does effy jewelry hold its value

Is Effy Jewelry Good Quality

Are you going to buy jewelry? Effy jewelry is there to offer you specializing jewelry for both men and women. They sell a wide range of jewelry. You will find rings, bracelets, watches, pendants, necklaces, etc. this is the chance to be elegant at your party. Have a great diamond and emerald design set in the gold. Yes, it is possible. Effy eCommerce company manages to provide such stunning design.

But there a question rise. Is Effy jewelry good quality? We are going to find the answer in this piece of article. Before going to buy your favorite design, know the fact under customer’s reviews and comments. Clear all your confusion about the Effy jewelry.

Is Effy Jewelry Good Quality?

Though there are some negative reviews for the Effy jewelry products, it is a renowned diamond merchant market. You can be sure of the quality of Effy jewelry. Let’s discuss some special features for what you can clean your confusion.

Positive Features to Proof the Good Quality of Effy Jewelry

Some of the Effy jewelry’s features prove that they provide exclusive collections and reliable options to have their product intact and correctly.

Production Process:

Effy jewelry uses the lost wax process to make high-quality jewelry. They lock gold in this process. At first, they create a model using wax. The ax model acts as the base that allows replicating the original ornament design. Inside this model, artisans pour the plaster and place it in a kiln. Then let it sit overnight. In the meantime, the wax melts, and there creates the hole. They pour gold inside of these holes. Then they let it cool and solidify. Before going for selling, they polish it finely. This process ensures the quality of the ornament.

Is Effy Jewelry Good Quality

Exclusive Collection:

Effy has collected world-class, diverse style jewelry. You will get exotic classic collections, geometric designs, Gemma collections, an Effy limited edition. They also offer unique and exciting wedding engagement rings bearing the exclusive product hallmark of Effy jewelry. In fact. Effy has a name for their unique designed wedding ring collection.

Exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Effy jewelry provides a limited lifetime warranty service that most jewelry companies cannot offer. As a customer, you have to keep the original receipt of the registration intact. You can show this receipt in time, and you can get the warranty service. You can get assistance for any activewear “n” tear, theft, or loss of the stones and the physical abuse. You can exchange or repair your items for any manufactural defects too.

effy jewelry warranty service

Returns and Refunds:

Effy jewelry offers the most reliable option- the refund or returns option. Customers will get a 100% guarantee of Effy jewelry. You can return or exchange or replace or even refund your jewelry for any cases or demands. You have to do it within 3o days of shipping. Effy jewelry also provides complete assurance for the customer’s request. The refund option is available for the handling, shipping charges, and insurance. Have this fantastic opportunity while purchasing the Effy jewelry.

Cancellation Option for the Special Order

If you have ordered any customized designed jewelry, you can cancel this order. Yes, Effy offers this exclusive option by the acceptance of a 20% restocking fee. This offer is for embossed and re-sized jewelry.

Multiple Shipping:

Effy provides multiple shipping options, including domestic shipping, international shipping, and free shipping. You can use exclusive shipping options like FedEx, USPS, etc. There are 15 global shipping modes to make it easy and safe to ship your jewelry to a wide range of areas. There are low-cost shipping options too. You can have your product by two-days shipping and even overnight shipping option for the emergency. So, it is convenient and safe to ship the product and get it intact in your hand.

Negative Feedbacks from Customers

There are some negative feedbacks came from the customers in recent times. This is quite unpleasant. Effy jewelry has done everything to resolve all the issues. You should have the correct knowledge, not extended, about these allegations.

effy jewelry certificate of authenticity

At first, a gemologist contractor of the Effy jewelry company noticed some underrated Effy stones in their ornaments. This was disappointing for him. They reported that the Effy company had provided inferior quality rubies. Some rubies are fake that have added glass inside. These rubies are branded by Effy jewelry as the enhanced rubies, hybrid gemstones, and composite rubies.

Second times, an allegation arises for the gemstones, which are called “black diamonds”. These were found the black sapphires instead of actual black diamonds.

Then the third allegation was raised for the gems which have colors. These gems were included artificial colors by the faux heating process that creates a natural procured look.

There is another allegation towards Effy jewelry about the diamond filling. The craftsmen filled the holes of the diamond with some complex fake substances using laser techniques.

As already mentioned above, Effy jewelry companies have resolved all the issues and compensates for their customers’ losses.

Make a Correct Decision

Effy is one of the most renowned diamond merchants worldwide. Their staff is so skilled that they can make extra-detail, extra-ordinary, and perfect-placed stones or diamond designs. When buying their jewelry, they assist their customer with full support that enables them to check the diamonds or gems or stones the right way.

Effy jewelry’s insurance is active for all the designs, and it allows the customers to get compensation when required. Customers can use the premium shipping service from FedEx and USPS domestically. Customers can easily track the shipment virtually and know-how and when their product is coming.

Is Effy Jewelry Good Quality

Though there are some allegations towards the Effy jewelry, none of the allegations are BBB complaints. This BBB (Better Business Bureau)has given the A+ rates to the Effy jewelry. Moreover, there is no allegations or complaints recorded in the recent three years.

If you think that the Effy jewelry company can be a fraud, then you are wrong. Effy is a trustworthy jewelry supplier company. There is no doubt about it. Some allegations come forward. Even those who are not registered complain; they provided their compensation right away. No allegations are not proved yet. On the other hand, they offer a fantastic designed ornaments collection with sleek and sharp cut shapes. The lustrous reflection of the diamond and stones makes those ornaments elegant.

Depending on the comments of the diamond experts, Effy offers a stunning jewelry collection till now. There is no chance of any mistakes as they do all the processes and management. But there occur some issues due to some wrong staffs’ wrong deeds.

In actuality, Effy does not stand for any customer’s problems. They always decide to stay with their customers and provide high honesty. You should not step back from purchasing Effy jewelry. If you have doubts, you can check before buying your product. Effy staffs offer that option so that you can be sure of the quality of your chosen ornaments.

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Having flawless jewelry is a chance to make own self the best beauty. Effy is such a company that can offer such blameless ornaments. For some un-registered allegations, customers have one question in their minds. Is Effy jewelry good quality? Do not worry at all.

You can freely go for buying an Effy ornament quickly. When you have doubts about their quality, you should check those products that you chose. You should check them not only once but twice or thrice. So, be sure, and then buy your favorite jewelry.

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