How To Make A Beaded Necklace

How To Make A Beaded Necklace

I used to watch my mom wearing beautiful necklaces from my childhood, since then Necklaces become my love. Lately, I have been addicted to making my jewelry because I wanted something unique that reflects my style and I also discovered my creative side this way.

Making a beaded necklace is very simple and easy to learn. Anyone can be nimble-fingered making it. If you think you don’t have aesthetic sensibilities for it, no worries. One doesn’t need to be a Picasso to discover decent combinations of beads. The only downside of making these beaded necklaces is it can be addictive like I’m experiencing now. So before I get crazy totally, I’m going to tell you the simplest way to make beaded necklaces.

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Supplies, you need to make necklaces

To make the necklaces, it can be done only in a towel to lay out the beads and other tools. Here are the tools to make the beaded necklaces, make sure you have all the tools before you start making it.

  1. A beadboard
  2. Wirecutter
  3. Bead cord ( I will be using golden metallic flex wire)
  4. Crimped tool
  5. 2 chain nose pliers
  6. 5mm open jump rings
  7. 6mm closed jump rings
  8. 4mm rumpled bead covers
  9. Rumpled tubes
  10. Beads ( as you like)
  11. Spike pendants
  12. Pearls pendant


How To Make A Beaded Necklace

Before starting, it’s important to gather your all elements on the beadbord, this makes your work organized

how to knot a beaded bracelet

Step 1:

The most straightforward way to join spike pendants to a piece of jewelry is with jump rings. You will need to 6mm 18 gauge jump rings to match the ones that fit through the beat of the spike pendants, it’s a good choice. If you use 4.5mm jump rings, it’ll be small in size for your jewelry. However a 3.5-4mm 20 guage jump rings work well for earrings. To open the jump rings you have to use the nose forceps by gently twist one end forward and the other end back.

Step 2:

To string the open jump ring through the beat of the spike pendants, use the chain nose plier.  And use it to close the jump ring.

Step 3:

After prepping the spike pendants, set it aside like the pearl pendants, I have already made which I’m going to use in the middle of the cord. Now I would like to use a gold soft flex, fine, which is an amazingly solid and adaptable stringing wire. This always holds up pleasantly and can handle the weight of the beaded necklace.

Step 4:

Its time to cut the specified length of the necklace with additional 6-7 inches. And now thread a rumpled tube on it, then later the clasp. String the stringing wire back through the rumpled tube and drug to fix, taking off a small tail.

traditional pearl knotting

Step 5:

A crimped tool can be indeed more efficient and convenient for closing rumpled beads. Yet you can choose a combination of chain-nose pincers to close your rumpled tube. To bend or cut the wire, place the bead and thread in the other ellipse ( along with the shield) and seal the wire around the bead. As you can see its roll-up. Then place the rumpled beads sideways and placed it the first oval shape, the clamps around the rumpled beads are closed and the coiled beads are compresses in a round shape.

Step 6:

Pull lightly on it to make sure the wire is securely attached. Then cut off the excess wire. The rumpled tube’s edges can be quite itchy. I, therefore, recommend using a rumpled cover to hide the tube and make the clasp smooth and unified.

Step 7:

Place the crumpled tube on the open cream coating. Slowly and carefully close the rumpled cover using the chain nose pliers.

Step 8:

It’s time to start beading!!

Step 9:

If all of your elements are ready to use, this is the most fun and easiest part, certainly.

how to attach a string of beads to chain

Step 10:

Now as you have reached the end of your necklace, string another rumpled bead, and close jump ring.

Step 11:

Thread the cord through the rumpled bead and pull tight. Leave enough space on each end of the rumpled bead to cover them.

Step 12:

Cut off the additional wire and voile, and your necklace is ready to wear.

Most of the, you will have the extra beads which sliding on a shepherd’s hook make matching earrings. This not only reduces the cost or effort but also increases the compatibility set appeals.

These extra beads can also make a matching bracelet. Again, an ornament set has more appeal than a piece. This increases their value.


After practicing and learning these basics, you’ll quickly know how to get the most out of your jewelry. To me, if you can make it why to bother yourself to buy it, you can get the unique one.

I think it’s worth investing in basic jewelry tools and learning how to make them because the possibilities are truly endless. Other than that it is really fun. Jewelry making can be an event for girls with snacks and coke.

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