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Why Doesn’t My Face Tan

The color of the face skin automatically tans while we go under the sun or around heat. It is a natural process. But some of our skin parts have some problems and do not tan in a natural way. Instead, these parts look different than other parts. It is because the ordinarily tanned areas can be seen separated from these untanned areas.

It becomes awkward to see. Those who have this problem, they feel disturbed most of the time. “Why doesn’t my face tan naturally?” many of us ask this question with great worry. The main reason can be hypopigmentation. Here we will know the facts about this issue in detail.

Why Doesn’t My Face Tan

Hypopigmentation is a disease that keeps the skin lighter in color than the normal skin tone. It becomes weird to see. Many children may have this problem for six months to one year. Then it automatically solves. But you have this problem permanently, and it becomes the cause of much tension. There are many other reasons rather the hypopigmentation problem that can attack your skin.

Why Doesn't My Face Tan


Pityriasis Alba

This can occur as some white spots on different parts of the skin. This can be the disease called “Pityriasis alba.” It is common for the children’s skin. Generally, it does not exist for more than one year.

The leading cause of this condition is dry skin mostly. Dry skin resists that part to react to the UV rays. That’s why it does not tan naturally and falls differently from other standard skin parts. There create melanocytes that cannot act for the sunlight. Another reason is the genetic history of eczema or atopic dermatitis. The light spots are scaly and drier. It becomes rough. Children may have itching on these skin parts.

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The best treatment is moisturizing. You have to keep your skin clean and regularly moisturize. At first, clean the skin parts and apply moisturizer gently. You may need some medications if the melanocyte cells are more affected. Though you have the medicines, it will take a specific period to go back in the regular tone. It can be several months or a year.

Tinea Versicolor

When you do not have any genetic history of these types of spots, you may have another Tinea Versicolor skin disease. It causes rashes that come with light or white spots at first. It generally occurs in warm or humid weather as the excess humidity increase the chance of getting some yeast contamination to the skin. When the yeast growth rate is high, the symptoms show on the skin clearly. It is known as Malassezia.

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It may be caused for the makeup ingredients too. The tinea versicolor rashes appear on the chest, back, or creases of the elbow. It occurs less on the face skin. The rashes are like small and round white spots that are not contagious and also not itch.

As a treatment, you have to take anti-fungal medicines under doctor prescription. The doses and medicine type depend on the patient’s age and the extent and severity of rashes. It takes several months to cure, even if you take medicines in time. You have to be cautious about these rashes as they may appear again frequently.

Daily Care to Have Natural Tanning

Natural tanning makes a natural skin tone for which you may have to take some makeup. Tanning may get faded for some careless activity. You should nourish your skin regularly to keep the skin free from any harmful effects. Besides, many anti-aging or acne treatments cause many unwanted issues. By taking proper care, you can avoid these issues like white spots or light spots.

Let’s follow the skincare routine and have natural tanning on your face skin.

  • Moisturize Daily

Dry skin is the first cause to get the face skin not tanning. Even after tanning, it may fade as the dry skin withered and removed all tanned skin parts. It reduces the natural tanning process. So, you have to moisturize your skin to keep it appropriately hydrated. Your moisturizer should have enough nourishing ingredients that hold the moisture to your skin in the proper amount. It will slow down the natural regeneration process of the face skin and let it tanned under the sun naturally.

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  • Stop Frequent Steaming

It is normal to have to steam to the face and body while cleaning. Steaming is great for opening the skin pores and removing all the flakes of dead cells or blackheads. It cleans the skin from the inside. But while cleaning from inside, it removes tanned skin particles and may damage the properties that allow the skin to get the natural tanning.

If you want the natural tanning to your face skin as the body skin tan, you should avoid the steaming parts of the cleansing. At least, do not steam every day. You may do it twice a week.

  • Do Not Take Long Showers

You may like to have showers for long. You may want to clean your body with a solid cleanser. Taking a bath for a long softens the skin tissue and removes the skin flakes. Your skin will get light, and some white spots may occur due to the uneven tanning under the sun.

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Try not to use a solid and powerful cleanser. A strong cleaner takes the skin flakes away too. Do not take a shower for a very long time. You also should not take showers frequently. Frequent showers also dehydrate the skin cells.

  • Do Not Exfoliate Too Much

While cleansing, we exfoliate our skin. Sometimes, the exfoliator may be harsh or powerful. Exfoliating too much, your skin will again be withered, and the top layer of the skin will be removed easily. It fades the tanning. The difference between body color and face color occurs for this reason. So, stop exfoliating with harsh chemicals and do it only twice a week. Frequent exfoliating may weaken the skin.

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  • Do Not Swim for Long

Swimming is fun and also a good exercise. There is chlorine in the swimming pool. That’s why there occurs some issues chlorine breaks the tanned skin. So, if you like to hold your tanned skin, you should not swim for a more extended period. You also have to moisturize the skin immediately after getting off from swimming. It will lock the skin cells and tone.

Why Doesn't My Face Tan

If you follow the rules, you may avoid skin problems that cause white spots or light spots. Doing cleansing can be a problem so, you should do all the cleansing processes within a limit.


Why doesn’t my face tan? Asking this question, you may be tensed a lot. It isn’t enjoyable to have different tones in body and face skin. But do not worry much; instead, get the treatment if you have deep white spots on your face. Besides, all the problems will go away while you keep nourishing your skin. Moisturizing is the best solution to this problem.

By avoiding harsh cleansing and keeping the skin moisturized, you can solve this problem quickly. It is not too hard to maintain the softness with the soft facial skin. Be gentle to your skin and avoid having spots.

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