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How to Contour Fat Face

Contouring is a process of ad dimension in the face using makeup. The makeup should be darker or lighter than the normal skin tone. It is not like the foundation or concealer that we use every day, and that needs to match our skin complexion. But contouring makes affects the light and shadow by using a different color than the skin tone.

There are many advantages of contouring. Contouring makes faces slimmer or fat. You have to make the effect on your choice. If you have a thin look and want to show some bulkiness, you can make that by contouring. If you have a fat face, you also can make it slim. You have to know how to contour fat face. Know the technique and show the elegance of your face’s beauty.

How to Contour Fat Face

If you can follow every step correctly, you can easily make your fat face slimmer. So, be careful while applying every makeup.

Step-1: Preparation for the Contouring

Before contouring, you have to make an excellent and best-suited base on your skin. At first, you have to put on the moisturizer. The primer can cover all the pores and make an even skin and so, you can use a primer. After placing the moisturizer or primer, give it a while to absorb into the skin. Then apply the foundation that matches your skin tone. You can use a foundation sponge or brush to put the foundation. You have to soak the sponge in water and rinse it before using it. Begin to blend the foundation from the middle of the face towards the outside.

How to Contour Fat Face

Cover all over the face gently and also cover the neck and ears. Make sure that there are no marks or spots left in any place of the skin. To get a better contouring effect, you have to put the foundation the right way. The color of the foundation should be exact as the skin complexion.

If the foundation is darker than the skin, it will make the skin focused. If you put light foundation, you will make your face pale. To ensure that the foundation tone is correct, you can test it by applying some on the neck and letting it dry for 1 to 2 minutes. If it matches correctly, use this all over the face.

To contour and focus the contouring, you have to apply contouring makeup, blush, and highlighter. That’s why you will need contouring powder or contouring pencil, contour applier brush, blush and blush brush, highlighter, and the makeup sponge.

Step-2: Apply Contour

At first, comes the selection of the products. There are a contouring brush and pencil. Whatever you like or feel comfortable using, you have to choose. Now select the contouring color. To make the perfect shadow, pick the correct colored contour pallet. You should select a contour that is two to three times darker in shades than the skin color.

how to contour face with powder

You have to make sure that the contour does contain any shimmer or glossy ingredients. The shiny effects of the shape will emphasize every angle of your face. It will destroy the natural look. If you use the powder contour, you have to apply some powder to the foundation before applying the contour powder. If you use the creamy pencil contour, do not apply powder.

Now start contouring from the area of your face where the hairline meets the upper ear end. Now apply it to the cheekbones maintaining a level of the eye. Do not reach the mouth corner. If you do that, it will look unnatural. Now blend the contour using a blending brush. Now apply it to the double chin area to hide it. Dark shades on this area can hie. Be a little tricky when you use contour in places to hide and on some sites to focus. Apply contour on the chin in a circular movement to focus it over the double chin place.

Now apply some contour on your nose’s right and left sides. Then use a highlighter on the center part of the nose. It will make your nose sharp. The sharp nose will create a solid and slim look on your face.

Step-3: Apply Blush

You can create a fresh and shiny look on your face that can lengthen your face look. For the round and fat face, you should apply blush on the apple of your face. It will make it fatter. Use the two-finger rule. In this rule, place two fingers horizontally at the side of the nostril and then apply blush under the cheekbones. Make a level of your blush to the eyebrows.

how to contour an oval face

The blush color should not lighter so that it cannot focus the cheeks more. Instead, choose a darker color like peach, berry, or plum shades. The blush should also not contain shimmer. It should be matte. Glossy blush can highlight cheeks. The matter blush will make the cheeks slim. The gloss blush will reflect light on the cheek and make it fattier and focus the curves of the face.

Step-4: Apply Highlighter

Now it is time to apply some concealer and highlighter. Glossy shimmer ingredients characterize highlighter. These lustrous particles are present in high quantity, but they are light in color that does not reflect any color; instead, they shine only. So, it is only to make the face makeup radiant. As it is for reflection, you should apply the highlighter where light naturally falls first.

how to apply highlighter with brush

First, focus on the center of the face and apply the highlighter on the nasal bridge and the eyes’ corners. Apply some on the high areas of the cheekbones. Use a small highlighter brush to apply it lightly.

To focus some parts of the face like eyes, forehead, and chin, apply a little concealer on those areas. At first, use the concealer under the eyes in a triangle shape. Blend it finely. Then slightly dab some concealer on the chin and forehead. Then blend them too.

Now see that your face is already looking well-defined, slimmer, and brighter.

Complete the Makeup

To complete your makeup, you have to apply eyeshadow on the eyelids. Choose the shadow color matching your dress. To reach the contour, choose a light-colored shadow. Apply the eyeliner at the crease of the eyelids. You will see how big the eyes look. Now apply makeup on your lips. Avoid using darker and matte lipstick. Dark lip color focuses the round face more. Apply light-colored lipstick with a glossy effect.

how to contour a fat face to look skinny

After completing your makeup, you will see a beautiful and slim face in your makeup mirror that you cannot believe.


It is not important to be a professional to make a classy modern look of your face using makeup. You do not have to roam with your fat face too. With the modernized techniques, you can make your face slimmer and have the beauty within you. If you know how to contour fat face, you will overcome all the obstacles and create elegance for your face.

Fat faces can destroy overall get up and set up. You should not allow this. Why lagging for our fat faces? Do the contouring and have the best beauty.

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