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Many good things come from putting on a fresh coat of nail polish or getting some intricate nail art done. You feel more put-together and confident, which can significantly improve your day.

However, once you are bored with your current mani or pedi, you will want to get it off as soon as possible to get ready for the next nail polish adventure. But getting your nail polish off is a task you feel like putting off for too long.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list out of which you can find the best nail polish remover that works for you in terms of formula, budget, and ease of use.

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Before You Buy What to Look for Best Nail Polish Remover

Besides some of the obvious features, you should consider a few other factors when deciding on the best fingernail polish remover for you.

  • Suitable Nail Polish Formulas

Say you wish to remove your gel nail polish, but you opt for buying a nail polish remover that boasts all natural ingredients. Usually, a remover of this kind is not able to get rid of tougher formulas of nail polishes such as gel or acrylic nails.

Similarly, even the best nail polish remover for glitter might not do anything to budge the tough formula of a gel nail polish.

This is why it is important to check which nail polish formulas are suited for removing the toughest nail polishes. Taking off deeper shades of polish or tough formulas requires the presence of acetone or acetates in the nail polish remover.

  • Ease of Use

While nail polishes have a pretty universal application system across the board, this feature can differ in nail polish removers.

A typical acetone-based remover can be used if you just take some of it onto a cotton pad, close the bottle back up, and wipe off your nail polish. For some formulas of polish, such as gel, you might want to let the remover soak onto the nails by wrapping them in foil.

Whatever your method is, make sure to get a nail polish remover that has an easy-to-open bottle. The last thing you should have to worry about while already doing the messy work of removing polish is the polish remover itself.

  • Secure Packaging

One of the most common issues nail polish users face is when their remover tips over, leaks, or spills. Because most nail polish removers use acetone as their key ingredient, there is no way to save them once they are in the open air.

Buying online means you can’t check to see if the remover bottle really closes securely. So if you do end up with one that is prone to leakage or spillage, you will want to be mindful of how and where you store the remover bottle.

This way, you can avoid wasting product and stretch the durability of the nail polish remover to its limits.

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Remover Reviews

Now that you know what to look for before buying a nail polish remover, here are some detailed reviews of nail polish removers to further guide your purchase.

1. Pronto 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover

As the name suggests, Pronto’s 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover contains only pure acetone as its singular ingredient. This is a very basic but also quite reliable option for a remover. You can also get this for pretty affordable prices in 4-ounce, 8-ounce, and 16-ounce bottles.

This nail polish remover has a formula that removes the polish gently, even if there are chunky glitters or nail glue on there. It is a fast-acting and effective formula that removes polishes of any degree of toughness with ease.

You can use this on the gel, natural, shellac polish, and acrylic nails. It also has no qualms removing sculpted nail art or glittery polishes. Use this with an acetone dispenser or simply from the bottle using a cotton pad/ball.

Just be sure to close the bottle cap tightly once you have the amount you need for the best acetone nail polish remover.


  • Perfect for removing any formula of nail polish from natural, gel, to shellac.
  • Comes in a few size varieties according to how much you will need.
  • Easy to use at home using only a cotton ball or pad.
  • Affordable and simple one-ingredient formula that is fast and effective.


  • Cannot be used to soak off acrylic nails and will only remove the nail polish.

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2. Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover

Mineral Fusion has a great line of nail products at affordable prices and of good quality; their Fusion Nail Polish Remover is no different. This one is a gentle nail polish remover that has no acetone. Despite that, it can remove even the deepest nail polish shades with ease.

Because it contains no acetone, it also does not dry out your skin after use, which makes it the best nail polish remover for weak nails and sensitive skin. You can also use this as a preparation step before applying your nail polish, as it cleans the surface of your nails and helps the polish stay on for longer.

Although it is not meant for use with tougher formulas such as gel, it works perfectly on shellac and natural nail polishes.

Suppose buyer ethics is a concern of yours. In that case, you will be happy to know that the brand uses natural ingredients that are effective and ensure that their removers do not contain parabens, gluten, artificial fragrances, phthalates, or SLS.


  • Natural, cruelty- and paraben- free formula that is safe for the environment.
  • Able to remove most regular nail polish formulas such as shellac.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin as it does not dry out the skin or nails after use.
  • Can also be used to prep the nails before applying nail polish for longevity.


  • A bit prone to spillage if you are not careful when storing it.

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3. Cutex Ultra-Powerful Nail Polish Remover

This one is Cutex’s Ultra Powerful Nail Polish Remover. It contains 6.7 fl. Oz. of remover, and the formula is 98% acetone. This formula ensures that you can remove your nail polish quickly and without having to leave the acetone on your skin for too long.

The absolute nail polish remover is able to get rid of a variety of nail polish formulas such as gel, glitter, natural, darker shades, salon UV gel, etc. It uses an infusion of apricot seed oil and other natural ingredients to keep your skin and nails nourished during the polish removal process.

This remover also has a mild cucumber smell, which feels fresh and light, despite the high content of acetone in the formula. You can also get varieties within this line of nail polish removers, including one with no acetone in it.


  • Removes many kinds of polish formulas and also darker shades of polish.
  • Has a mild and fresh scent despite being 98% acetone.
  • Formula helps remove polish quickly and completely.
  • Other formula variations are available in the same line of removers.


  • Tougher nail polish formulas may not be as easy to remove.

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4. Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover

Sally Hansen’s strengthening Nail Polish Remover contains gelatin and bitrex in its salon grade formula, which helps the remover not to weaken your nails as you get rid of tough polishes. You can get this in a variety of sizes, including an 8 fl. oz. one.

While the nail polish eraser makes your nail beds stronger, it also softens your cuticles. One of the pet peeves of people who use nail polish removers is the product’s intense and harsh smell.

With this one, the smell is not an issue at all. Even if you accidentally put your fingers near your mouth after using the remover and accidentally taste it, you will be fine as this does not have an offensive taste or smell.

It also keeps your nails strong instead of weakening them after use. Darker colors of nail polish are no issue for this remover to get rid of, and it does so as easily as it removes lighter shades of polish.


  • Removes both light and dark shades of nail polish with the same ease.
  • Strengthens your nail beds while making your cuticles softer.
  • Does not have a harsh taste or smell; ideal for lengthy removal sessions.
  • Comes in a good range of quantity options to choose from.


  • Might not work as well to take off multiple coats of nail polish.

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5. Rippling Kindness Nail Polish Remover

This all-natural nail polish remover from Rippling Kindness is not only free of acetone, but it also does not contain any acetates, petroleum, or ethyl lactate. It means that using this remover will not leave long-term harmful effects on your body.

While it is able to remove nail polish effectively, it also strengthens and moisturizes the nails instead of drying them out like regular nail polish removers. This remover is not hazardous and is safe for use by kids, cancer patients, and pregnant people.

The one demerit for this is that the removal process can take a long time because it contains no acetone.

You should use the dropper to apply some of the remover directly to your nail and let that sit for a few minutes. Then, using a saturated cotton ball, start wiping off the polish until there’s none left on your nails.


  • Uses all-natural ingredients that are not harmful in the long run.
  • Safe for use by children, pregnant individuals, and patients of cancer.
  • Effective in removing tough polish formulas.
  • Biodegradable and cruelty-free formula is safe for the environment.


  • Removal will be relatively more time-consuming due to the lack of acetone.

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6. Eternal 100% Pure Acetone Ultra-Powerful Nail Polish Remover

Another remover that is 100% pure acetone is from the brand Eternal. This is an easy and fast way of getting nail polish off your nails at home by yourself, using a minimum number of supplies. No matter what the formula of the nail polish is, this remover can likely help you get rid of it.

Despite having such a strong concentration of acetone in it, this remover will not dry out your nails or skin. It can remove any color or type of nail polish such as glitter, natural, shellac, gel, nail glue, or acrylic nails.

The using process is pretty easy. Just saturate a cotton pad with the remover (make sure to close the bottle securely), and then press the pad onto your nail while moving it around in small and slow circles. After a few seconds, you can just start wiping off the polish.

You should moisturize your nails and skin after using this remover before putting on your next coat of nail polish.


  • Not as drying on nails/skin as you would expect from an acetone remover.
  • Super simple removal process with only a couple cotton pads.
  • Can remove almost any color and formula of nail polish.
  • 100% pure acetone makes the removal of nail polish quick.


  • Not suited well for soaking in acrylic nails for removal; only loosens them.

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7. OPI Nail Polish and Nail Lacquer Remover

The OPI Nail Polish Remover removes the deepest shades of nail polish without drying out your nails or skin. In fact, this remover will leave your cuticles feeling smoother and softer rather than parched.

This strong nail polish remover is great for removing even the toughest of nail polish formulas, including gel nail polishes, which are famously stubborn when it comes to removing them.

Simply apply this onto a cotton wipe or ball and press onto a painted nail for a few seconds; this will help the remover soak into the hard polish and soften it. After that, begin wiping down the nail polish until all of it is gone.

The removal process should take less than a minute for each nail unless the formula of the nail polish is particularly a tough one.


  • Can be used to remove dark shades and tough formulas of nail polish.
  • Simple and straightforward removal process using only a cotton wipe.
  • Conditions and moisturizes cuticles instead of drying them out.
  • Available in a variety of different formulas, including one without acetone.


  • A bit on the more expensive side given the quantity you will get.

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8. ZOYA Remove Plus 3-in-1 Polish Remover, Nail Cleaner, Nail Prep

This is a gentle nail polish remover by the brand ZOYA that acts as a nail polish remover, a nail cleaner, and can also be used to prep and condition your nails before applying polish. So, not only does it remove nail polish, but it also helps the next coat of polish to stay on for longer.

The formula of this remover is such that it nourishes and moisturizes your nails and the skin around them. What’s more is that it also strengthens your nail beds, which helps nail polish last longer on the nails.

Its remover feature is quite effective in getting rid of every trace of nail polish while also moisturizing and preventing any staining of the nails.

To use this pretty nail polish remover, saturate a cotton pad with it and press the pad onto your nail firmly for a few seconds to let the remover soak in. Then start wiping the polish off, and keep wiping until it is all gone.


  • Does not have the typical harsh smell of acetone nail polish removers.
  • Easy to use with just a cotton ball or pad.
  • Can be used as a remover, cleaner, and to prep nails.
  • Helps polish stay on nails for longer.


  • Preps the nail for polish but does not eliminate the need for a base coat.

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9. Ella+Mila Soy Nail Polish Remover

Ella+Mila Soy Nail Polish Remover is a unique entry on this list. While there are a few options on this list that are made of natural ingredients, this one is the best nail polish remover for natural nails by far. It has a vitamin-enriched formula that is soy-based.

This means that there is no acetone or acetates present in the remover to dry out the skin around your nails or strip your nails of their natural shine. It contains ingredients such as lavender essential oil and vitamins A, C, and E. All of these ensure that your nails and skin stay moisturized and healthy.

The quantity of this nail polish remover might be a bit disappointing at only 4 fluid ounces (118 ml). Plus, you cannot use it to remove gel nail polishes.

To use this remover, take some of it on a cotton ball or pad and swipe it onto your nails. Let that absorb for a half minute, and then wipe off the polish using the same cotton pad until it is fully removed.


  • Best nail polish remover without acetone on the current market.
  • Made of all-natural ingredients without the use of acetone or acetates.
  • Does not dry out the skin and cuticles.
  • Can be used to remove most regular nail polish formulas.


  • Quite expensive for the amount of polish remover in a 4 fl. oz. bottle.

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10. Weida Sign 2 Pack Magic Nail Polish Remover

Finally, if you are in the market for the best acetone free nail polish remover, look no further than Weida Sign’s 2 Pack Magic Nail Polish Remover. This one is a good nail polish remover and can help you get rid of old or tough nail polish within a couple of minutes.

When applied to the nails, the remover works its magic to break down the nail polish so that you can simply peel it off. This way, you can avoid scraping or filing down your nails, and you also do not have to risk drying out your skin using acetone.

You can definitely use this remover to remove gel polish, although it does not work on dip powder nails. It is made using natural ingredients and has a very faint smell.

To use the healthiest nail polish remover, simply file off a layer of the polish on your nails and then apply the remover onto your nails like you would with nail polish. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes while the remover softens the nail polish.


  • No harsh smell or acetone to dry out the skin.
  • Easy to brush onto nails, just like regular nail polish.
  • Can be used to remove various formulas of nail polish, including gel.
  • Polish can be easily peeled off once the remover has done its job.


  • Might take more than 3 minutes for some polishes to come off.

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Final Words

With the nail polish remover reviews and buying guide, we hope that your search for the best nail polish remover has come to a satisfactory end, and now you know which nail polish remover is best.

Removing your nail polish, without harming your skin in the process, is essential. Things that remove nail polish should not only strip the nail polish off your nails, but it should also do so quickly and effectively in order to save you time and cotton balls/pads. So, getting the right nail polish remover is of paramount importance.

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