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Top 10 DIY Wedding Gifts Ideas

Did you know that you can get crafty and make an amazing wedding gift? Many people are opting to give their friends DIY wedding gifts which is a unique thing to do. This is because you take your time and design the gifts the way you want it to look. One thing about DIY wedding gifts is that the person receiving the gift gets a personalized touch that makes a gift exceptional from any other. There are different types of DIY wedding gifts ideas you can consider getting your friends.

Here is a list of DIY wedding gift ideas.

Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas For You

1. Customized Mat

You can consider making a doormat for your friends. Nowadays you can use YouTube to help you make different types of doormats using different materials. For example, you can consider using triseptic and different types of yards so that you can come up with a unique and appealing mat. It is up to you to know the size of the mat that you are going to make. It is also important that you consider the time limit so that you can ensure you have finished making the doormat before the wedding day.

You can also consider customizing the mat by crafting the couple’s names or initials on it.

Customized Mat

2. A Woven Pillow

Pillows are easy to make, especially the ones you can weave. Consider getting different colors that will make the pillow look beautiful and attractive. Pillows are very interesting things because you can place them anywhere and they make the house look great. You can do a combination of different colors of the materials that you want to use so that they can bring out the beauty wherever they will be placed.

It is also important that you consider the quality of materials that you are using for durability. use materials that are easy to clean so that it may be easy for the couple to ensure the pillow is clean at all times.

A Woven Pillow

3. Photo Frame

Photo frames are very important because they help protectively keep photos. Photo frames come in different designs and styles. Considering making a DIY photo frame is a good idea because you will be able to have your specifications. A beautiful photo frame will be able to add a unique touch to the walls to make it look fashionable and exclusive.

DIY Photo Frame

Look for the different materials that you will use to make a handmade photo frame that is durable and fancy. It is also important that you consider getting creative with your decoration so that you can bring out the best of the photo frame.

4. Handmade World Map

You can make a world map by using hard cardboard which will be durable. This is an amazing gift to give to the newlyweds so that they can be able to celebrate the places they have had adventures. Alongside the world map, it is also important that you give them the push pins. This way they can be able to pin the places they have visited together. You can also consider getting push pins that are of different colors so that they can show a distinction. It is also important to ensure that the world map can be hung on a wall or get a stand that can help them to view the world map properly.

Handmade World Map

5. Homemade Cookies

Cookies are a sweet treat that a couple can take as they watch a movie. You can consider making different types of cookies in terms of flavor and package them in a container that will not allow moisture to come in. You can consider getting a well-decorated gift box or a cookie jar that is presentable.

Homemade Cookies

You can also consider customizing the gift box so that the couple may feel the touch of your gifts to them.

Ensure the cookies are freshly made and you give to the couple. You can consider making them the eve of the wedding.

6. Journal

A journal is one of the most amazing gifts you can give to a couple so that they can jot down their experiences they get to have with each other. There are many ways you can make a beautiful handmade Journal and they are easy. You can consider getting ideas from YouTube so that you can be able to make a perfect one.

Journal As A Gift

You can also consider buying a journal but getting a handmade cover for it. This is the perfect gift you can ever give to a newlyweds. Get different ideas to decorate the cover so that it can be appealing and beautiful.

7. Flowerpot

A flowerpot is an amazing gift you can give to the newlyweds. This can be a sign to the new life they have started together and the expectation of growth. As the flower grows into a beautiful plant they will also be able to mark the milestones they have taken to know and grow together.

DIY Flowerpot

Look for different designs you can use to make a flower pot and customize it to relate to the couple. It is also important that you consider the kind of flower that you are going to put in the pot.

8. Shopping Baskets

Getting a good and quality shopping basket can be quite difficult because many of them are not durable. You can consider making the couple a shopping basket that will serve them for a long time as they go shopping. Ensure you make a perfect basket that can be used in different ways.

DIY Shopping Baskets

For example, a couple can use the basket when going for romantic dates and picnics. Get materials that are durable when making one so that it does not break easily.You can also add a linen sheet or cloth they can use to spread on the ground for their picnic.

9. Tablemats

You can make table mats for the newlyweds so that they can use them on their tables for different purposes. For example, you need to put table mats when eating so that food does not fall on the table. Table mats are of different material for example yards, vinyl, plastic, and many others. You can consider making a table mat that you know of and understand how to make and present it to the couple. Table mats are essential needs in the house and whether the couple has the mats or not yours can be an addition to what they have.

Homemade Tablemats

10. Makeup Roll

You can make a makeup roll for the bride so that she can be able to keep her makeup in order and organized. You can use different materials to create a makeup roll and ensure you customize it with different colors and ribbons. At times your makeup can be disorganized since you have no order of putting them but being able to have a makeup roll will be easier to store them in an orderly manner. The bride will appreciate this gift because it will serve her better.

Makeup Roll

In conclusion when you put your mind to creating something for a special person you will go the extra mile of making something that is worth your time. It is important that you consider understanding the taste and preferences of your friends who are wedding so that you can create something they will appreciate and cherish forever. There are many different types of DIY wedding gifts you can make and therefore it’s up to you to create time and make something good for the couple.If you cannot make one take time and learn how to make something because it will also be an addition to your skills.

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