Best Wedding Sparklers

Best Non Flammable Sparklers For Wedding

Sparklers are excellent celebration props. They’re perfect accents for many events, especially parties. But what about sparklers on your wedding day? That must be a spectacle to look forward or an excellent effect on the photo op. They would also bring out tons of excitement to your guests when they’re lighting your way for the honeymoon send-off with bright and colorful sparkles that would surely last long even after the party’s over.

We have compiled the best non flammable sparklers and accessories you can buy online to put some sparks on your wedding party. Plus, they can also be used as decoratives and your kid’s toys pretty soon. So, here are the best wedding sparklers and sparkler accessories you can find online today.

#List Of The Top 3 Non Flammable Wedding Sparklers – Editor’s Pick:
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Top 5 Best Non Flammable Sparklers For Wedding

#1. FlashingBlinkyLights Fiber Optic Stick Wand (Set of 12)

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These fiber-optic glow sticks from FlashingBlinkyLights are truly one-of-a-kind wedding sparklers for the send-off. Installed with bright LED light on the glow stick’s base, it emits cool light that comes in three various lighting patterns.

What’s best about this glow stick is its easy activation. All it takes is to press the button to light up. Batteries are already installed out of the box and easily replaced with low mercury battery cells available in almost every store.

These are better than gunpowder sparklers because they’re non-flammable, so they won’t have that gunpowder chars or coals flying and burning your hand.


  • Bright LED lights
  • 3 Light-up Functions
  • Easy to activate
  • Long-lasting fiber-optic sparklers


  • Batteries are loose upon unpacking
  • Only comes in white
  • Lights aren’t bright enough

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#2. Summer-Ray Little Violin Wedding Sparklers Tag (Set of 50)

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This cute and shiny sparkler tag from Summer-Ray brings beautiful accents to your sparklers. Made with high-quality shimmer cards and has faux gold printed text in illustrious typography, this sparkler tag adds more flair to your wedding sparklers. Plus, they also fit into any wedding themes.

What makes this sparkler tag preferred is its paper quality. They don’t catch sparkler coals or chars and they fit almost all sparkler sizes. Although one tag is good for one sparkler, this tag makes every sparkler more inclusive to wedding events and parties.

Its blank side is also writable, which means you can add more text to it. Every pack comes with fifty pieces and they come in black and white shimmer card variants.


  • Shiny text typography
  • Premium shimmering card
  • Faux gold text shine
  • Tags are customizable


  • A little bit tiny
  • Doesn’t fit all sparkler thickness
  • Creases a little on hole area

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#3. Generic 11” Metal Display Bucket for Sparklers (Various Designs)

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Yes, you may have the sparklers, but are you going to just lay them flat on the table? A sparkler bucket should come in handy to gather all your wedding sparklers and have your guest pick one for the send-off.

What I like about this metal display bucket is its rustic finish. They fit nicely onto any wedding themes and add more flair to the decor of the reception. The bucket’s design also looks welcoming for guests to pick up your prepared sparklers for the party.

This bucket comes in three variants, with a chalkboard option included, and can hold up to 100 sparklers minus the tags. The buckets come in two sizes, 11” and 15” that can support sparklers at 20” and 32” height respectively


  • Fits at most 100 tagless sparklers
  • Pretty rustic aesthetic
  • Lightweight bucket
  • Authentic metallic shine


  • Can’t hold longer sparklers
  • Has misleading features
  • Base isn’t sturdy

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#4. Glow Fever Light Up Fiber Optic Stick Wand (12 pcs per pack)

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While these are like any other fiber-optic sparklers, these glow sticks from Glow Fever have excellent lighting features. They are also easy to activate plus batteries are included upon purchase.

What I like about these glow sticks is the variety of colors available. Although it’s common to have them in white, they are also available in neon colors, which brings more excitement to any wedding party.

It’s also preferred because they’re non-flammable wedding sparklers and they have playful color flashes that’ll make the party more fun and exciting.


  • Three lighting modes
  • Comes in various colors
  • Easy to activate
  • Bright LED colored lights


  • Some defects upon delivery
  • Small on the hand
  • Batteries are sometimes loose

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#5. Sparks will Fly Wedding Sparkler Tags (36 pcs. set)

WholesaleSparklers are known for their wedding sparkler products, and this sparkler tag bears the quality they uphold in making the best for any wedding reception. These hand-made sparkler tags have elaborate designs that fit any wedding themes and other occasions.

What makes it an excellent sparkler tag is its elaborate craftsmanship. Made from cream-colored shimmer paper, they emboss an exquisite text typography with shiny metallic finish.

Adding this tag to your sparklers makes them even more stylish-looking and suited for your wedding theme. They come in thirty-six pieces per pack, and each one fits beautifully onto the sparklers.


  • Exquisite, hand-made sparkler tags
  • Exquisite, shiny text fonts
  • Blank side for customization
  • Fits beautifully on sparklers


  • Visible creases when inserted
  • Paper-thin sparkler tags
  • Easily catches spark burns

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How to Light Wedding Sparklers

It might seem like buying one and fire it up right away to create the shimmering glow. Indeed, lighting a sparkler isn’t as innocuous as it’s thought to be. Especially, in an attendance heavy event, wedding for example. To keep the invitees safe and the atmosphere of the celebration right, here are a few basics of how to light wedding sparklers.

  1. Choose the right sparkler. Sparklers that come with bamboo stick are supposed to make the surroundings smokier, since they burn down the stick. Thus, the best practice would be to buy sparklers made with metal wire.
  2. Use butane lighters or a propane torch or anything that keeps the flame away from your hand and turn off instantly, to ignite.
  3. Keep the wind away by choosing a place, which is well sheltered and dry. Moreover, spacious enough to keep the cloths and hair away from the flame. A bucket, full of water or sand nearby can be handy in any emergency and at the end as a dumping station.
  4. Make a corridor for the bride and the groom to walk, by lining the guest up in two rows. And make sure that no one has more than one sparkler at once.
  5. Hold it horizontally or place the tip a bit lower for easy Using it to ignite the rest will be the best practice and you will have all the sparklers firing almost instantly.
  6. Finally, immerse these hot sparklers in a bucket full of water, entirely. So that they don’t turn out to be as fire hazard.

How Long Do Sparklers Burn?

The answer, bestowed on a few factors. The length, the first and foremost clincher, in addition to that, ingredients it made of and the shape it comes in also have a significant say.

Short Sparklers that are ranging from 8” to 14” and made with bamboo stick will last for 15 to 30 seconds. While, metal wire sparkler tends to last longer, 20 to 60 seconds.

For medium sparklers (18” to 24”) its 65 to 125 seconds, since most of these come with steel wire. 36 to 52 inches long, which are for the most part custom made, categorized as long sparklers and hold for up to 3-7 minutes.

What Size Sparkler for Wedding

Sparklers are not for just celebration these days. Instead, create a great scenic view in the background for photo op. and orchestrate an absolute send-off for the couple. To bring this all into fruition, a sparkler need to burn at a bare minimum of 30 to 180 seconds.

Thereby, sparklers ranging from 10” to 36” should be the go for option for your wedding.  

Factors need to factor in:

  1. Should you are expecting a large crowd buy the longer sparkler. An assurance that the first group of sparklers is still firing while the last group is just getting started.
  2. Should you are not planning anything large scale and a small number of attendees are due, medium length sparklers are enough to serve your purpose.
  3. Nature of event, whether it’s indoor or outdoor will play a decisive role. In most instances, venues that allow sparkler indoor, set a limit of size. Check before stocking up to evade unforeseen vexation.



While these reviews feature different products to make that wedding party or send-off sparkle with light, they are all considerably valuable and a must-have for your sparkler needs.

For electronic wedding sparklers, I find Glow Fever’s fiber optic sparklers most reasonable to buy. They come in various colors to add more flair to the sparklers. For the sparkler tags, you can go for the Summer-Ray Wedding Sparkler Tags because they’re sturdier and don’t crease as much as the other.

Also, when buying gunpowder sparklers, it’s best to buy the bucket to hold them all while your guests pick one for the send-off sparkling event. Regardless of the design, make sure you know how long your sparklers are to avoid tumbling the bucket over the sparkler’s length.

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