has implemented some fancy designs into their razors that increase convenience and eases our lives.

The razor in question is the adjustable future razor. If you think it’s an ordinary merkur slant safety razor, you’re going to have to think again. With the adjustable slant bar, you can set it however you want, depending on your needs.

It is a two-piece razor, meaning you don’t have many parts that you need to worry about assembling. The parts are magnetic so that they can clip with each other easily.

As for the adjustable slant bar, you can finely tune the blade to whatever amount of shave you want. It’s straightforward as all you need to do is use the small knob to angle the blade at the angle you need.

Main Features

  • Ceramic white construction
  • Adjustable slant bar
  • Multi razor cartridge system
  • 30-degree shaving angle

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6. RazoRock German Razor

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A razor is only as good as the system it uses to shave. This aspect is why slant razors are the best at what they do. They are almost infinitely reusable and don’t require any additional parts as regular razors do.

If you want a reliable slant double edge razor, you can safely consider the german razor by RazoRock. It is a razor that is manufactured with the best shaving experience in mind. After this review, you’ll know why we consider it so.

Firstly, the razor has a head that is made out of zinc alloy. This material ensures that it does not easily bend and can resist rust to a certain degree. With a chrome finish, the handle is satisfying to hold when shaving while also being firmly put in place.

In total, the blade size is about 90 millimeters in length, ideal for everyone to use.

Slant bars are usually torqued in one direction, but this razor is torqued in two directions. You can realize the benefit of this design choice when you shave with it. It increases the mechanical strength of the blade and makes it rigid.

Main Features

  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Chrome finish
  • Easy to hold handle
  • Double torqued
  • Increased mechanical strength

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7. Bevel Safety Razor

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Coarse hair is something almost all of us feel from time to time. It is the state of hair being thicker than average hair. You can feel the thickness of the hair when you roll it around in your palm.

So, to deal with coarse facial hair, you need a strong razor that cuts through the bushy hair without hurting you. This demand is where the best affordable slant razor by Bevel comes in. They provide a razor that is soft on the skin but rigorous in removing coarse hair.

To understand the razor, we must first look at the build quality. The company manufactures its razors with a chromium-plated head that is both long-lasting and effective in the long run.

The handle is produced with solid brass with a matte texture. Matte absorbs the light and provides a texture that is utterly comfortable to hold in hand.

Apart from the build, the razor has other pronounced features too. Most people cut their skin when cutting with a razor. It uses a single blade solution to reduce razor bumps to combat this problem.

Main Features

  • Chromium electroplated
  • Solid brass handle
  • Firm and textured handle grip
  • Single blade system
  • No tugging or pulling required

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8. iKon ShaveCraft Razor

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With the help of a portable razor, you can travel anywhere you want without worrying about buying a shaving tool. A small form razor makes it easy to put in a pocket or a carry bag and traverse anywhere you want.

So, if you’re searching for a portable option, iKon’s razor is an excellent safety razor slant option. It is astonishingly small, coming at just about 80 millimeters in length. The bulldog handle is perfect for a razor like this.

But, enough about portability, let’s talk about what the razor is made with. It is your usual commonplace chrome finish with a brass handle. The head is made of Aluminum, which prevents stains and rust alike.

Since most of it is made of Aluminum, it comes to lightweight construction that is easy on the hands and doesn’t force you to exert much force.

This option supports all standards of double-edged blades, making it a versatile choice for many uses. You can even use this razor to shave your head if you wanted to.

Main Features

  • Aluminum construction
  • Silver chromium finish
  • Firm brass handle
  • Lightweight to all degrees
  • Doesn’t require much force
  • Supports any double-edged blade

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9. GBS DE Safety Razor

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From all the package sales we get every year, you can tell that people love a good bundle deal. The bundle deal attracts more customers because it provides something of value other than the original product.

Since bundle deals are such a boom, we included the best slant bar safety razor option from GBS. This bundle is unique because not only it provides additional shaving blades but also it gifts you a nice protective case in the package.

But first, we’ll discuss the razor itself. The head of the razor is carefully crafted with precision and balance, unlike any other razor. It is torqued on two sides, increasing the machine-like strength and rigidity of the blade.

You may often cut yourself while working a razor, which is why they incorporated a bar guard. This design choice is placed at an angle that makes it easy for you to contour your face. Face contouring can help achieve a slide effect like those fade haircuts.

Main Features

  • Chromatic finish to the body
  • Brass handle that is textured for better grip
  • Carefully crafted slant bar
  • Torqued on two sides for increased rigidity
  • Superior mechanical strength
  • 5 Additional blades included
  • Package includes a holster
  • Protective case with a button hook

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10. Parker Butterfly Razor

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As you move forward, you encounter different types of solutions that, while some fit the momentary need, most don’t. You crave something that is all-purpose and can use for a very long time before finally being forced to buy another one.

If you want a long-lasting slant razor, which is one of the best slant safety razor that fits all of your needs, Parker’s butterfly razor is your choice. It’s a multi-purpose manicure companion that you can use on almost every limb of your body and not just facial hair.

The razor has an open design, which means you can just twist the handle to open the slant bar and replace or add your blades. This design choice makes it very simple for you to replace the blades without any hassles.

For the construction, the razor frame is silver brass with a texture that makes it easy to hold it, even when your hands are wet. Also, the handle is electroplated with Chrome for extra durability. This kind of finish provides a firm grip that you can rely on.

Main Features

  • All-purpose shaving tool
  • Electroplated chrome silver finish
  • Open slant bar design
  • Easily replaces blades
  • Unique brass frame texture on the handle
  • Provides firm grip in wet hands

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Things To Ensure Before Buying Slant Razor

Whether you’re new to the whole shaving realm or a veteran, it can often be confusing when buying slant razors. So, you can check out our neat buying guide we put together so you can make a sound judgment knowing all the facts.

  • Facial Hair Type

Before buying a razor, you must check what kind of facial hair you have. Facial hair can be in many states like coarse, dry, oily, etc. A razor may have adverse effects on your skin if you don’t use the appropriate one.

So, to check your hair, just feel the hair between your fingers and observe if it feels rough or coarse or oil residue gets left on your fingers. By doing this, you can estimate as to what razor would work nicely.

  • Build Material

Next comes build materials. There are a couple of metals and other materials that are used to construct a slant razor. They range from Aluminum to Ceramic to Stainless Steel and others.

The weight of a razor will be dependent on the material it is built with. So, consider the weight and check if you want a lightweight razor or a full form one.

  • Slant Bar

The head of the razor holds your blades in place while you shave. It is a part that can be manufactured in many ways. Some companies make them in a screw system, while others implement a twisting system.

There are also comb styles that have a safety bar to guard the blade. Again, it comes to the type of hair you have on your face, so enquire appropriately before buying.

  • Handle Texture

The best razor is the one that stays in place while you shave. It makes sure that you don’t accidentally cut yourself while shaving. So, get a razor that has a textured grip so that you can get a good and firm grip.

Slant Razor vs. Straight Razor

Slant razors mostly differ from Straight razors, as they are a special type of razors. The key differences between the two are highlighted below-

  • Slant razors have angled blade guards, while Straight razors have standard horizontal blades.
  • Slant razors have different types according to their blades, while Straight razors are mostly of one type.
  • Slant razors have a blade guard with a thorough slanted bar, while Straight razors have a comb-shaped guard.
  • Slant razors shave facial hair more aggressively due to the single blade, while Straight razors shave at a slow rate.
  • The blades on the Slant razor can be adjusted at will, while the Straight razors have a fixed blade system.

Slant Razor vs. Straight Razor

How To Shave With A Slant Razor

Shaving with a slant razor is a very straightforward process as they are more beginner-friendly than other options. Here is the process listed below-

  • Take the razor in your hand.
  • Put the razor against your skin at a 30-degree angle so that all the hair gets targeted.
  • As the singular blade is diagonal, you can reach more hair.
  • Start sliding the razor along with the facial hair in a smooth manner.
  • Don’t overstress it; just let the blade glide on top of the skin until the hairline gets cut.
  • Remove the blade from the bar after you are done shaving.

How To Shave With A Slant Razor

Final Verdict

For most of history, managing your facial hair was a tough job that was restricted for most people. But, due to slant razors, shaving is an everyday task most people go through all the time.

So, if you are ever buying a slant razor, you can check out our reviews on some of the best slant razor of all time. It is a comprehensive guide full of useful products with prominent features.

Hopefully, you can use this guide to navigate the load of razors you find on the market. It can also serve as a start point for those who are just getting into shaving and manicure products.


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