How To Make Nail Polish With Eyeshadow : Easy Steps To Follow

Are you tired of using nail polish that has shades you do not like? Looking for a specific shade of nail polish but had no luck finding it? Do not worry; you are not the only one. Even we faced these types of scenarios a while back.

Then, we learned how to make nail polish with eyeshadow. Trust us, after learning that, we never felt the need to head out or browse through the options to get the nail polish shade we wanted.

That being said, we will describe the whole process in this article. And fret not; the steps are going to be easy to follow, and you will be able to easily make your own nail polish with eyeshadow pretty quickly after going through them.

Steps To Follow To Make Nail Polish With Eyeshadow

Yes, there are plenty of guides regarding how to make nail polish at your home with eyeshadow.

But the thing is, they will make the process look hard even though the process is pretty straightforward. You will not believe how easy the steps are unless you go through these steps:

Step 1: Get the Required Materials

Before we get into mixing, you would want to ensure that you have all of the required things in your home. But what things are we talking about? Well, they are as follows:

  • Eyeshadow, which is a given
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Clear nail polish as a topcoat or base coat
  • A bowl for mixing
  • Paper funnel

Among all of these materials, the paper funnel is optional. So, even if you do not have it around, there is no need to purchase it. You can follow the rest of the process and end up with good nail polish even without it.

How to Make Nail Polish with Eyeshadow

Step 2: Pour out Some Amount of Clear Nail Polish in the Bowl

After getting all the things you will need, you need to pour a little bit of clear nail polish into the bowl.

In terms of quantity, it should be around 1/6 of the new polish you will make. So, if you plan to make 30ml of the new polish, the clear polish should be about 5ml.

However, if you have already used a good amount of clear polish from the bottle and have a small quantity at the bottom, there is no need to pour out the polish into the bowl. You can use the bottle instead of leaving the clear polish inside.

But, if the bottle is not clear, we would recommend pouring the clear polish out into the bowl.

Without having a clear bottle, you will not see how the color of the new polish is turning out. So, you should pour out the clear polish into the bowl even if the non-transparent bottle seems usable.

Step 3: Crush up Some of the Eyeshadow

Here, you need to first settle with the shade of eyeshadow you want to use. We would usually go for the ones we no longer wish to use but find that the shade is suitable for nail polish. Use the cuticle pusher to crush the powder gently.

Most of the pressed eyeshadows will come loose fairly easily. So, there is really no need for you to use extreme force.

how to make nail polish with eyeshadow and water

Crush the eyeshadow to the point where it takes the form of a fine powder. Ensure that it does not have any large lumps, or else it will not mix well.

For that reason, you need to double-check and make sure that the eyeshadow is in fine powder form and does not have any lumps at all.

Step 4: Pour the Crushed Eyeshadow into the Clear Nail Polish

Now that the eyeshadow is adequately crushed, it would be time to pour it all into the clear nail polish.

If you are using the old bottle of clear nail polish, you can use the cuticle pusher as a mini shovel. But if you do not want to make any mess at all, we would recommend using the paper funnel.

Use a sticky note to make a small funnel if you do not have a small paper funnel available in your home. Nonetheless, we would highly recommend working on top of a paper towel or cutting board because we have found that spillage is inevitable.

Make Nail Polish with Eyeshadow

However, if you are using a bowl, gently pour out the crushed eyeshadow into it. Make sure that you are not dropping all of it in a single motion, or else you will breathe air that will have crushed eyeshadow in it.

Now, what about the quantity? Well, it will be totally up to you. But the less the amount of eyeshadow, the opaquer the new polish will be.

And we would recommend first adding a small amount because it will be possible to add more. But if you do not have any more clear nail polish left, and you have added too much shadow, you cannot make it less opaque.

Step 5: Mix the Formula

When you are going to pour the powder into the clear polish, you will notice that the powder will settle on the bottom.

Start mixing with the cuticle pusher if you are using a bowl. However, if you are using the bottle, shake it vigorously. The formula should mix in just a few seconds. So, there is no need to shake a lot.

However, do ensure that you have closed the lid properly before attempting to shake it, or else your whole working area will be full of spilled nail polish.

As we recommended adding a tiny bit of the powder in the last step, you need to check whether you are okay with the shade it offers. If you need it to be opaquer, add more of the eyeshadow powder.

how to make matte nail polish with eyeshadow

But what should you do if the shade is less opaque? In that case, add more of the clear nail polish into the formula.

The more the amount of clear nail polish you add, the opaquer the new nail polish is going to turn. Ensure that you give the formula a good mix after adding anything extra.

If you were mixing inside a bowl this whole time, you need to transfer the nail polish into a bottle.

However, we would recommend transferring the formula to a small container. In that way, you will not require any additional funnel or risk making a mess on the workspace.

Step 6: Apply the New Nail Polish to Your Beautiful Nails

The last and final step is to apply the DIYed nail polish to your stunning nails. Get the applicator brush that came with the clear nail polish and apply the formula to your nails.

You might notice that you are having a bit of difficulty in applying this formula. The reason behind this is less gooeyness. And no matter how much of the eyeshadow powder you mix, the formula will not get that much gooey.

For that reason, you might end up having nail polish on your skin. But we got a solution for that as well. Just use a small clean-up brush and some nail polish remover. Dip the brush into the nail polish remover and clear away the excess.

How to Make Nail Polish with Eyeshadow

Other than this minor flaw, the looks you will get out of this formula will be stellar. In fact, sometimes, it might look and feel better than the store-bought ones.

But do remember to shake the bottle or container before the application process, or else the shade might look a bit off as the powder is going to settle on the bottom over time.

Will I Be Able to Make Nail Polish with All Types of Eyeshadows?

We have tried this formula with pressed and loose eyeshadows. And both of them worked flawlessly. However, when it comes to liquid eyeshadows, we believe they should work just like these two.

But you might need to use a good amount of liquid eyeshadow to get a less opaque blend. And liquid eyeshadows are not that affordable.

So, when it comes to making a nail polish out of them, you might end up spending more in comparison to the store brought options.

That being said, if you have a shade that you do not want to use on your eyes anymore, instead of just throwing it away, you can surely convert it into nail polish. In that case, you will be saving money.

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Final Words

As you can see, it is not that hard to learn how to make nail polish with eyeshadow. All you need to do is follow the steps correctly and break the pressed eyeshadows properly.

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