How To Remove Spots From Face In 2 Days Naturally?

We all know how annoying the uninvited guests in your face can be. Yes, we are talking about pimples. They pop out of nowhere, stays for a while, and go away by leaving a spot. Even though many beauty experts would recommend you to stick to a healthy diet and let the skin do its own thing, sometimes the spots are so arrogant that they simply do not want to leave. That is where people look for certain manual processes such as how to remove spots from face in 2 days naturally. The idea might sound like witchcraft, but it is certainly possible.

And the process can save you from the feeling of not being confident regarding your looks in your important events. So, without keeping you waiting any longer, let us go through the methods, shall we?

How to Reduce Spots Or Pimple Marks Naturally?

The first thing that you would want to do is not touch the affected region. It will make the spot worse and make them stay permanently in the place. The same thing goes for active pimples. If you touch them with dirty hands, they will leave the most arrogant marks on your face.

With that out of the way, let us focus on the thing that you are actually here for. There are a couple of remedies that you can follow to make the dark spots on your face vanish. And these remedies are all-natural, which means that they will not have any side effects. Nonetheless, the treatments are as follows:

1. Orange Peel Powder

As you know, orange is pretty rich in vitamin C. Even when you consume it directly; it will work like a charm in terms of offering you exceptional health and skin benefits. Apart from vitamin C, it has citric acid, which can help to lighten up the marks. But the most amount of citric acid is on the peel. And that is what we are going to use for this method. Mix a good amount of orange peel powder with honey.

Apply the solution to the affected area and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once it dries up properly, the skin should absorb all of the citric acids and brighten up. To wash the mixture up, use lukewarm water. Do not use water that is too hot. That will cause more damage.

How To Remove Spots From Face

2 .Coconut Oil

We usually apply coconut oil to the hair. But according to different studies, it is a magical ingredient that can rejuvenate the skin’s condition. The oil is full of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It even contains loads of vitamin A, which can work wonders in treating burns of the skin. Apply the oil to the affected area and leave it overnight. This oil should brighten up the spots and remove them permanently using its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

3. Aloe Vera

Most of the moisturizers are going to rely on one main ingredient. Yes, you have guessed that right! We are talking about aloe vera. The reason behind why it is the main ingredient for most moisturizers is because of its ability to eliminate blemishes. It has good bacteria that can prevent and cure different skin conditions. The bacteria work by soothing the wounds and marks that are present on the skin. And the great thing is that it works at a rapid pace.

Also, these are easily available. You can even grow a couple of these plants in your home. There are gel packs available that you can directly consume too. Nonetheless, to apply them on the skin, extract the gel from the plant and directly apply it to the scars. Let it stay overnight and wash it in the morning. In just two days, you will see stellar results.

4. Baking Soda

We believe this ingredient is hanging out with the other food ingredients in your cupboard.

Apart from being a primary ingredient for different recipes, it can effectively exfoliate the skin and keep the skin hydrated. The powder is full of bleaching properties that can remove scars and marks off the skin.

Apart from that, it holds the ability to balance out the skin’s pH level, which is highly effective in removing scars and marks. Make a paste by mixing a good amount of baking soda with a bit of water. Apply it directly to the targeted region and let it dry. Wash it off with water once the paste dries off.

how to remove brown spots on face

5. Lemon Juice

The drink that refreshes us in the heatwave-filled summer is lemonade. It is full of vitamin C, which can help us stay hydrated. And this vitamin holds a higher potential of lightening up the scars and eventually removing them.

For this process, you would need to squeeze a good amount of lemon juice into a bowl. Take a cotton swab or q tip and dip it into the juice. You can even use your fingers or a cotton pad. Then, apply the juice to the areas that have blemishes.

Wash it with water after leaving it on for ten to fifteen minutes. Also, do ensure to use fresh lemon for this process. And if you are using your fingers to apply the juice, make sure that they are clean.

6. Castor Oil

Another ingredient that works like magic for scalp health is castor oil. It is enriched in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. And these two hold a higher potential of reversing the damage already present in the skin and accelerating the growth of new skin cells.

The oil also holds the ability to fight pigmentation. Eventually, it will enrich the skin with the nutrients it requires to brighten up. Apply the oil thoroughly to the affected regions and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash the areas with lukewarm water.

7. Turmeric

One of the oldest medical ingredients that people have relied on for its anti-inflammatory properties is turmeric. This yellow herb holds power to reduce scars and pigmentation. Eventually, it will brighten up the skin and offer it a youthful look.

To apply it to the skin, we would recommend getting the powdered version. Mix one tsp of the powder with one tsp of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the affected region or use it as a mask. Leave the mixture on the skin for about thirty minutes and wash it away with water.

However, we recommend skipping the lemon juice and using water instead if your skin is too sensitive. Also, please avoid using the mixture on fresh scars because the reaction will make it sting like a bee.

how to remove spots from face in 2 days naturally

8. Papaya

The fruit that holds a higher potential to work as an anti-aging agent is papaya. Different studies proved that it holds the ability to rejuvenate dry skin and make it achieve a younger look. And one can directly apply it to the skin to remove dark spots. It can also remove the top layers of the skin and help produce new cells.

First, you would want to pick papaya that is not too ripe or not too unripe. It should have a perfect consistency and texture. Remove the seeds and cut the flesh into small slices. Put it into a bowl and mash it. Apply the mashed papaya to your skin like a mask. Follow a gentle and circular motion to apply it.

Leave it for a while and let the pulp dry up. In the process, the skin is going to absorb all of the nutrients from the mixture. Rinse the skin with water and pat dry. After just two days of use, you will notice that this natural exfoliant has left a soft natural glow and lightened up most of the spots that were present.

9. Tomatoes

You might already be familiar with the term photodamage. Well, if you are not, it is not caused due to taking too many pictures of your beautiful face. Instead, overexposure to sun rays causes this type of damage. It will create pesky dark spots and make the pimple marks more noticeable.

Nonetheless, tomatoes can help to reduce these marks and spots. It contains lycopene, which has multiple health and skin benefits. That is why plenty of sunscreens rely on the ingredient. Take a couple of fresh tomatoes and slather a small amount of pulp to your skin. Focus on the affected area and gently massage the skin. Use the same circular motion that you would follow to apply creams and moisturizers.

If you want to enhance the mixture’s effectiveness, we would recommend adding a few drops of lemon juice to the mix. That will offer promising results in just two days. You will also notice that the spots are lightened, and if you continue to apply the mixture regularly, the spots will get permanently off your skin.

10. Almond Oil

One of the richest sources of vitamin E is almonds. And the oil version of the nuts is highly capable of improving the texture of the skin. That is not all; the oil can reduce the appearance of the spots and make them less visible.

Apply a few drops of the oil to the affected region. It would be best if you applied the oil throughout your whole skin. The horrible spots will go away, and you will notice that your skin has brightened up.

Additionally, there will be no need to worry about clogging pores because the oil is non-comedogenic. So, the oil can be used for all skin types. To get the best results, we recommend adding it to your daily skincare routine instead of just using it for two days. However, please do not add anything to the oil before applying it.

how to remove spots from face

11. Yogurt

The last natural skin brightening element that we have on this list is yogurt. And the best part is that you can easily make loads of it in your home.

And we would highly recommend using the homemade version as they will not have all of the preservatives that a regular packeted version would have.

Nonetheless, yogurt holds the ability to exfoliate the skin, just like papaya naturally. It will break down the dead skin cells and eradicated them. After that, it will enhance the growth of new skin cells, which will eventually offer the skin a bright and younger look.

In fact, you can add yogurt and papaya together to make the effects stronger. Also, it would be possible to add fresh cow’s milk to the mixture and increase the efficiency of the Lactic acid.

After you apply the mixture for two days, you will notice a positive change in the spots. It will also reduce the signs of aging and offer your skin a bright tone, which is something that chemical-filled creams cannot offer.

Additionally, you can mix yogurt with honey to get a stellar result in terms of lightening up the spots. Adding oatmeal to the yogurt will help soothe dry skin. Apply the mixture like a mask and leave it to dry. Once it dries up, rinse the skin with water.

Would It Be A Good Idea To Use Formulated Products To Reduce Spots?

That will depend on the formula of the products. Most of the well-reputed brands are going to offer a blend that will have a mix of all the powers of natural ingredients and provide them in a single solution.

how to remove dark spots caused by pimples

Those are going to work the best in terms of lightening up spots and offering the skin a younger look.

However, the ones that are not relying on natural ingredients might cause more damage to the skin. In fact, some of them might not work at all. So, it would be a good idea to stick to natural solutions.

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Final Words

After going through the entire article, we hope that you have found out your answer regarding how to remove spots from face in 2 days naturally.

All of the methods mentioned here are tested and proven to offer stellar overall results. So, you can follow any of them to get positive effects on the spots that are on the face.

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