How To Contour A Round Face To Make It Look Thinner

There is really nothing wrong with having a round face. However, due to the beauty trends that we are accustomed to right now, everyone wants a thin and pointy face. It purportedly makes a face look good in photos and in real life. Nonetheless, not everyone can fully commit themselves to do exercises and reduce the roundness of the face. That is where makeup steps in.

However, no matter how good makeup gear you have, you will not get proper results without knowing how to contour a round face to make it look thinner.

That being said, we are pretty much experts with contouring at the moment. We have done so much experiment with it that we know the easiest way to make a round face look thinner. And we are going to share the process here. So, stick till the end!

Steps To Follow To Contour A Round Face And Make It Look Thin

There are multiple guides on the internet. Most of them have one thing in common: they will make the process look tedious and complicated.

However, we did not rely on those processes to write this article. Instead, we relied on the experience we have. And in comparison, we can state that this guide will be more straightforward. Nevertheless, the steps that you would have to follow to get a thin-looking face with contouring are as follows:

Step 1: Use Bronzer

First and foremost, you would want to use bronzer. It holds the ability to make your face appear thinner. But what about the shade? Well, upon experimenting, we found out that the bronzer that is one shade darker than your face will work the best.

How To Contour A Round Face

If you cannot find a shade that is one shade darker than your face, opt for the ones that are two or three shades darker. Those are going to work reasonably well too. Also, get yourself a high-quality brush. Dab a little bit of the bronzer to the brush and start from the hollows of the cheeks.

Brush along the top of your cheekbones. Keep the brush in line with the top of the ears. Then, carefully make your way to the top right and left of the forehead. This will allow your face to get a straight and longer look.

However, you might notice that the nose is looking a bit off compared to your face. In that case, get an angled brush that is small in size. Use that to brush the bronzer along the sides of the nose. Brush the bronzer to the very corner of the eyebrows.

For the jaws, you need to run the brush along to the jawline. Use a little bit darker shade for the jaw. And remember, you need to blend it correctly with the upper makeup.

Step 2: Use a Highlighter

To make the contour look a bit natural, use a highlighter along with the bronzer. It will allow the face to look more natural and the makeup unnoticeable.

As a rule of thumb, you would need to select a highlighter that is just one shade lighter than the skin tone. It will make the skin “pop.”

how to make a round face look slimmer with makeup

In other words, it will highlight the skin. And when you use a highlighter that is a shade higher than your skin tone, it will make your face look natural instead of dramatic or unnatural.

Now, you might be wondering where you should apply the highlighters. Well, you will not need to apply it throughout the entire face. Instead, focus on the apples of the cheeks, the top of the nose, and the forehead. Those three regions should do a proper job of highlighting your skin and making a face look a bit thin.

Step 3: Wear a Bold Eyeshadow Or Mascara, Or Eyeliner

No makeup is complete without wearing makeup on the eye. And the good part about this method is that you can still wear makeup on the eye and make your face look thin. In fact, when you wear mascara, eyeshadow, or eyeliner, people will first look into your eyes and then at the rest of the face.

That will lower the chances of people noticing that you are wearing makeup. It will basically create a good illusion. You can also apply concealer around the circles of your eye to make them pop a little bit more. Nonetheless, emphasizing your eyes is the best way to make your face look a bit thinner.

On that note, if you want to emphasize your eyes to the extreme, we recommend following the cat eyes method. Basically, you would make your eyeliner move past the outside corners. That is what the cat eyes method is.

Step 4: Arch the Eyebrows

We have noticed that when people give the eyebrows a bit more dramatic arch, it helps make a face seem a bit longer. And when it looks longer, it will look thinner than it already is. However, you would not want to overdo the arch, or else people will think you are weird. Instead, try to give the brows a nice arch right at the center. Ensure that the arches are lining up with the eyes. That will also make the brows look a bit thick.

Usually, thinner-looking eyebrows will drown out the overall looks. It can also make a face look a bit round, which is something you will get over by arching the brows. On that note, to get a bit more dramatic look, use the eyebrow pencil and fill in the brows.

How To Contour A Round Face To Make It Look Thinner

Step 5: Apply Lipstick

The last and final step would be to apply colorful lipstick. It will make your face look a bit thinner by drawing attention to the lips. And for an added effect, use a liner and create a slightly exaggerated cleft. But not for the lower lip; instead, focus on the upper lip, which will make your face look longer than it already is.

However, lipstick is not something that most people prefer. If that is the case for you, opt for subtle color. Or, you can just not go for the lipstick at all and use lip gloss.

Other Methods To Make Your Face Look A Bit Thin

It is certainly possible to make a face look a bit thin without using any concealer at all. We will focus on those alternate methods in this segment.

  • Haircut

The hair plays an important role in terms of offering the face an overall look. But there is really no magical cut that can fix this round face problem.

Only a few cuts will make a face look a bit longer than the other cuts. And these are the things you would want to consider when you are getting a cut:

  • Avoid cuts that make the hair shorter than the ear level. They will generally make your face look a bit rounder.
  • If bangs are your thing, opt for a soft fringe look instead of a straight or severe cut. The softer bangs will ensure that your face looks a bit thin.
  • You would want to keep the hair in such a way that it falls between the top of the shoulder and the bottom of the ears. If it is longer than that, shorten them up.
  • Try to add layers to frame the face. Just a few layers around the face can surely help make the face look long and thin.
  • It would be a wise idea not to make your hair look voluminous. If the hair is too poofy, the face will look rounder than it already is.

Methods To Make Your Face Look A Bit Thin

Choose the Right Hair Style

Getting the right hairstyle is as important as choosing the right haircut. Instead of following the other styles, try to wear the hair up in a high ponytail. You can also wear it halfway up, letting the poof up a bit. Also, part the hair to the side, which will help from making the face look too symmetrical.

  • Wear the Right Jewelry

Accessories can surely help to elongate the face. In particular, long and pointy necklaces and dangly earrings will do the trick. Also, wear something that will catch loads of attention. That will help in terms of drawing less attention to your round face.

Methods To Make Your Face Look A Bit Thin

Furthermore, you might want to wear sunglasses or a hat along with the jewelry. A scarf that hangs low is another attention-grabbing accessory that you can wear. However, do not opt for the scarfs that are tied too tightly with the neck. They will make the face look rounder.

Final Words

All things aside, we hope that we could properly show how to contour a round face to make it look thinner because that was the primary goal of this article. And we can assure you that if you follow the steps correctly, you will end up with thinner looking face that will surely look stunning in the photos.

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