Top 10 Hair Dryer Made in Italy [Premium Dryers]

Pretending that you have a rough or curly hair, and you deliberately looking for hair dryer made in Italy. No worry!! we have made an article that precisely described the top ten best brands/choices concerning the hair dryer. This article envisions to the pin point details of the perfect hair dryer trending in the world right now. We have emphasized on the professional choices as well as the successive household use. Additionally, from this artefact you can get the truthful information and constructive summarization of characteristics of hair dryer contrary to pin point details of both negative and positive. So, choose the perfect one and let us know your hands-on experience.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Hair Dryer Made in Italy 

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Top 10 Hair Dryer Made in Italy

1. RUSK Super Freak 2000 Watt Dryer Review

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Right now, one of the best hair dryer made in Italy is the Ultimate Rusk Freak Dryer. It has a premium quality design with in-built 2000 watt power flow. To deliver super airflow and air pressure, it is constructed with an Italian AC motor. This professional hair dryer manufactured with ceramic and tourmaline to enhance the viability of the dryer by emitting negative ions.

It has the capability to emit far-infrared ray to dry your hair more quickly. This gauge repairs your hair from damage and endure with long term shinning. It has a heavy construction which is used by diverse professionals of salons.

An ideal device which can solve long term curly hair and gives a natural healthy, shined hair. It holds a long-term hair texture and packaging contains seven removable filter with a nine feet power cords.


  • For both home and outdoor use; 
  • Professional design and heavy-duty construction; 
  • 2000-watt AC motor; 
  • Long life span and 3x more durability compared to others; 
  • Customized Hot and cold setting; 
  • Seven filters with easy removal and 9 feet cord; 
  • 2 concentrator nozzles. 


  • No information about the setup or initial guideline.

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2. GAMA Italy Professional Hair Dryer Review

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A pioneer of hair dryer made in Italy which contains a brushless motor with an ultimate speed of 11000 rpm. This dryer is 7 times faster than other conventional hair dryers. It has a heavy-duty construction which is designed with multiple air flow and a dispensed motor. This possesses air-flow via vacuum effect using the additional motor power.

It is the perfect gauge that easily controls the air-flow with a speed of 3x comparing other brand in the market. This construction is light weight about only 294 gms. It contains an innovative micro filter that prevents insertion of unwanted and tiny particles from the machine which extended the life cycle. The durable design supports the coil in the back which prevents the hair fall.

Its ultimate design with oxy active technology fixed its body color for a long time. This hair dryer has an auto cleaning function with rotable turbine. It also contains a LED memory that saves your temperature and other possible settings.


  • Lightest hair dryer and only 249 gms of weight; 
  • Heavy duty construction and 7 times faster than other conventional hair dryer;  
  • Oxy active construction and long-term body color; 
  • Advanced micro filtration and cleaning technology; 
  • Temperatures and speed are regulated by the LED Memories configuration. 


  • Rarely, the loud noise occurred and often overheats. 

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3. Elchim -3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer Review

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Elchim, one of the best hair dryer made in Italy available in the market. The highest quality hair dryer constructed with high quality metal. It encompasses a powerful AC motor with a power of 1875 watt.

The perfect gauge to deliver multi-level air flow with 2x air speed. It reduces the aeriation time about 30% comparing from other hair dryer. So, your get a dry hair in a minute. The auto protect technology sustains the gauge from getting high temperature, preserve hair shining and the perfect look following the integrity level.

It protects the hair fall and reduces the hair damage by controlling hot electromagnetic from the airflow. An ideal proto-types hair dryer designed with a bottom seal sleek style with cold air switch. The device enhances the look of your perfect hair and promotes exquisite designing.


  • Perfectly workable device for giving you a smooth hair; 
  • Mind-blowing power with 30 % faster air speed/flow; 
  • It’s an 4th generation hair dryer and convenient for easy care of your hair;
  • Attached with Italian AC motor with a 9 feet power cord. 2x air speed and 3x less temperature production; 


  • Sometimes speed causes issues in hair drying. Make sure that, you custom in an optimum speed. 

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4. Ultra Turbo 3600 Hair Dryer Review

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The Italian hair dryer manufactured with 3600 blow dryer brand it an ultimate powerhouse. It has a 2000-watt AC dryer motor offers supports to perfect air flow and pressure. The device is an ideal product for quick drying experience.

It has six speed with manual temperature and customized setting option for instant cooling or drying. The body construction is made with industrial standard polymer with carbon particle which made it year-long durability. Certain removable filter is used for quick and easy cleaning.

The powerful gauge contains ceramic grill for shining and package with 3x long cord for stress-free use. This gauge is bestowed for any kind of air and repair your hair fall problem.


  • Heavy duty construction; 
  • Powerful 2000 watt AC Motor; 
  • Quick and customized drying manual; 
  • Special 2 nozzles for easy drying; 
  • Easy and removable filter for conventional cleaning; 
  • Ceramic grill for smooth and shining hair. 


  • Rarely, temperature could be a problem for your hair dryer. 

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5. GAMMA -3500 Tourmaline Hair Dryer Review

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The Gamma 3500 is the finest Italian hair dryer with decisive design, incorporating modern technology and professional body construction. With a powerful 2000-watt AC motor, you can use the hair dryer for a long period of time. One of the best gauges with Italian design with super charging option which deliver 75 % quick drying experience.

It helps and protects hair from fall or damage and reduces moisture loss of your hair. The device gives you longer lasting smooth hair, with stylish and shining look. It produces the maximum heat up to 273˚F and its astounding motor offers perfect look for your wildest and rough hair.

The device includes two additional thin concentrators with rotating nozzles to ensure better direct airflow and circulation. It has the Italian packaging and device contains nine feet long cord with removable filter for easy cleaning.


  • 75 % faster and quick drying technology; 
  • Perfect Air flow technology with two rotatable concentrate nozzles; 
  • High quality body construction, long durability and Italian AC Motor for long lasting use; 
  • 2000 watt powerful AC motor. 
  • Ideal for all types of hair including rough or curly hair; 
  • Easy cleaning filter technology. 


  • No information about quick set up or buying guide. 

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6. Ceramic & Ionic Hair Dryer (4400) Review

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The Ceramic and Ionic hair dryer, a perfect hair dryer made in Italy with all sorts of advanced technology. It has high quality body construction with industrial standard polymer. The device has a 1900 watts of AC motor and a long term up to 2000 hours of easy operation.

It is well designed and equipped with advance motor for fine performance. This long-lasting hair dryer will enhance your drying experience and offers you smoother hair. It has an anti –over heating technology that prevents damage of your device from burning. The device is designed with professional use and also for home users.

Its straights your hair, smooths your rough hair and holds a long-lasting beauty. This hair dryer reduces the infrared rays from heating and light weight construction possesses easy use.


  • Constructed with 1900 watts of AC motor; 
  • Perfect for grooming professionals and home users; 
  • 2000 hours of easy and clean operation; 
  • Light weight and long durability; 
  • Constitute with Professional AC Italian motor. 
  • Made from recyclable particles that promotes environment friendliness; 
  • 2x speed and 4 individuals of customized temperature controlling system. 


  • Sometimes it heats up when runs fast; 
  • Need additional energy to run smoothly. 

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7. Twin Turbo Power (2800) Hair Dryer Review

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An Ultimate power house with professional design. Since, it’s been the first choice of professional hair designers, this device is pretty much effective for house use too. The device possesses customized temperature manual for easy operation for its users. You can set any of the temperature or hot and cold option during your implementing or pre implementing time.

This blow hair dryer is power with Italian design made it number one for all professional stylists and designers. With four temperature, two speeds and true cold control button, you can style your hair and get shining in minutes.

The device contains a powerful AC motor (1760-watt) which made it a premium brand throughout the world. This AC motor ensures supreme air flow and circulation with maximum pressure. Its AC motor also provide 70 cubic meter of air in an hour for fast drying experience. It contains a true clod air button to reduce your hair loss.

The device also encompasses broad concentrator nozzle and anti-overheating devices for long durability. Ensuring a heavy design with construction the perfect gauge for grooming your long hair and elegant styling. Also, the device contains one stainless steel for easy cleaning. 


  • Constructed with powerful AC Motor; 
  • Fine with elegant Italian design;  
  • 60% of faster drying and ensure smooth hair; 
  • Stainless steel filter for easy cleaning; 
  • Two broad concentrator nozzles; 
  • Nine feet extra-long power cord; 
  • Light weight and long durability. 


  • Rarely, for long time operation could make a strident rising of temperature; 
  • Slow air flow may occur through restless use. 

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8. Elchim Classic (2001) Hair Dryer Review

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Elchim is prominent Italian brand that ensures high quality body construction. This device provides support for moist, flawless and healthy-looking hair. This gauge is constructed with a premium quality AC motors which has a ultimate power of 1875 watts.

The professional body construction, high performing air and heat circulation made it a pro device. Its classic design controls the heating issue made it first choice for professional designer. The device is ultra-light and having high execution of heating control technology.

It contains two extended nozzles for brushing or easy cleaning. Ensuring the perfect hair, this device can perform up to 2000 hours for your hair. 


  • High Performing AC Motor; 
  • Less energy consumption and premium design; 
  • Long durability and can serve up to 2000 hours; 
  • Extended nozzles foe easy cleaning; 
  • Extra-long 9 feet cord. 


  • No Specific information about installation or manual. 

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9. Solano Forza (2000) Hair Dryer Review

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A well-known Italian designing hair dryer that guarantees significantly high engineering. This gadget promotes moisturized, glossy, and nutritious hair. This benchmark is built with high-quality AC motors that produce 1875 watts of power.

It was a professional gadget due to its certified professional building and excellent functioning air and heating transmission. The steampunk aesthetic, which manages the overheating issue, has earned it the first option of expert designers.

The gadget is ultra-lightweight and equipped with high-performance thermal control technology. It has two long nozzles for scrubbing or simple cleaning. This gadget can perform up to 2000 hours for your hair, guaranteeing flawless hair.

This Iconic hair dryer controls noises and its elegant design ensures high air flow. Flowing the negative ions, this device reduces the infrared rays. As a result, you can find smooth and shining hair in a minute. The capability of this device to work in top air speed of 98 MPH with an optimum flow of 99.12 m³. You can get a saloon quality hair and also this device reduces the hair fall problem.


  • Heavy construction with powerful AC Motor; 
  • Reduces the drying time and hair fall problem; 
  • Set up is with a 9 feet long electric cord and 3 conventional temperature setting; 
  • Silencer to deduct noise issue. 


  • Need the consent to cool dryer completely before storing. 

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10. Elchim Milano Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

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Elchim Milano is the modest and finest hair dryer made in Italy. It has an elegant design with super charging capability. The contains a 2000 watts AC motor and its advance construction features high excellence of performance.

It reduces the prolific heat as well as infrared to protect your hair. The device possesses high performance with its heavy construction. Its ceramic body and less energy consumption technology care your hair for a long period of time. The device contains customized temperature controlling system. Of this, you can easily control hot or cool air flow.

It does not expose your hair, beside it nourishes your hair and gives a long shining look. Having large concentrator with attached nozzle, you can easily clean your hair dryer. The whole package contains 9 feet long power cord for extended use.


  • Long lasting body construction; 
  • 2000-watt powerful AC Motor; 
  • Well furnished with premium quality ceramic outline; 
  • Extra Nozzle and concentrator ensure clean and flawless operation; 
  • Super-fast drying and less energy consumption; 
  • 9 feel long power cord. 


  • Rarely, the device produces the screeching sound but you can easily control the issue.  

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A Complete Buying Guide for The Hair Dryer Made in Italy

The time when you badly need a hair dryer but you can’t choose the right one. This could be a huge delinquent for anyone. Selecting a perfect hair dryer is tuff job and checking all the features accessible by the seller. On serious note, users are unaware of how hair dryer work for their hair?

Primarily, most of the hair dryers contains adjustable temperature and customize air-flow settings of perfect maintaining hair texture. Also, the hair dryer generates and boost up styling appearance and minimizes damages of overheating and curl problem.

Hair Dryer Made in Italy

Additionally, it is further important to choose a hair dryer within budget. Reduced cost as well as high performing gauge is always remaining on the top of the list by users. Considering all the circumstances, this article synthesized top brands with elegant design and long durability. Here is some more issue regarding buying a Hair dryer.   

  • Power

A good and durable hair dryer considered in Watts. So, you should follow the trending rules to choose a device with maximum watt or power in a minimum budget. The higher of the watt the higher of desirable hair and everlasting durability. The more suitable hair dryer ranging from 1800 watt to 3000w for shining and thinner hair.  

  • Setting

Powerful settings always give the preference of natural beauty and styling hair choice. Always focus on the customized power setting for hot and cold temperature customization.  

  • Accessories

It is not mandatory to avail all the accessories in your corner. But prefer the models those accessories are available in the market. This support will ensure long term service quality and committed to stay long with you grooming experience.  

What is the Best Quality You Need to Consider?

Continuing the above discussion, you may decide to buy a suitable one for your own. We are giving you more clarification about what are the best brand made in Italy and why? Following key characteristics are also made the Italian brand more famous in the whole world.  

  • Ceramic Hair Dryer

All the best brand does not produce or disseminate over heat from its body. This best hair dryer is constructed from the ceramic source or plastic. Distribution of this plastic models, are number one choice all over the world especially for hair designer or experts. 

best quality hair dryer

  • Elegant Design Hair Dryers

Elegant design hair dryers are built with modern technology. They use different and multiple systems which, are great for eliminating roughness but also adding gloss to hairstyles. These generally dehydrate substantially faster in overall, since they are generally quite expensive over time. 

  • Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline hair dryers, like most up to date and modern versions, reduces hair droplets quickly. Even while retaining humidity, this version of gauge support to grow thicker as well as stronger hair throughout age. These have a moderately gemstone coating the inside, which raises slight raise of the price. But this was one of the greatest hair straighteners accessible in terms of sheer excellence and durability. 

Does Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss?

This is a matter of fact that using a hair dryer more often can be a reason for huge hair fall. However, using at a right temperature of a hair dryer is good for the health of your hair or scalp. Sometimes, you remain with wet scalp for a long period of time and this phenomenon causes production and generate fungal infections in your scalp. A weak scalp is a major reason of hair fall. So, a perfect hair dryer will reduce the chances of hair fall and often delivers some significant result.

how to use hair dryer

How to Clean Your Hair Dryer?

You may be thinking of the difficult process of how to clean a hair dryer? While, cleaning a hair dryer is very easy and it take only a few minutes.

The approach you should follow is make sure that your device is unplugged before cleaning. Uncover the filter located in the back of your personal hair dryer. Twist a little with your hand or use a screw driver to open it. Take a dry brush or place it under the running tape water for deep cleaning. Then dry it up with a fresh cloths or towel or blanket.

Advice is given to user that; you need dry properly before use it. You can place the hair dryer in front of a vacuum for a second to see the quick result.

Why to Use Italian Hair Dryer?

As you know, the origin of the top most fashionable brands are from Italy. It’s not just because they are trending, it’s because the country produces top quality Hair dryer like we described above. The product of Italy always has sturdy and elegant body construction and long durability. The country always possesses unconventional products and guarantees sophisticated design.

Final Verdict 

You may think of that the hair dryer made in Italy are so expensive or you may think of the current benefits against your investment. Absolutely not. The hair dryer has lots of positive benefits like as you’re in a hurry and do not have time to let your hair dry. A perfect hair dryer made in Italy, will solve the issue and speed up the drying process.

Additionally, a perfect hair dryer offers satisfactory control over your rough or curly hair. If you want to dry your hair naturally, you may have no control over your hair regarding its shape or desirable look. Using a best hair dryer in the world, you can get shing and flawless look. So, jump on our choices prescribed above and make your life easier.

Happy hair drying!!

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