How To Have Smooth Legs All The Time

There is really nothing wrong with having strawberry legs. But because of the beauty standards that we have adapted to, it is considered a flaw. Nonetheless, we are not here to debate about what standard is right and what is wrong. We are primarily going to focus on describing how to make your beautiful legs compatible with today’s standards.

Yes, we will talk about how to have smooth legs. And we guess it will be safe to assume that you might have some ideas regarding the methods.

We would like you to forget all the methods you might have learned before and dive into this article with a clear mind. Do you know why? The methods that we are going to describe are not from other sources. Instead, we tried them ourselves and got a remedy for “strawberry legs.”

Ways To Get Smooth Legs Everyday

There are plenty of methods that you can follow to get smooth legs. But we will focus on the ones that actually work and are easier to follow. So, without keeping you waiting, let us get right into the methods, shall we?

Method 1: Exfoliate the Legs

Body scrubs are an excellent option for exfoliating the legs. And the fact that you do not need to use them extensively to get positive results is something that we find pretty amazing. Hop right into the shower and wait for a few minutes. Whatever you do, do not apply the scrub on top of dry skin.

That being said, as everyone is not going to have the same type of skin, we cannot just specifically say how much of the scrub you will need. Apply a small amount of the scrub first, and then apply more as required. Also, focus on whether your skin is reacting to the scrub or not. If you feel irritated, wash it off immediately.

Nonetheless, if your skin is showing no reaction to the scrub, try to focus on the areas that are rougher and dryer than the rest of the areas. Also, scrub twice a week to get better results. And do ensure you are using the scrub before shaving. That will ensure that dead skins are cleared.

How to Have Smooth Legs?

Method 2: Drybrush

After reading the heading, you might be wondering why you would actually brush your legs. Well, it is not for shaping up the hairs that are on there. Instead, you would be exfoliating the skin by dry brushing. In fact, we have found out that dry brushing also stimulates the legs. But which brush should you pick? We would recommend picking a natural bristle brush. Guide the brush gently and do not use too much force.

And to get good results, dry brush regularly. It will only take about three to four minutes. But do it before hopping into the shower, which will ensure that the dead skin cells are rinsed off. On that note, you might have heard that dry brushing reduces cellulite. Well, that theory is entirely wrong. There are no studies that can back up the claim. So, you can carry out the process without overthinking.

Method 3: Opt for Hydrating Body Wash

There is plenty of body wash available that will strip away the oils from your skin. While not having too much oil on the face is a good thing, it is not the same for the other parts of the body. Instead of choosing those, we would recommend you to opt for the ones that are creamy and has nourishing abilities.

However, you might be a fan of the bar soaps. Well, in that case, opt for glycerin-based products. Look for the ones that have almond, coconut, and Argan oil. By showering with any of these two, you will be sure to get sleek and smooth skin. And the best part is that you do not have to do anything extra.

Method 4: Shave Regularly

Many women shave only before special occasions. However, we have found out that if you shave the legs every now and then, it is undoubtedly possible to retain smooth skin. But to get good results, shave while taking a warm shower or bath. Slather the whole legs with shaving cream or gel. By doing so, you will ensure that the razor glides smoothly on the skin.

Then, get yourself a sharp razor and shave the legs in the direction of the hair growth. In other words, towards the grain. That will ensure that there are no razor bumps. Once you are done shaving, rinse off the legs properly with cool water. And do not forget to moisturize your legs.

Also, we would recommend against keeping the razor in a wet and unclean spot. You should also change the blades after every five to seven shaves. However, if you are not a fan of shaving, opt for hair-removing creams. But get the ones that do not cause any reaction to your skin.

how to keep legs smooth for longer

Method 5: Use Body Lotion after Showering

All the moisture leaves from your skin right after you get out of the shower. And the skin will have a tough time regaining all of the moisture if you do not apply any moisturizer or lotion.

So, we would recommend applying a thick layer of moisturizer after you step out of the shower.

Spread the lotion or moisturizer throughout the entire legs and wait for a while. And ideally, you would want to apply within three minutes of leaving the shower. Also, to make your skin look more youthful, opt for the lotions that have retinol.

Method 6: Apply Body Oil Regularly

Another great way of getting smooth and silky legs would be to use body oils. Apply a thin layer of lotion first.

Then, use a thin layer of body oil on top of the lotion layer before heading into bed at night. This layer of oil will protect the lotion and enhance its ability to moisturize your legs throughout the night properly.

Method 7: Stay Close to Humidifiers When Staying Indoors

Dry skin is one of the primary reasons the legs feel unsmooth and do not offer silky looks.

That is why when you are indoors, staying close to the humidifier can help you obtain smooth legs. However, you can just opt for a good humidifier that can adequately moisturize the air inside the home.

That being said, experts recommend keeping the humidity setting from 30 to 50 percent. And it would be ideal if you kept small humidifiers in each room. By doing so, you can ensure that no corner of your room has dry air.

best way to keep legs smooth

Method 8: Opt for a Moisturizing Sunscreen

Most people use sunscreen on their faces only. However, the legs also stay exposed to the sun, and the harmful sun rays can deteriorate the condition of the skin.

Considering that, it would be a great idea to apply an even layer of moisturizing sunscreen on the legs. Apply it all over the legs before heading outdoors.

Method 9: Hydrate Yourself Properly

Drinking the right amount of water can help you stay clear of loads of skin problems. And dehydration can lead to tight and dry skin. We even have noticed that our legs were pretty dry on the days that we drank less water.

That being said, the target for each day would be eight glasses of water. You will not notice results overnight. But this practice will indeed offer positive results in the long run.

Method 10: Wax Every Now and Then If You Do Not Want to Shave Or Use Depilatory Cream

Many women prefer to wax their legs instead of shaving or using depilatory creams. And the results of waxing can surely last longer than traditional shaving or depilation. However, you should really not leave more than three weeks of a gap in between each waxing session.

Nonetheless, you might have the idea that waxing is more complicated than shaving. Well, it will hurt a little when you are just starting, but you will soon adapt to the pain after a while. And the process is pretty simple as well. Just apply a layer of wax along small portions of the legs. Press the cloth strip on top before it dries up.

Once the wax dries up, you should feel a little bit of tightness on your skin. That would be the ideal time to pull of the strip. It is going to sting a lot at first, but we can assure you that you will soon get used to it. And by waxing frequently, you can lower the chances of your legs getting dry and tight.

On that note, you might want to avoid waxing if you are taking antibiotics, tretinoin, and isotretinoin.

how to make your legs smooth and shiny

Method 11: Try Out Laser Hair Removal

You might not be comfortable with the idea of waxing, shaving, and using depilatory creams.

Well, in that case, opt for laser hair removal. In this process, a professional will target the body hair with lasers. And after a couple of sessions, these laser treatments will eventually destroy all of the hair cells from your legs. When the hair cells are destroyed, your legs will not grow any hairs in the future. That means you will get the smooth skin that you wanted without shaving or going through the pain of waxing.

Do note that the laser treatment option is going to cost you a good amount of money. Each of the sessions can cost around $300. That means you would be looking to spend a total of $1000 for three sessions. And the results that you will get will be permanent.

Method 12: Opt for the Electrolysis Process

Another process of permanently getting rid of the hair that is on the legs, opt for electrolysis.

This process will involve electrical probes, and these probes will permanently damage the hair follicles. After a complete session, all the hair follicles will be damaged, and your hair will not grow out of that area anymore.

However, like the laser treatment process, this is going to be costly. Some of the clinics are going to charge you on an hourly basis. Many even follow thirty-minute or twenty minutes sessions.

Method 13: Reduce the Presence of “Cottage Cheese”

One of the common things that are present in women’s skin is cellulite. You will find plenty of these in the leg region.

And to reduce the number of cellulite, you need to follow a proper diet and stick to regular exercise sessions. We know this is something that is easy to say but hard to follow.

But it will be helpful if you stick to a weight training program. Also, try to do squats and lunges regularly.


Method 14: Use Leg Highlighter

Makeup is not really for the face only. There are body highlighters available in the market too. However, this is an artificial solution, and you will be able to get that silky smooth look only when you use the highlighter.

Talking of which, you would want to use your hands instead of a brush to blend the highlighter. That will offer better results.

how to make your legs smooth and shiny

Method 15: Ensure Proper Blood Circulation on the Legs

If you carry out some simple steps in the shower, you can ensure proper blood circulation in the leg region.

Before stepping out of the shower, get under the showerhead and get yourself drenched in cold water for five seconds. Then turn the hot water on and move the showerhead from the ankles to the hips.

Repeat this process three times. And follow it each time you take a shower. It will offer a toning effect and get the blood circulating properly throughout your lower body. Also, do not forget to use moisturizer and lotion after you step out of the shower.

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of methods that you can follow to get smooth legs. If you asked us about which one we would usually recommend when someone asked how to have smooth legs, we would first recommend the natural solutions.

Then, we would recommend the laser treatments and electrolysis process.

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