how to get rid of crepey skin on upper arms

How To Get Rid Of Crepey Skin On Upper Arms

Crepey skin refers to the loss of elasticity or resilience of the skin. When the skin is stretched, it doesn’t return to its actual tone as quickly as it does to a child or young individual. This aesthetic situation is resultant by the side effect that comes with ages. Women face this problem more comparing to men.

Like the other part of the body, this condition also happens to the upper arms skin. Though it’s mainly an aging phenomenon, recovery may possible with proper treatment. Before knowing how to get rid of this weird problem, it’s urgent to know the cause behind the crepey skin.

All dermatologists and plastic surgeons reach a common decision that genetic predisposition, weight fluctuations, and age – these three are responsible for crepey skin. Apart from these, photodamage, dry skin, smoking, and pollution are the factors which are also responsible for crepey skin on upper arms.

Now, let’s talk about the ways to annihilate crepey skin on upper arms. Experts found several surgical and non-surgical methods of diminishing crepey skin. ThermiSmooth, exilis elite, thermitight, ultherapy, forma, fractora or morpheus, and sculptra are some famous non-surgical methods, whereas brachioplasty, liposuction, and bodytite are the well known surgical methods.

Non-Surgical Methods

1. ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmoothSkin tightening machine for reducing fat and cellulite, this FDA cleared non-invasive technology is suitable. This method is actually lengthy but effective where treated areas take four to five sessions. It needs follow-up maintenance of every three to six months.

2. Exilis Elite

Exilis EliteThis treatment occurs with radiofrequency. Here, radiofrequency wave create heat which allows melting fat on arms and tighten the crepey skin.

3. Thermitight

ThermitightLike the exilis elite, thermitight also utilizes radiofrequency. However, instead of the heat created by the radiofrequency wave, this technology stimulates skin cells by radiofrequency. This process occurs under the skin through a probe. Once it is done, the skin cells automatically generate collagen and thus tighten the skin.

4. Forma

FormaThis non-invasive treatment is for deep and uniform tissue stimulation. It brings a long-lasting and remarkable result by forming new collagen, which helps to improve the skin’s elasticity.

5. Sculptra

SculptraSculptra is an injectable treatment. To stimulate collagen, sculptra is injected under the skin. This element is replaced by patient-produced collagen. This injection is actually poly-L-lactic acid Which stimulates the skin to produce new collagen.

Surgical Methods

1. Brachioplasty

BrachioplastyBrachioplasty is known as the most effective method to permanently erase excess skin. This famous surgical method is called the ‘arm lift’ method. This operation is actually a combination of liposuction and skin resection. Though this surgery is very effective, the risk of infection from surgery still alive.

2. Liposuction

LiposuctionYounger candidates who have extra fat with skin laxity are good for this liposuction surgery. Those who have a small amount of laxity and primarily fat pocket can take this treatment. This operation has some side effects like lumpiness, partial numbness and soreness, and possible infection.

3. BodyTite

BodyTiteThe result that doesn’t achieve with liposuction alone can be found with bodytite surgery. This radiofrequency tightening treatment is a newer technology. Dr. Prendergast said. “This is a scar-less arm lift that holds a lot of promise.

This one is a smart surgery for its quick, gentle, and painless procedure. Less time needs to recover from operation comparing with the previous two. There is less chance to be affected by the infection. With minor swelling and bruising, patients can return to their normal activity very soon.

These are the regular surgical and non-surgical methods to remove crepey skin on upper arms. Apart from these, maintaining some regular activities can help to diminish crepey skin. You can use lotions and creams recommended by experts. Many found these very effective.

Some of the upper arms tightening creams are Knowledge Slimming and Contouring Cream, Gold Bond’s Ultimate Strength & Resilience, ZO Skin Health Oraser Body Emulsion Plus, SkinCeuticals Body Retexturing Treatment, StriVectin Tightening Body Cream.

Dietary is another way to prevent skin from becoming crepey. It is said, “you are what you eat”. A well-balanced diet that contains high antioxidants – such as carotenoids, tocopherols, and flavonoids helps to get rid of the aging problem. According to Dr. Fenwick, antioxidants won’t change skin overnight, but it helps to prevent the breakdown. Additionally, fatty food, drinks, and alcohol must be avoided to make skin crepey-free.

Finally, few exercises like push-ups, tricep dips, tricep kickbacks are very fruitful while reducing or diminishing crepey skin on the upper arm. Surgical or non-surgical ways may have some side effects, but no doubt changing lifestyle to get the desired result has no side effects.

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