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Michael Kors vs Louis Vuitton

You wore a lovely dress, beautifully matched jewelry, and a pair of stylish shoes. However, your outfit is still incomplete. Isn’t it? Yes, you have left the last part, a nice matched bag or purse. Isn’t it a must-added part for the entire outfit? Of course.

You may like a simple or extravagant bag or need a small purse to match your outfit. Whatever your choices are, there are suitable collections available in the market. However, if you do not want to confuse or roam but want to collect a perfect matching bag sparing your valuable time, you can go to Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton.

Why these two brands? The reason is that they stay at the top in recent years. So if you are confused between Michael Kors vs Louis Vuitton, check the differences and choose to match your choice and need.

Comparison Table of the Michael Kors vs Louis Vuitton

Michael Kors Louis Vuitton
Shopping by Youngsters, 2020
30% 9%
Chic and Bold Elegant and Sophisticated
High Higher
Simple, Casual Mostly Innovatory and Advanced
Comes in Market
Recently Comparatively Old


Michael Kors vs Louis Vuitton

Both the brands have numerous beautiful collections of bags. Some go with big party some go with offices. What is your need? Know the types of their designs, spaces, sizes, and other features, and then choose according to your necessity.

Iconic Bag Collection

The iconic bags collection for the Michael Kors come from the Jet set line, Grayson satchel, and Riley. On the other hand, the iconic Louis Vuitton comes from the Neverfull, Capucines, and Speedy bags. So let’s know the differences between them.

Jet Set Line Bags of Michael Kors and NeverFull Bags of Louis Vuitton

The jet-set line has a wide variety of bags that are different in colors, sizes, and designs. The jet set tote bag is one of the famous collections that offer lots of design options. The tote bags include the Travel and the Saffiano. TheseSaffiano tote bags are stylish and durable. They are most famous for their extreme durability. It is for the Saffiano Leather, which was first built in Italy by the Prada brand.

The design is not very clumsy or messy. Only a clean and straightforward design is presented in these tote bags. These bags have a cross-hatched pattern and a spacious compartment inside. Actually, the tote styles are the most famous fashion for rough use in practical life. Almost every woman likes to have a tote bag to carry everywhere. Besides, the jet-set line offers chic bags, crossbody bags, ginny bags, pebbled bags, the woven bags, etc. The jet-set line also provides wristlets and clutches too.

Michael Kors vs Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton comes with a new style tote bag recently, and these are from the Neverfull. Modern women like this tote bag’s style too. These bags are also casual, spacious with variable size options. My LV Heritage bag and the My LV World Tour bag are the favorite choices for most of the ladies among these tote bags. These bags are not only designed by the cross-hatched. Louis Vuitton tote has leather straps and metallic details combination. The most different feature of this tote is that a mini clutch is also attached to it.

The tote bags of Michael Kors are more popular than the Louis Vuitton, though they are similar in production type and pattern.

Grayson Satchel and Speedy Bag

One of the most renowned and rich-designed collections of Michael Kors is the Grayson Satchel. It is a beautiful classical bag design that matches a wide variety of dresses. You can use these bags for casual use, and also, those bags go with a formal look. The design is uniquely combined with leather straps and metallic clasps. The color of the MK fabric and medallion nicely complement the design.

Grayson Satchel and Speedy Bag

On the other hand, the most renowned bag collection of Louis Vuitton is the Speedy bags. There is an attractive variety in these bag collections regarding prints, color, details, and size. Moreover, these bags have historical marks for their designs. There are ample spaces inside, and the handle is made of leather.

Both the collections are prominently popular for their unique design and durability.

Riley and Capucines

The Riley of the Michael Kors brings both the pouch and the crossbody design like the jet-set designs. On the other hand, the purse of the Riley is more popular as these bags are most suitable to carry with sophisticated dresses. These bags are also a perfect match for casual jeans.

These bags are also a combination of attractive metallic clasps, leather outfits, superior detail design, and various colors and prints. If you are concerned about a comfortable flat handbag, these Riley bags are suitable. It can carry small necessary items for the day out. However, for the casual outfit, the crossbody-designed Riley will be the proper choice.

michael kors louis vuitton look alike

On the other side, Louis Vuitton brings the Capucines bags as a fantastic collection. These capucines perfectly collaborate with famous persons. You can match these bags with different outfits and styles. The design of these bags appears in lines primarily that allow checking with both casual and formal companies. That’s why they are more eye-catchy. One of the most accepted bags is the Zhao Zhao design capucines bags. Women like them sincerely.

Though the youngsters like the Riley of the Michael Kors mostly, Capucines are the famous amongst ladies.

Price Range

Both of them are top brands over the world. They are unique in design, robust in material, and influential in manufacturing processes, so they are expensive. It is evident as they are high in quality and durability. The design is also the topmost unique design. That is why they are pricey, but the price is worth them. They live entirely up to the reputation of these two brands. The durability, quality, and premium craftsmanship of these brands reach a higher level. So, if you want these bags, you have to count a little more money.

Michael Kors vs Louis Vuitton

Even then, ladies and younger girls cherish having them. The variety of design collections and styles provides the freedom to choose. Among all these, you may find the Michael Kors’s bag slightly low in price than Louis Vuitton’s. But the difference is negligible, sometimes.

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It is hard to decide what to choose from Michael Kors vs Louis Vuitton. Both of them are superior in quality, refined production process, and detailing in the design.

Many ladies like to have the versatility of handbag styles, and those people should go for the Michael Kors. These bags are bold and glaring that support almost every situation or environment to match. On the other hand, if you want a more elegant design to attend a gorgeous party or have a sophisticated look, you should go for the Louis Vuitton. But you have to reach the price tag within your budget.

So, both the brands are the premium choice. If you can reach the affordability for the Michael Kors, you may come to the price of Louis Vuitton. You should see both the brand’s bags, make your budget, and then decide where you can go and get the bag.

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