easy hairstyles to keep hair out of face

How to Keep Hair Out of Face Without Tucking Behind Ears

Keeping hair out of the face is tricky when you have bangs, layers, or loose ends. Our days are hard and long-doing. We have to go to our office, gym, or other places. When hair comes on the face or eyes, it gets irritating. You may think of tucking your hair behind your ears. It does not make a nice look at all. If you use hair clips, it may damage or curve your hair.

So, if you know how to keep hair out of face without tucking behind ears, you can stay cool and also free of the risk of hair damage anyhow. There are several ways to make some stylish hairdos and have your hair out of the face. Know those techniques and be stylish while working

How to Keep Hair Out of Face Without Tucking Behind Ears

There are some ponytail styles, braided hairdos, and buns amazingly nice-looking and keep your hairs out of the face. Let’s know those techniques.

1. Twisted Ponytail

The twisted ponytail is easy to do in short or long hair. This style allows tying your hair without tucking it behind the ears.

At first, you have to brush your hair to make it tangle-free. Brush through all the hair from the front to back. If any hard knots cannot be free by brushing, you can spray some tangle tamer. Then brush your hair again. It will detangle the hair. Do not be very harsh towards your hair. Be gentle so that no hair tears.

How to Keep Hair Out of Face Without Tucking Behind Ears

Now bring all the hair to the back of the head and make a low ponytail. Before securing it, twist it towards its length several times. Make sure that the upper half of the ponytail is twisted. Now is the time to make a hole where the ponytail base meets your neck. While doing it, hold the ponytail end tightly so that the twist o not unravel. The hole of the hair should be large enough that it allows passing your hand from top to bottom.

Pass your hand through the hole to the bottom. Pull the length of the ponytail and get it out to the top. You will get a twist here. Strand the length of the hair over the twist and decorate your ponytail nicely. Tug the hair length to tighten it. You can use some hairspray to set it strong.

This style is nice-looking and makes your hair gorgeous without any pins or tucked behind ears.

2. Twisted Bun

If you have enough long hair to make a bun, you can secure your hair by making the twisted bun. You do not have to tuck it; instead, hair will stay tugged behind.

At first, brush your hair to detangle it correctly. There should not have any knots. Use detangle brush if you have strong knots. Now bring all your hair in your hands and make a tight ponytail at the middle of your back head. Hold it tight so that the bun stays in the right place.

how to keep hair out of face without clips

Now bring your other hand underneath the ponytail and set your hand; the hair falls between the thumb and pointer finger. Now get the length of the hair at first toward the right and twist your hand while bringing the hair to the left side. It will form a loop. Make this loop a large opening. Keeping the loop standing, wrap the hair length around the ponytail. Form a bun.

At last, bring the loop over the bun downwards using both your hands. Wrap the bun tightly. Your bun is ready, and you do not have to worry about the hair coming on your face.

3. Pencil Bun

If you have a pencil or pen or a nice hair stick, you can secure your hair at the back and keep hair out of the face. It is an easy process.

tuck your hair behind your ears

At first, detangle your hair by combing it and remove the knots. Make a tight bun at the top of the head by twisting the strands. Now place the pencil or hair sticks at the bun at an angle. Place it by turning the stick, keeping a part of it under the hair. It will secure the hair bun strictly by locking it within the stick.

4. Low Ponytail

It is just the simplest technique. You have to create a ponytail close to the neck and secure it using a hairband. A simple low ponytail will keep you out of the face. It is a perfect process for long hair. But if you have a bang or front layer, all of your air may not secure in the ponytail.

how to keep my hair out of my face guys

5. Center Parted Twist

This is also an easy and time-saving technique. You have to bring your back after brushing. Part it into two sections horizontally. Take the front section in your hand, twist it twice, and then secure the length of the hair with a pin. You can attach the ponytail before turning it with an elastic band. This technique will tie the hair out of the face.

easy hairstyles to keep hair out of face

6. Twisted Bangs

It is only for the bang hair. You have to twist your bang hair and secure them using a bobby pin. It will keep your hair out of the face and also make an excellent style at the front.

You also can pin the bang hair directly using some colorful bobby pin. It will make a beautiful look for the colorful pins. Use two or three pins and make a line while placing them.

how to avoid tucking hair behind ears

7. Bump Up

It is also a simple method to secure hair back. Brush the front hair back and hold them in one hand tightly. Then push them forth a little. It will bump up the front part of the hair. Now pin the hair in place. It will also tightly hold the hair and do not let the hair come on the face.

tuck your hair behind your ears

8. French Twist

It is almost like the bump-up style. Do it in the lower part of the head. Bring hair to the middle of the head and use a clip band to secure the hair. It will also make an elegant look.

9. Braided Pompadour

It is a traditional method to keep the hair out of the face. But it is popular now too. Bring all the hair out of the face and neck, then make the braid.

how to keep hair out of face without ponytail

10. Headband Roll

Headband rolls are perfect for keeping the hair back. Half-up bands do this nice. Take an elastic band and place it at the front, a little back from the forehead. Then take the other end of the elastic band toward the neck keeping all the hair out of the elastic loop. It will tightly secure all the hair in the middle of the band settings. You can use a scarf too to do this style. It will create a flapper-cool look.

how to keep hair out of face without clips

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How to keep hair out of face without tucking behind ears? While working all day long and irritation for the loose hair on the front, you must ask this question. Many hairstyles take less time, and some do not need any pins too. Choose whatever hairdo you like to keep the hair out of the face from the techniques mentioned above. These methods are time-saving and simple to do.

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